The GROSSEST Candy I’ve Ever Tasted | Unboxing Strange Fan Mail

The GROSSEST Candy I’ve Ever Tasted | Unboxing Strange Fan Mail

Tanner: Oh- oh my god! No!
Matthias: *laughs* oh my god! Tanner: I might puke. That is the nastiest- *laughs* *INTRO MUSIC* What’s going on guys! Welcome to… uhhh *inhales* *dead inside* HeLLO AND WELCOME I am Matthias and today I’m looking at all sorts Of strange things that viewers sent me. Some from the dollar store, some not From the dollar store.
Tanner: So, items. Yeah some Strange items. Tanner’s picked out the best of the best of these items. They’re supposed to be weird, they’re supposed to be strange so if I’m making Fun of it don’t think I’m a jerk. Think, “oh, he’s funny” *laughs* Tanner: He IS a jerk ๐Ÿ˜€ But don’t THINK that! Don’t think that! Everyone sent me these items for the intention of me to make fun of them Because they’re strange and wacky. If you want to send me items, address and instructions down in the descriptiones below! Let’s begin, Tan-Face! You like that dude? OHHHHHH Touch it a little bit with that mascara mm-hmm, can’t even tell it just one little whip it looks like dad is an old Can it holes you think? Uh If there’s hair there so no no there’s hair there is its just like no like here! wait i want i want it there *laughs* Thats actually honest………. *laughs* Wait no here Like i wanna a little patch of hair right here dude No you did you.. This one’s from Redic Redic? Yeah he’s REDICulous he is from Illinois’ wait what’s this a letter enclosed do not throw out with paper oh got you i get you oh yes The yeti pots i’ve tried this product in a previous dollar store video linked in the description below so check that one out but these Things are bizarre that is for sure but they work oh they work what is this oh no no Wacka pack surprise greetings smack the pack watch and wait see the surprise balloon inflates before your eyes oh my gosh what did you hear that the writing that was great The cadence was from me but i don’t think it was intentional Your cadence was a little bit bad but the rhiming was good No im kidding you cant… No no, no keep going okay tanner i’m gonna whack the pack you ready for this, oh Oh, oh oh! OH Is it gonna fart? Oh is it gonna smell?stink bomb?oh no that’s what i was worried about oh, no oh, no oh no
The thing is taking its time Alright if it pops and pops and i are crying what did you just say?I can’t hear you i have fingers in my ears What did you say? *Laughs* he trying bro What the heck? POP! Yea that’s gonna do something Touch it no it’s gonna do it hit another one its gonna do it you touch it if you arte so confident For a second it thought it was gonna pop Oh really this guy really wants me to touch it okay do it is it gonna hurt it’s not gonna hurt it’s just popping it’s just compressed air you’re just compressing it okay do it Oh what? *laughs* Oh what? What are you doing?Hit it i’m nervous it’s not pooping ahhhhhhhhhhh What? Are you supposed to open it? I dont understand *Screams* We have to get it out of the pakeging first *Laughs* Wait what? *Laughs* Oh no! We are so dump Are you serious dude? No it sais no it sais poof watch and wait poof the balloon pops out of it see the surprise Come on dude you can do it you can do it just do it They packeged it too well yeah i think they did i have a couple of these items that are made to just do sound effects right so inside is just the fluid and like the mixture but this is clever because they packaged it twice so that when it does explode it Doesn’t make a mess but it’s not exploding!Why you not explode? wow that’s hard told you that’s real hard like wow Tanner you are weak wow Tanner hit the gym well Tanner stop being ugly that’s why i couldn’t break it what you said i did say those things but not today i Just, been holding him a deep inside of my heart oh Yeah, there you go there you go getting out oh there you go it’s gonna happen Oh Yes!This is it!Dude this about as much pressure as you can get WOOO *Laughs* I knew it was coming it scared me That’s it i’ll rate that a buy it once you figure it out next item this next one is from shelby shelby from tennessee tennessee I SEE! *Laughs* i’m dead inside No, instructions no, no way we’ll wait there art i have to know what this is golf ball massage hammer No, it’s not working all it’s doing is smacking you turning man i’m gonna give you a massage you ever get physically beat on you guys whoa fuck are you give me any feedback expecting you’d be like oh that feels good or i’ll stop he’ll be watching yes i must endure this beating for my job that’s what i experience on a day-to-day life which is like tanner all right take a beating here we go oh when i’m stop will force meets an immovable the golf ball There’s some things i won’t do on this chicken that’s what i’m good i’m glad because if you had done that i would have questioned our relationship this is a tragically sure dude turn it turn it turn it next item this next one is from Lisa bell and she’s from gaah which i believe is georgia is she a bell or not Dude what singles to go what does that