Teaser – Sustainable Ocean Summit – Hong Kong 2018


Our Ocean’s uses are multiple and constantly growing. Awareness of human activities impacts on the Ocean has raised in the business sector. But best efforts by a single company, or an entire industry sector, are not enough to secure Ocean health. Coordinated efforts need a structure, a platform, and processes for leadership and collaboration. The Ocean Business Community meets at the Sustainable Ocean Summit, a renowned, yearly conference. This event provides a global platform for leading organizations to advance the development and implementation of industry-driven solutions to Ocean sustainability challenges. SOS 2017 focused on Ocean Business Community leadership in achieving the U.N. “Ocean” Sustainable Development Goal.


  1. Very commendable! Would like to see some coverage about plastics in our oceans and giving a platform to those companies involved in actually removing plastics from rivers and beaches that lead into the oceans and not just talk about it. Please check out [email protected]/video The Orca creates a tornado like effect to generate wind speeds of up to 180kph to lift materials like plastic, algae due to rising sea temperatures and excessive use of fertilisers. Contact e:[email protected] tel/whatsapp: +31655326603


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