The Insanity Of Internet In Australia (NBN)

The Insanity Of Internet In Australia (NBN)

Hi! I’m inside the MDF room in my corporate Office tower here And I thought I’d just show you around and the various internet options available Now MDF stands for ‘main distribution frame’ I believe that’s just what they call these communication rooms in the basement of buildings – commercial office buildings – like this one. This is the main patch panel for all the twisted pairs going up to every office in the building each one of those blue trunk lines goes up to a different office and each office has like 14 or 16 pairs or something bundled into it And when I moved into my office it did actually have five or six phone lines installed and had plenty of pairs actually left over and all those tags are from various installation techs who have our left little notes or whatever when they have Installed on or done modifications, or patched it or whatever! Anyway! So the first internet option in this building is of course ADSL over twisted pair copper But they are… they are very limited in the number of ports. I believe like DSLAM ports or whatever it is that they actually have there. And we’re a long way from the exchange and The Connection rate is terrible – I used to have like 800 Kilobits upload speed here in then when I first moved in to the lab here I had to go home and upload my videos because I had 2.4 Megabits upload at home so *wohoo* which cost 110 dollars a month for my home Internet connection Which is cable – Telstra cable So you can get ADSL which is I think I was only getting like 5 megs download or something It wasn’t particularly quick and like 800 kbits/s upload and that was like 60 bucks *a month* or something like that. Anyway, let’s have a look at the other options Because this building has NBN installed now which is the National Broadband thing which us tax payers here in Australia paid like 40 or 50 billion dollars for and finally I’m going to get some use out of it’s not nearly as good as overseas It’s crippled in many different ways in terms of the architecture But yeah, it’s like… Anyway! At least I have some options. Let me – let me show you the other options now Here’s the Telstra rack, and that has all the twisted-pair ports coming in there’s a battery backup bar system in there So that’s for the regular phone type connections now this box here is the Telstra – Telstra is the main communications provider in this country – and they’ve got fiber coming in – all the buildings in my business park are like under 15 years old season So this is, you know, pretty new Newish building in the scheme of things So yeah it had fiber It’s always had fiber coming in but Telstra
if you want to get an internet connection on that fiber Okay, it is. I’m not kidding when I was quoted a couple of years back it was $8,000 per month for a 10 meg – 10 meg symmetrical connection – I am not kidding it’s come down since then I believe it’s like a couple of thousand dollars now *per month* for 10 meg – 10 meg.
I like it’s just so insane that you know like there are companies some companies that will just pay that right, but of course it’s, it’s, it’s insane! What I wanted to show you is we’ve got no shortage of fiber on here now this fiber box here is another competing company – UEcomm – which I believe are owned by Optus now or whatever I think there’s another Optus fiber coming in here somewhere So I think that’s at least three now Now UEcomm Optus they want 800-1000 dollars *per month* for a 10 meg – 10 meg Symmetrical connection and we have data caps by the way You’ll get like a 500 gig data cap with either of those Fiber plans for what a thousand dollars a month You still have a data cap okay? And then we’ve got an AAPT which is another Communications, and there was they’ve got their own fiber Installed, so this is what? Three or four different fibers coming into this building now, but once again. They’re like 605 / 600 dollars per month or more. Right? For their plan once again for a 10 meg – 10 meg plan It’s just nuts right, so I’ve got my three or four different competing Fibers coming directly into this building, and I can’t use any of those it’s just too expensive. Now. I actually had to get my own fiber installed in this building which is this rack up here. I can’t open these racks I don’t have the key and I don’t want to pick them So a bit you know, it’s just boring switch gear and stuff like that But this is the company I got to install the fiber in this building just for me and I tried to recruit Some other people in the building and this is what I’m currently getting internet in the lab through okay, so this is my own fiber installed by this company – Telstra – who installed this one.
Telstra wouldn’t let them use this one Right? They had to pay they had to pay Telstra to install another fiber that comes You know through all this – all this rack in, through all this tubing and stuff over in it into this rack So we have to pay to install a new fiber even though there’s already three other fibers in here three or four other fibers And this one is *440 dollars* a month
for 20 meg – 20 meg And that’s what I currently pay for my internet in the lab okay, and that is cheap for this business park That is the cheapest You know decent internet you can get with decent upload speed that is like. You know I thought that was Fantastically cheap, and it is for this business park, okay? Now. Here’s the new National Broadband Network rack – or one of them But this is the main this is where the new National Broadband comes in and I’m going to hook up to this Shortly this month so the fiber comes in here, okay? So you know comes down there somewhere – anyway comes in and that’s the new National Broadband they’ve got some patch stuff and then it goes into a Patch box like that there you go. That’s a fiber patch panel box for all the each Individual office in this building complex will have its own little fiber patch there So I’ve got fiber directly to my office now: “fiber to the premises” As it’s called so but a lot of houses in Australia only have fiber to the node which is ridiculous anyway So that’s the new NBN. I’ve just signed up hopefully I’ll get it installed in the next month, and I’m only paying like around about a hundred bucks per month for a 100 meg / 40 meg but the way, they’re set up the internet in the NBM in Australia with the system configuration and stuff If everyone decides to use it once you the speeds drop drastically So anyway, I’m very excited by that and there’s another management thing down here And that that handles like our you know security cameras in the building and other around yeah I don’t believe I think that is the security system It’s got nothing to do with the any of the internet or our phone system or anything like that So there you go that is a typical MdF room Inside a – you know – in in the basement literally in the carpark basement of these buildings This is where all the fiber, so we’ve got five now got five I think fibers Coming into this building, and you only need one you need one fiber could if you implement the system right one fiber Everyone in this building could have one gig one gig Symmetrical internet right like but it’s just due to this ridiculousness of Infrastructures internet infrastructure in this company anyway the NBN are paying a hundred bucks a month So it’s one quarter the cost of what I’m currently paying with this rack Which is four hundred and forty bucks a month and yes everyone overseas in Every tin-pot little country in the world who’s getting you know one gig? Slash one gig internet for fifty bucks a month. Yeah. Go on it boast But this is the nature of Australia. I can’t use any of the existing fibers I had to install my own It’s just nuts. It really is. Anyway very excited the NBN is happening Both in my lab and the other office as well, and I finally have unlimited data By the way because I do have a data cap at the moment, which is why I can’t stream 24/7 I can’t stream a webcam? 24/7 it would chew up my data allocation in a couple of days. It’s just nuts anyone my monthly allocation Anyway, there you go. That’s a typical MdF room in a commercial Corporate building and my various internet options which are now pretty much only one But it so I’m very pleased to be paying my hundred bucks a month We’ll see how it goes like the hennessy with the real speed I actually get and I’ll keep you updated on that anyway. I do like that catch you next time and That is the fibre to the premises Outside every office here in this building and this is the one next door And it looks like someone’s had the NBN installed a couple of days ago, and they didn’t even bother to clean it up! *gruts*