mean i already have tanner Whenever i want to go anywhere with a single tanner single right ladies you see that one girl that tweeted that yeah? For me to be awkward yeah you really made that one fun thanks thanks dad you’re welcome? You do have to reply you have to reply saying yes, i’m desperate i’ll go out with you So this is gonna create aww root beer or it’s gonna create something that tastes somewhat similar to it a flat soda Yeah, most likely why don’t we call it a double root beer because every time you drink it you say oh? Can we strike that from the record oh? weird oh and then you wonder about what you choose to put in your body that can’t be healthy soda has never been healthy really stop i’ve been drinking it i already told them that story of when you went and you’re like i’m not gonna get the soda can I have a ginger ale because like the wendy’s clerk was like Wow this got dark fast okay so let me stir this now okay use your finger yeah i’ll use my tongue oh? what if what what if you had hit me what if this had landed into my heart when i would have buttered your biscuit what never heard that idiom no kittens hat???????? Hmm butter butter knife but what did the biscuit have anything to do with the current situation just, hey maybe that kind of joke would work with gutter but that doesn’t fly here alright i’m becoming conditioned bring it you’re an egg game when you come on this channel alright when you’re on rec that’s fine you can throw out the low-hanging fruit The audition i’m on direct first alright oh that is disgusting Look there’s like crap oh It got so dark and thick so here’s what i understand is it gonna be carbonated have you ever drink? flat root beer yeah my root beer is the worst flat soda drink actually like the words there’s not nearly enough Powder in here for it to be sugar so i guarantee you it’s some sort of artificial sweetener sucralose Degrees you ever had sucralose before i’ve heard of it never had it really you’re about, to nothin good this tastes like root beer stop the malto dextran i believe is what off puts it a little bit it’s not bad i would have much preferred it to have ice my fault but carbonated not my fault try tanner is a Soda connoisseur if you’ve ever seen him if you’ve ever gone to lunch with him he’s the one that goes up to the counter and orders a bucket of soda not a bucket a large bucket good it’s not bad shockingly good it’s not horrible after the khutulun i was gonna totally like look at how much food coloring is you know they connected a caramel food coloring to cancer really yeah does caramel color cost cancer That’s not going to tell the truth you know it’s by the government while you sad people that trust the government there have to catch you boom medical news today anyways do your own research i’m not claiming anything here i’m just saying you might want to be aware of these findings but it poses an excess cancer risk of more than one case in every hundred thousand exposed people considering all the other random things that we’re doing like you got To wonder if like you’re odd in getting cancer is High! just because of a thousand things that we’re doing just like in la just breathing the air that were breathing Exposes us like to a higher level or higher odds of cancer so i wonder up like my odds of having cancer it like one In a hundred one in a thousand considering all that i mean i eat crap i eat garbage dude literally i go to the back of the high five studios and like what’s for dinner Nom, nom nom dude look at this bucket of soda that’s unfinished That’s gonna be a turret because it’s flat sorry this one is from eleonora from that’s my grandmother’s name eleanor eleanor ah it’s my daughter’s name why did i think grandmother first cuz i named my daughter after my grandmother luna middle name luna eleonora okay last name your daughter bo-buds, yeah whoever sent this i like you more than you know cuz we were just talking about cancer and you know I love my? Favorite way to get cancer is by sugar mm-hmm right best way to get cancer best way to get cancer and it’s the way that i can’t i just can’t stop eating it’s so Delicious why does cancer have to be so delicious it sucks i’ve lost so many people to cancer it’s Ridiculous really i’m not trying to make it a joke it’s just like let’s laugh at it so we don’t like feel it feel it so it’s it’s crazy oh that just got real really quick it’s a true thing man it’s truth it’s i got people battling right now dude yes it’s it’s yeah if you guys are out battling cancer hats off To you because that’s i’ve seen people go through that that’s a battle for sure okay? So how do we transition back into fun but until that organ eat some candidates here so yeah thank you i’m sweet i’m sour evil twins let’s start with this one this one is a trolli Evil twins i’ve actually never seen this and i am what you’d say a candy connoisseur so oh i see once our ones sweet which ones sour you think right all right sour well that’s good what’s right yeah you’re just waiting for me like i said it was like you’re on track okay jax wait why do