Texts From An Ex Raise Paternity Doubt. Woman Says He Does The Same (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Moon-Merrifield v. Merrifield.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mrs. Moon-Merrifield,
you say your familyis in jeopardy of
being torn apart.
BRITTANNI:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE: You’ve dragged
your husband Mr. Merrifield
toPaternity Courtto prove that he fathered
your 20-month-old son, Kayne. BRITTANNI: Yes, Your Honor. You claim he’s been denying
your son since birth. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Merrifield, you believe
your wife cheated on you and has been lying
about Kayne’s paternity and now you say
a divorce is next. Yes. Yes, Your Honor. So, Mrs. Moon-Merrifield,
how do you feel having
to come to court today? I’m pissed. Because
I’ve been with him for
16 years on and off. Nobody’s perfect.
He’s made mistakes,
I’ve made mistakes. I’ve given him three kids
with one on the way, and he should know my
character better than that than to sleep around
with another man. Mr. Merrifield, there’s
a lot at stake here today. My family is on the line,
I have divorce papers here… Let me see
that evidence. Jerome, hand that
to me please. You know… You have the divorce
papers all ready? Yes, ma’am. Filled out? They’re just what?
Awaiting execution? DEVONTE: I need to find out
the answer if this
is my child or not. BRITTANNI:He always
results to that.
Anytime we have
a fight or an argument
or whatever, it’s always divorce.
It’s never, “Work it out. “Let’s talk.” Whatever.
He always throws up
divorce in my face like I’m supposed to just
melt to my feet. You know, like, people have
been through worse than
what we’ve been through and he always just
at the littlest thing
brings up divorce. It’s not a threat, it’s…
You know that’s how I feel. Reason why we’re here in
the first place now, I caught
her texting some dude that supposedly was
supposed to be her
ex-boyfriend at… It was right before my
two sons was born. Yes, he did. Yeah, he did. I had seen some
Facebook messages from these…
This person before. Well, it was somebody else. But it’s okay
when he does it. No, she… He lets his imagination,
his mind go off, “Oh, well, if you
said this than it’s
probably this and this. “And if you did this
then, you know, if
you said this, “then you’re probably
thinking this, and I know
guys and you know.” It’s okay for him… You admit
you were texting someone else? I did. Yeah. I did. Yes. Another man? Your Honor… He’s friends with every
Facebook woman that he’s ever slept with. They comment on stuff,
but if it’s me, it’s… I’m… “Oh, I want to sleep
with this person.”
I’m automatically… Is that true, Mr. Merrifield?
Is there a double
standard here? No, there’s not a double
standard, Your Honor. Yes. Yes, there is. You texting…
You texting these dudes… Is this happening… (STAMMERING) About your… I got evidence of the text
messages and stuff too. This is just one text… I admitted. I admitted
to the text messages. It’s from one person. It doesn’t matter… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Merrifield.
Mr. Merrifield. DEVONTE: If you read
between the lines… You’re talking about… Let’s get some order! (INDISTINCT ARGUING) (GAVEL POUNDING) I want to understand this.
You say these are messages? That’s… Yes, it’s just
what I had. The evidence
that I have right now. I have… JUDGE LAKE: That you found? Yes. She’s had…
She has more. That’s… I’m texting one. I admitted to all
my messages. And? DEVONTE: That text right
there, I’m texting one of the dudes that she
was talking to right there. And this is a message
where you text this man? DEVONTE: Yes. And you say, “Are you
messing with my wife?” Yes. And he says, “Hey, bro,
uh, don’t nobody
want your wife. “I’m far from it
and I’m not about to
be arguing with you. “You need to be with
your wife instead of
acting like a clown.” (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) And so what you have… Yeah. He acts crazy! DEVONTE: Look… Look at
the number that’s on there. The call log. At how much
they’re talking. That’s
why I’m acting crazy. I can talk to anybody
I want to talk to. You talk to anybody. All day long, everyday… So, Miss Moon-Merrifield,
this is a call log… Mmm-hmm. …of several calls. DEVONTE: It’s more
than several. To the same number. Back to back, every minute. Like three texts and four,
uh, texts in every minute. But it’s not… It’s not like that.
