Tập đoàn KAMAZ tập đoàn xe tải lớn nhất Liên bang Nga

Hello friends Today we will learn about Kamaz trucks The car is quite familiar with the Vietnamese market Kamaz is a Russian truck manufacturer located in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia The company was founded in 1969 with the name of Kama River heavy truck production complex Kamaz assembled his first truck in February 1976 Kamaz trucks are named after a factory on the Kama River Kamaz is the largest truck manufacturer in Russia and Cis in 2014 with production capability 43000 trucks Today, heavy vehicles are exported Many regions of the world including Cis, Latin America Middle East and Africa Kamaz Group is the largest automobile group in the Russian Federation Kamaz Company is one of 20 manufacturers The world’s top heavy truck and ranked 16th in heavy truck production volume KAMAZ’s production capacity reaches 71,000 vehicles per year The company is part of the Rostec State Group By the beginning of April 2018 Kamaz automobile factory has built more than 2,252 million finished trucks since the production launch The charter capital of Kamaz is 35.36 billion rubles The largest stock is owned by the government and commercial banks Kamaz truck won the award of the Dakar Rally long distance race set a record of 10 times to win All Kamaz trucks are powered by V8 engines with the Russian military alone they use specially enhanced Kamaz models Kamaz trucks are operating in more than 80 countries all around the world In 2017 Kamaz has sold 38,000 trucks 33,000 of them were sold in the Russian market growing by 18% per year In 2017 The 14th Kamaz is recognized as Russia’s Best Exporter Kamaz’s market share in the Russian heavy truck market is about 45% Kamaz PTC produces many types of commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers, buses, engines power source and many different tools Ever The company has positioned itself in the GVW truck market from 14 to 40 tons In recent years Product range has expanded as a result of the Adding new models and vehicles In 2016 Kamaz has developed and brought more than 80 new vehicles and chassis to the market including some new generation models Ben models such as 6580, 65801 65802 Types of vehicles 65206 and 65208 These are high trucks Affordable with modern comfortable cabin Kamaz has been operating assembly operations in Kazakhstan Lithuania, Azerbaijan, India Assembly plants are made using components Shipped from main factory Euro 6 Kamaz cars are assembled in Autobagi, Lithuania Currently, projects are being developed to Kamaz trucks assembled in Vietnam Kamaz exports cars spare parts for more than 40 countries in CIS, Southeast Asia Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America Kamaz expands the market in Kazakhstan This has become Kamaz’s main export market in 2017 Besides that Cuba accounts for a large part of Kamaz deliveries According to the contract, which began in 2016 In 2017 Kamaz trucks were exported to the Philippines for the first time in January 2018 The outstanding advantages of Kamaz trucks Trucks are easy to maintain and reliable High quality with low operating costs at good prices Meet all customer requirements Extensive sales distribution network Kamaz vehicles operate in all road and weather conditions tropics, deserts, and high mountains Strengthen service network in Russia and CIS countries provide warranty service with Km number up to 75000 Km With the above advantages Kamaz is increasingly improving products and expanding the market KAMAZ started to enter Vietnam market from 1978 to this year and sold over 35,000 vehicles in Vietnam Thank you for watching the video on truck channel 365 Please subscribe to the channel and share the video

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