you look at me like that when he was like i know you like that good flavors i mean till he makes really good candy yeah truly does let’s try this one now yeah we need probably closer to make sure that they’re all good yeah cuz i can’t give my full review unless i’ve tried all the colors are just bear with us three days later next item this looks very interesting tongue Painter no so since tina said no my tongue is my fredwerd i Didn’t mean it like that you know i think considering i’m the one that pays you jews i can’t open this Sale i’ll snip your beard did cuz you do beautiful alright so this particular thing is black as the dead of night this is great this is cherry oh that’s not that door it’s like actually just kind of like regular looking lollipop i’m gonna try mat my tongue block i just don’t understand i actively avoid candy that colors my tongue because then everyone knows I’ve been eating candy i’m like when you’re eating candy you don’t want people to know you’re eating candy I’ll go sneak some candy and my mouth will be blue and i’ll be the king i’ll walk inside a man is like what you Eat like nothing no not candy it was a foul ate a smurf on the way home it was a blue Blue salad it had blueberries have you ever heard of the electric-blue raspberries they’re a real thing okay i Don’t like the taste of it tastes like food dye mine doesn’t taste like a charity at all i don’t like it tastes like food Dye, so i’m gonna write that one i know i’m already these guys yo all right before the next product Shout-out, to random cow are you secretly j fred in disguise no j fred is me in disguise all right shout out to random cow for being part of that notification squad moo moo get it random cow i was very random anyways random cow clicked the bell icon and comment wouldn’t birth 30 meredith Come within the first 30 minutes thank you oh? Yes, i’ve tried these before we’re not gonna get into this because i’ve literally tried this on a previous video i just want to show tanner stand over there they’re called dino slingshots this one is from a brandon early from california home of the americans and some not americans nope i’m done Nope nope why are you against it see you later ma’am finally i can be a star okay guys so do Know, we have a papa no All right guys so today on the matthias channel whoa crazy pork rinds we’re gonna go ahead and pop it matt thing so you can run away buddy can’t we’re heading downstairs we’re gonna pop this we’re gonna See kind of magic we have in the store hope you pukes is that we’re done okay? I’m gonna open this up i’m gonna see who is willing to try it cuz you know i ain’t oh oh what you’re right yes right is this popcorn or what bacon curls how can you might the way the pork rinds No, that’s not the bag you slap that’s what it’s and now we wait what, we got there matt i don’t know i didn’t hear pops i didn’t hear popping so it’s not popcorn it doesn’t smell there’s a Lot of smells in this room right now so i don’t have to even tell you have to actually rip it i’m in unfamiliar territory oh no, oh i just do not like the smell of pork rinds give me a walk about does anyone like pork rinds here alright look look at that though looks like pork rinds okay i don’t know and i’m at peace i’m okay with it okay take a bite of yours would ya you’re lying yeah oh would Are you eating a bone the smells worse than it tastes good all right take it away with you them how good i read this a verdict turn it yeah this one is from kim from ontario panada please enjoy these weird chinese items all the way from canada thank you kim oh no oh this is so weird wait what is this dumb dude i got a glimpse as i was like this just looks like a rubber chicken an egg an egg oh what casting you imagine this was like the original fidget toys yeah the type of people that use fidget toys that’s just weird and have a keychain like all these things like moving around disgusting this is definitely weird so you know what that means i feel Man i think it’s just water i don’t smell it i can’t smell anything Wait the egg popped out got the egg is it solid yeah it’s pretty solid i can’t believe farts scored Extrusion beam oh no it’s the same thing you’re supposed, to squeeze it out. No hi hey why are they all like this oh that gives me a weird vibe the other one was just weird this one actually gives me like a physical like reaction i don’t know why i think it’s the fact that it goes back in well the other one went back in – yeah i know but others looked little faces on it i don’t like you can have it this next one is from Kendall from the big oh ohio ohio i was like oh? blazing team when you’re a part of big nation yeah deserted millie had teams for that board oh can you get this is just a pretty generic yo-yo i think the package was where the comedy came from oh this is actually really interesting because you can like spin it Independently oh that’s ben’s really well oh yeah so you can like pretend that you’re whose finger is this small Child i haven’t used a yo-yo insole so look dude i’m sleeping right now you see that what you’re walking