It’s LOL or
“laugh out loud.” DEVONTE:
What y’all laughing about? It’s not like ooh, we just going back
and forth just like that. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) Is this a person you’ve
been intimate with? No, I’ve never been intimate
with the person at all. But let him tell it,
“You’re lying.
You have to be.” Every… Every time I talk
to somebody… You’ve been together how long? BRITTANNI: 16 years
off and on. JUDGE LAKE:Take me back.
Let me understand how this
relationship started.
So you all were what?
High school sweethearts? Something like that. BRITTANNI: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Something
like that? He was…He was in junior high,
I was in high school.
DEVONTE:I was 13,
she was 14.
I used to walk to school,
pick up those things
that you blow. And you close your
eyes and make a wish. Yes. I used to walk to school
in 7th grade. I used
to see those and pick ’em up and wish like, “Oh,
I love this girl, I wish
I have a family and kids “by this girl.” You know
what they say, be careful
what you wish for. You know, and I used to
wish for that all the time. (ALL GASPING) Really, Mr. Merrifield? DEVONTE: So… So… So, we was together
the first three years
was good all the way up
until 18. Once we turned 18, she
started saying, you know,
I was her first boyfriend, first everything, you know
so she wants to experience you know other men
and other things,
so I’m like, “Okay.” I have to deal with that.
She would break up with
me for a weekend, go do whatever she wanted
to do and come back and want to be back
together on Wednesday. That’s a lie. You know what I’m saying? She always put other
men before me. Know what I’m saying? That’s how he feels.
Those are his insecurities. She always choose them. That’s how he feels. When we get into a situation
about somebody, if she catches me like
she said talking to a woman or someone, a friend, I will fix it
and end it, or… No, he doesn’t.
‘Cause he has a female
to this day. Still has his number.
He made me change
my number, but he won’t change his
number and he tells me just because they crossed
the line one time they
can still be good friends, but because it’s me… DEVONTE: No, the reason why… Oh, no, I automatically
want to have sex
with this person. She does it… JUDGE LAKE: So you two are
in a marriage but functioning like
you just dating. DEVONTE: Like this. Yeah. Basically. There’s no commitment. Yeah. No commitment,
no communication, no loyalty. ‘Cause everything
has to be his way. No, no, it has to
be the way… I have to serve him. He tells me I need to… But what it sounds like
to me you’ve been together you have had 16 years
to figure out how to
set some boundaries. DEVONTE: Yes. Some working parameters, expectations concerning how you want to
operate as a family. BRITTANNI: We have. Uh, I mean, what
I’m listening to, it just feels like
anything goes. JUDGE LAKE: So,
Mr. Merrifield. Yes. Can you please explain
to me the doubt you have concerning Kayne’s paternity? Okay, the doubt that I have.
The reason why I have doubts is I found her texting
three different dudes. Two of them, three of
them, she already slept
with and she loves. There’s a love…
One of ’em is
the love of her life. You know what I’m saying?
Who she’s in love with. I was… She was texting the guy
that they love each other. She texts that
they love each other. He was one of the first… She supposed to change her
number, she change her number
then she starts emailing “I love you” to him.
Then I catch her
emailing… You’re exaggerating.
No, I didn’t. I catch… I find the email, then she starts…
Then from the email she’s…
She makes a fake app. The texting app.
The fake app. She goes
and downloads a fake app. And now she texts him
on that fake app. ‘Cause he goes through
my call log and calls
every number on there. Every number. She’s calling… It could be anybody. She could do it to me. Oh, if it’s a blocked call. Who’s the blocked number?
Bill collector. Or this or that. She’s been so sneaky… He goes beyond.
It’s all his imagination. DEVONTE: It’s not my
imagination. It’s proof. He always talking about
his needs and this
and that and that, but what about my needs? I took care of your needs. This year on my birthday, we go to dinner.
He didn’t even pay for
the dinner for one. I had to tell them
on my own that it
was my birthday. (AUDIENCE GASPING) I didn’t get a
Mother’s Day gift. He don’t take no time,
he don’t put no
thought into it. “Well, I didn’t know
what to do,” so whatever. But he’s so worried about
me pleasing him. That’s a lie. And everything like that.
