1. Jaimie says:

    She looks evil 😡

  2. Elizabeth Gregory says:

    Strangled? Thats personal, how'd this chick strangle her?

  3. Ricardo Mendoza says:

    Any and everybody who ain't your friend is your enemy

  4. Samretheany Yim says:

    Why they interviewing a smiling idiot

  5. fruit cake says:

    no more trust

  6. Monica Lopez says:

    Man somebody try to put their hands on me especially around my neck it's on you're going to be missing some eyes

  7. My Pletunia says:

    Where’s the fathers rights???

  8. Felisa Sepulveda says:


  9. Gypsy Tricia says:

    There’s gonna be so much more to this story. Just wait.

  10. Tarleah Jade says:

    This is so sad. I'm so happy bubs is ok but what about the dad? Why isn't baby with him? She needs to go to jail for life at minimum. She took those babies muma life. Oh Lord why.

  11. Mama Mia says:

    Why isn't the baby in Shane's custody ????

  12. Haddie Rumpel says:

    I can only imagine how hard she fought for her life.

  13. sherell guijarro says:

    Last thing I recall seeing was him pleading & crying for her their return.🤔

  14. Butterfly Dragon says:

    Chris Coster, I have a suspicion the grey car got into the back yard thru the gate, yeah it's like rite their.

  15. Shannon Ofarrell says:

    How did the police find her… body first. Or found the murder suspect then hit house than found body. Why can't the father have his child back. Wtf shit is this

  16. Shannon Ofarrell says:

    Why is CPS and this news story acting like Margot isn't safe with her father who just lost his wife and needs to hold his baby girl. Shame on u

  17. Solstice Beat says:

    Creepy red door

  18. Freedom 1 says:

    Kind of strange that they got her on traffic tickets, she’s not handcuffed or anything…..so it seems she could pay the fine on the tickets then walk…..

  19. Peace&Tranquility says:

    Were others involved? Let us wait before concluding. "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings".

  20. Blue West says:

    why is her hair missing?

  21. Blue West says:

    were is her man? Isn't his name Chris?

  22. #MAGA TEXAS says:

    Wait, is her attorney named "Devilon." Come on folks! This is a full on LARP, pysop! Lies!

  23. Judy Berends says:

    This person looks more like a male than female. I hope they get all the facts . A real sad case. Thank you for the good information.Thank you .

  24. Seagull Livingstone says:

    I wonder why the baby isnt with the father .

  25. Victorious Angel says:

    When these type of women are barren they try to prey on their close friends who are being fruitful. People needs to be careful of these types of friends . I prayed and hope the baby have a good life. My condolences the the baby dad and the family.

  26. Monique M says:

    thank goodness the baby's too, too young to remember this.

  27. Tiger Steele says:

    That's a Man!!

  28. Jennifer Hakanson says:

    Why is the baby not with her dad?

  29. Ana Olvera says:

    I have chills

  30. Lori Buchanan says:

    We don’t know still who killed Heidi?

  31. douglas787 says:

    Both have theft records. It's just sad when thieves kill each other.

  32. Emily Black says:

    This is horrific. What sort of deranged creature would murder her supposed close friend to steal her friend's baby?! That poor baby will never know her mother. RIP, Heidi. 😪

  33. Norma Thomas says:

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

  34. Iris Fox says:

    Omg,cant trust nobody these days,smh…

  35. Iris Fox says:

    Great investigative work!

  36. Anna D says:

    Who killed HB?

  37. DETROIT Skidrow Soloist says:

    I said it was somebody who knew Her…. it's sad,But True…R.I.P HEIDI,I'm Glad Baby Margo is Alive and Safe….We're praying for the Entire Family and Friends

  38. whiteindianone says:

    ok. a thug kills a police officer last week. he gets 150,000 bond. this woman gets a 600,000 bond. but its ok to have a abortion?

  39. Abby Timbers says:

    There ain't shit save about CPS.

  40. Abby Timbers says:

    I'm sure the grand parents would take the the baby while they investigate.

  41. Mo Eckersley says:

    That’s a hell is the baby in custody?

  42. Andrea Mitchell says:

    OMG give the baby to her father and Heidi's family 💔 this is just killing me

  43. MissWitchiepoo says:

    How was she able to get her into the trunk. I would think that would be hard for a woman to do. I'm thinking did she get help.

  44. Rull Mourn says:

    i used to live 3 blocks away from Heidi.

  45. Sea Em says:

    Clearly, no prior history means not shit. Guaranteed she set this up to hold onto her man.

  46. Buggy Blue Feather says:

    Why is the baby w CPS? Why is she not with her dad??

  47. Nicole Shaw says:

    The baby should go to the father rt🤔

  48. Jessie Diane Ryan says:

    With a ‘friend’ like that who needs enemies?

  49. Saimazing Life says:

    So important to have Godparents for your children.

  50. damselcausingdistress 81 says:

    Poor Heidi! Must've been so worried about Margot while fighting for her life!

  51. damselcausingdistress 81 says:

    Was she going bald?!?!

  52. Mary Clynch says:

    Where's the baby's father in all of this ?
    What a sad story, that the baby could go into foster care !
    How did the murderer think that she would get away with it ?

  53. Nonstopshop Mom says:

    Why is the baby NOT with the father? Wasn't the victim a wife and mother? I'm lost regarding the CPS involvement in this?!

  54. Edith Lovinglife says:

    why cant the father have his baby??? there is more to this..

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