oh? My hand oh? that’s actually cool cuz you can like I’m all about it that’s cool actually this is adobe yo-yo you know oh? That’s cool yo-yo My bro yo oh my gosh that is exceptional from regina dude look at that i was honestly that’s my daughter in case you didn’t know They might not know i said it for them amanda actually would want this i’ll give this, to amanda she’s, so cute i miss her actually i’m gonna put this right here so i can always see her when i’m shooting videos when i’m not with her gives you motivation Gives me motivation to go back home and i thought i need my face to go back home there’s this cute video i’m gonna be a dad right now and show everyone this video tons of people have already seen it look how cute she is That’s on my instagram matthias i am on instagram she’s so cute i love that little girl um next product this next one is from a guillermo not from del toro from a utah guillermo not from del toro no not sell for mikeraboy del toro okay it’s okay it doesn’t know what delivery yeah he’s from utah oh utah you thought ice mom a hand jump out dude baby doll maybe this was just for luna but it is odd-shaped repeat it is a poopy baby doll No, oh thank goodness i’ve been horrible honestly that dog little scary it is scary that’s why they sent it to me i mean what kind of child has read to eyebrows a redheaded baby you know they don’t exist wineglass take your wine anywhere stem tucks away to save space 10 ounce Capacity well there you go to get drunk on the go i get you get drunk all the know exactly never get drunk so the idea of this is screw this in is that crystal imagine there we go you hear that crap it’s already crap right there you can’t really tell but it’s already cracked would you like some lacrosse lacrosse cheers,cheers this is for you, hahaha, whoo get bubbly how’s that taste like unwashed glass oh calm down dude Hey you drink the rest of that you’re not gonna be able to be on the rest of my channel you’re just gonna be so? gone knowledge whoooooo my eyes were watering like whooooo Can we just talk for a second that is that’s actually difficult to do yeah look right lucroix is like the most bubbly drink there is I can always take like a sip and then wait like 20 minutes for it to like deep bubble so that’s like profs my dude you just straight up drank that you’re eyes are like watering dude put yourself in a mindset where it’s like alright hit me back and You deal with it after i dude i’m like a party with you yeah cuz that again i’ve heard some stories and maybe ice this is from hannah yes she’s from florida really prove it okay more food food fight oh no before i even go beyond the initial title i know what that means it means food fight that means food gets mixed together that shouldn’t be mixed together those chocolate bars it is but it’s funky fry and killer ketchup milk chocolate or toasty campfire smores i was like that sounds amazing That’s bad for me if one good one? I guarantee you dude are you hearing to you you’ll like this you’re one of those freaky dudes? thanks baby you’re one of those dudes that are like oh let me put some tapatio on my popcorn it’s a latina secret i gave you the secret and you is that dude is one of those people that puts like peanut butter on An oreo no it’s weird you’re in hot cheetos is good though you’re one of those people that’s racist yeah it’s good it’s multi chocolate doesn’t stick it up my nose wanna toast your touch your entire nose i’m my pew that is the nasty Guys, file okay if you’re gonna puke don’t go in there do it right there in front of the camera i’m gonna monetize it Fucking my cheese get a ds? honestly it is the nastiest thing ever take it tastes like rotten food this is good i bet he knows Maybe it is the one that i rub my nose in i’m not sure at this point i know no it’s mine dude which one’s the one i rub my nose in wait i’ll just break off Genuinely took a bite i was like i chased the same thing Because i didn’t get it he did give me the one with this nose oh funny alright this one is from joey no this one’s from zoe mullen night in plane all right that close zoe close enough what huh we won what is the tape on here No dude it’s poop all i thought it said shoo happens no dude it’s poop emoji poop candy are you trying to say first fine give it a shot, oh What that’s a middle finger oh? this what is this oh this is a monkey and here is the poop emoji ready hmm no that’s cola ah it’s cold yeah I was just to get here to either you were worried To run over that whoa oh yeah! What’s trying to drown up your acting’s pretty close i usually go that’s good yeah that right there is the dollar store playlist if you liked this video there’s more videos where that came from right there in this video is the video that youtube thinks you specifically will enjoy so consider checking it out cuz we made it just for you big shout out to sauron thing for supporting this channel When you had the opportunity to when i had a patreon up patreon is no longer up but thank you for supporting us when you could much appreciate it alright guys high five