But he does not. She gets so much… He does not… JUDGE LAKE: Is that
why you do enjoy texting or
talking to other men? BRITTANNI: Yes, I do. Yes. He criticizes
everything I do. “Oh, I would have had
this whole thing done
within an hour. “You don’t… You supposed
to do it this way.” I don’t live with
my father, never have. I’m a grown a…
Grown woman. And… JUDGE LAKE: Thank you
for the correction. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) But I get the point. So, Mr. Merrifield, this is
your wife, your child was
born within your marriage. Were you intimate with
your wife during the time the child was conceived? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You were?
All right. So now you know
that there is at least
a possibility this child can be yours. Yes. Do you have proof that
your wife was intimate
with anyone else during that time as well? Besides the text
messages, no. But her ex-boyfriend,
the one who I think
might be the dad, she was talking to his
mother and sent him…
Sent her a picture of his one-year-old son,
around the same age as my son. Why do you think
she sent the picture? So… So she
could compare. So you think her ex is
the father and that’s why
she sent the picture. That’s the possibility. He has no proof. Ma’am, please stand. State your name. My name is Nicole Andry. Miss Andry, what do you
know about this situation? Mr. Merrifield has
stated that the reason
why his wife says she’s even with him
is because it’s your fault,
you took him in and she had no one
else to date and now
she’s caught in this. DEVONTE: That’s what she
says all the time. Does she say it or not? Every time it’s bad,
she blames it on me. When it’s good,
it’s not my fault. But he also, if I’m
on my daughter’s side,
then I’m wrong. Or I’m taking her side
or I’m against him. I have been with this
little boy, this young man,
since he was 14 years old. He still doesn’t know
how much I love him. He still thinks I try to
come between them. I want my daughter to have
her husband and her
whole family together because she wasn’t
raised with her father. But he’s too stupid
to know that. He thinks I’m against him.
I’m for him. Always for him. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) But I’m for her too. I can’t always be on
his side, ’cause he’s
not always right. She’s right sometimes
and sometimes he’s right. She’s wrong for
doing that text. I told her she
shouldn’t do that. I’m never telling her
or encouraging her
to treat him bad. Now when he’s ignorant
or he’s acting crazy, yeah, sometimes I tell her,
“You need to walk away.
Devonte’s acting crazy.” They say I’m acting crazy
when I find… NICOLE: But I love him. But he’s emotional. When I find… Devonte is very emotional. All right. NICOLE: Do I love
you, Devonte? DEVONTE: Yes, you do. I’m always telling her
to be with you. ‘Cause she always get,
taking your advice… You make no sense! Your advice ain’t
always the right advice. BRITTANNI: I’m not a follower. Who’s right? JUDGE LAKE:
All right, family. Miss Andry, let me ask you, do you believe Kayne
is your grandson? NICOLE: I know Kayne is his. I know Kayne is his. JUDGE LAKE: You do. My daughter would tell me.
She would tell me if she… She told him before
when it was Kave,
my first grandson, that… He knew. He knew
that that might have been
a possibility. Slightly. No. No. But I didn’t… ‘Cause we had
just got together. And he thought Kave wasn’t
his, but when Kave came out, he looked identical to him. I couldn’t get pregnant
for nine years. I could not get pregnant.
And all of a sudden when
we got back together, I got pregnant. We were off and on
for nine years. So he said yeah.
He had a little bit of doubt. But when that son came out,
because he was light-skinned
and he had colored eyes, automatically that
was his son. His first two children,
just like him. I could’ve messed with somebody light-skinned
with colored eyes. Like, how you going
to deny this one but not that one? This one looks like her. But his dad… And so, was Mr. Merrifield
at Kayne’s birth? He was there through
the whole thing. He was, every day. I had a six-month-old baby
when I got preganant with him. My doubts has nothing
to do with my son. I didn’t have no time. I was breast feeding
at home 24/7. My doubts has to do with… He didn’t start the denial
until the text messages. Do you all realize that
you’re talking exactly
at the same time and I can’t hear what either
one of you are saying? Just let her finish.
Go ahead, ma’am. He was there through
the whole thing, I had
a six-month-old son. I was at home 24/7
breastfeeding being
with my son. I had no time
to go nowhere else. I’m not that type of person.
I’m not that type of woman. So, Mr. Merrifield,
why is it you have
so much doubt? I know the text messages,
but when she became pregnant and she told you. DEVONTE: Yeah,
when she became… Did you immediately say,
“I don’t know if that
child is mine”? No. No, I didn’t. You thought at first… Yeah, I mean, when…
When he got here and I kind of was looking
at him, you know, when he
came out and he was born, uh, but I was looking at
him just to see if he had
the eyes or whatever… BRITTANNI:Yeah, he
would stare at him.
DEVONTE:But…He would stare at him.
He would call him
his “son of color.”
He calls, “Oh, come here
my son of color.”
DEVONTE:I don’t say that.You did call him.
You never called him
“my son of color”? Never has that come
out of my mouth. BRITTANNI:He would stare at
him and he’d be like…
He would stare at him
and be like, “I’m trying to
see if he has the eyes.”
I’m like, “Every child you
have are not going to
have your eyes.”
I’m a brown woman,
I have brown eyes, my son is brown and he has
my beautiful brown eyes. And I have the evidence over here, that I did
the research that, um,over green and brown eyes,
the brown eyes
are the dominant
trait anyways.
see your research, ma’am.
And now, they’re
always saying… BRITTANNI: He’s always
making up stories. They always say… No, you guys are always
saying that he don’t
got the eyes… When he’s mad at me, “He don’t look like
me anyways.” I say that to hurt you. I say that to hurt you. “He looks nothing like me.” And then he goes,
“Oh, they’re brothers
through you “because you’re
both their mother.” So look, let… Let’s… Listen, let’s…
Let’s just break this down. If Kayne is your
biological child, you want to work
on this marriage? Yes. But we can’t have
a third party in it. It’s
not going to be successful. We don’t even
live close to her. I don’t get in your business
no more like that. (INDISTINCT TALKING) Don’t lie, Devonte. Don’t even start.
Don’t even start. But before this… (GAVEL POUNDING) Let’s get some order.
We’re not going to
go off on that tangent. He’s trying to tarnish her
when he cheated… DEVONTE: I’m not… He cheated on her so many
times he has a possibility
of another child before this. I have not. I haven’t. And she was still
going to be with him. So, he’s cheated on her a lot. He cheated on her a lot. She cheated on me
more than I cheated on her. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Bottom line…
Bottom line is… And it’s not… Listen, Mr. Merrifield. Mr. Merrifield, the
judge is speaking. You have to be quiet. Mr. Merrifield. I realize you’re
passionate about this. (DEVONTE MUMBLING) I realize you’re passionate
and I realize you have
a lot of emotion. DEVONTE: No, because… (SMACKS LIPS) And I know there is
a lot riding on these
results today. I get it.
So let’s get them. Here you go, Judge. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Moon-Merrifield v. Merrifield

pertaining to 20-month-old
Kayne Merrifield, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Merrifield, you are Kayne’s father. NICOLE: Huh. Huh. You owe her an
apology, Devonte. Argh. (SNIFFLES) Well, Brittanni, (SNIFFLING)
I apologize for having doubts that he
wasn’t my son but if
you can’t understand from everything that’s been
going on and where the
doubts are coming from… You’re not perfect,
I haven’t even put some
of the stuff out there what I think of my doubts. You’re not either. You’re not either. No, I know. I never said… But y’all trying to
make it seem like…
You know? I’m not trying to make
it seem like anything. So… But I apologize. Now we have to figure out
what we have to do to
fix our dang marriage. (SNIFFLING) That’s it.
You know what I’m saying? I’m happy you know now. I really am. I could see
the emotion in your voice. I could see your body
language, you were so
pent up with anxiety. It was like you were about
to explode over there. No, because I have
a whole lot to say. Let me tell you something.
Let me tell you something.
Let me tell you something. It’s not about… What needed to be said has been said.
That’s your son. So what you guys
have to do now, you all got to start over.
This right here, this thing you all
calling a marriage,
it’s a mess. You got to start back at A. You’ve both made
a lot of mistakes,
you have no boundaries, you have no parameters.
No one knows what the
other one should be doing. You got to set rules
in relationships or they will fall apart. We have resources
available that can
help you figure out how to take that first step,
because I know you want
to be together. I can see in both of your
eyes you love one another but you got to
do the work. Take advantage
of the counseling
and the resources and keep it going.
Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JEROME: I’ll go ahead
and walk you out first.

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