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    "Future designer for the" what?

  72. Taylor says:

    I love how Matt is so used to saying โ€œwelcome to Dope or Nopeโ€ he is

  73. Taylor says:

    Life hack: mix the soda powder in sparkling water and BOOM

    you just spent double on a soda

  74. Zoinks x Scooby says:

    Matt is a soy boy. He talks about cancer as if he's hoping to get it I don't understand cancer jokes it's fucking sick. I've known people that have lived and died from it La people need to learn some respect.

  75. GUMMYKITTY91 says:

    "who's finger is this small?"

    Matt Whispers: "A Childs"

  76. Joshua Barbieri says:

    pause at 7:24 its funny

  77. shaun redmond says:

    far to much cancer talk in this episode

  78. shaun redmond says:

    pause at 14:17 your ears look huge

  79. Shark Boy says:

    Pork rinds must be a southern thing. The microwavable ones are always sold out. I love them.

  80. Shark Boy says:

    18:59 never used a yoyo? You place the string inside the premade hole to create a noose you put your finger in.

  81. Alexander Cox says:

    everything causes cancer

  82. Volkov Gaming says:

    Low rey microwaveable pork rinds are awsome

  83. SirNoobington says:

    14:08 fricking noises

  84. Trent The Trainiac says:

    11:10 I had Brain cancer when I was 2 years old so that just made me feel good inside thanks for making my day๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Mr. Banks says:

    I live in Utah and am from Utah

  86. kelly wieden says:


  87. AAV - says:

    My grandma and grandpa died from cancer My grandpa had died two months ago and im super sad ๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ•Šโœ๏ธ the people with cancer is a champion ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿค• and i miss them to much ๐Ÿฅบ g

  88. michael redmon jr says:

    Shoe happens ๐Ÿ‘ž

  89. Debbie Stidiford says:

    Loved the show, I love watching your shows as they help me to decide what to get the grandkids for presents and what to leave on the shelves. My mother is battling 4 different cancers started with breast cancer.

  90. Dave Vaughan says:

    Awesome switch on tan. That was hilarious

  91. Adam Watton says:

    That poo candy is so nice

  92. RubyKkitty says:

    I just realised, Luna has massive ears for someone her size
    Just like her dada ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Cortney Smith says:

    U added 2 much a&w powder and not enough water

  94. Dune1884 says:

    This just in! Sugar is bad for you!

  95. Dixxon Jinxx says:

    13:50 ghost??????

  96. Austin Chung says:

    I actually owned the golf ball thing but in green.

  97. Brock Raines says:

    My best friend died of canser give a like for him

  98. TheMangledTriangle says:

    Apparently everything that is brown is poop according to Matt

  99. TheMangledTriangle says:

    13:50 what the heck is on the wall it moves from right to left and they merge in the corner

  100. Faith Miller says:

    Me in chemistry class-3:46.

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