  1. Mauro Tamm says:

    What about personal use internet? Business connections are stupidly expensive everywhere.
    I know company pays like 200€+ for 100mbit – but individual can get 1gbit fiber for 100€.

  2. Ali Devrim OGUZ says:

    Meeeh, get a satellite internet service 😀 (High ping tough)

  3. ye6207 says:

    Fiber to the node and fiber to the curb still makes sense if it is used with proper (Euro)DOCSIS 3(.1) and VDSL2 (Vectoring) respectivly AND decent network planning. It is not as good as fiber in the building, but it is not bad and the speeds are higher than your And I just figured out why my CDN provider charges insane high prices for data out in Australia.

  4. tdhorn13 says:

    Man that sucks….. I have 100Mb x 25Mb at my home no shared bandwidth or caps …. in the U.S. 1Gb is available from provider.

  5. Wilson says:

    If it doesn't make any sense, follow the money, if something is so fuckin rediculous that you think your head explodes, the monetary system makes it possible.

  6. 7316bobe says:

    Have a listen this bloke sounds like Dick Smith. It probably is Dick Smith.

  7. Jay Jenkins says:

    I get 100gbit down and about 25up . For about $60 month. Using a cable provider. Docsis3.0

  8. redtails says:

    I feel that part of the issue is actually that there's so many different providers in AU, each rolling out their own network. In some countries, there's a monopoly or duopoly and naturally they can operate much cheaper for the exact reason you mentioned. Sometimes, competition can result in higher prices

  9. Kevin Guy says:

    What we have is thanks to two things Privatisation, and Telstra. Telstra were, more or less, given the Tax Payer owned communications network. Telstra then, with the intention to maximise profit, retrenched a great number of its employees, most of which were the people who knew what it was all about. The first to go were those who knew they could get other work or contract back. The net effect was not to reduce overhead costs but increase them instead.

    Telstra then began the process of selling off property and resources, again the goal was to make fast money, all of this time no infrastructure was maintained old and corroding cables were left and are still being used today. The Australian Capital has some of the oldest copper in the country and it is still in use today.

    The govt in its usual way wants its pound of flesh for the Tax Payer gift to Telstra, so it receives a payback amount for the gift. Telstra passes that cost back to the customer. Telstra has been given first cut for everything and they control how much other telco companies pay, this is so they Telstra are able to pay the share holders and the govt, so up goes the price. Telstra never replaces anything unless it is totally non serviceable.

    Hopefully this gives you some idea why we pay so much for our crap service… Thank you LNP govt.

  10. bergweg says:

    here in the Republic of Moldova I'm paying 2.5 Euro monthly for 2Mbps unlimited.

    p.s. check out the prices in Luanda, Angola.

  11. BlackEpyon says:

    You didn't need to tell me that the building is less than 15 years old… They're running Cat5e as voice lines, not just data. it's a common practice now. With the popularity of building-wide LANs, it's cheaper than Cat3 these days 😛

  12. divyansh elementum says:

    I pay around 85 aud, 5500 inr as I live in India for 100mb/100mb fibre connection to the premises totally personal at 500gb data cap. Now i am not that mad for not living in Australia or in the USA. 😀

  13. Phallus Maximus says:

    Our Leader, Malcolm Turnbull, has made it plain that the current fuck-up with the internet in Australia is entirely Kevin Rudd's fault. And if it isn't Rudd's fault it's Gillard's. And if Gillard didn't do it Whitlam did. If it wasn't Whitlam it was Joseph Stalin himself. And if Stalin didn't do it Satan did.

    OK, I'm glad we've got that cleared up.

  14. Defective Clone says:

    We had a good plan. But the Liberals scraped it to spite Labor.. But they really just hurt all of Australia and its people trying to compete with the rest of the world.. Not Labor

  15. Jason howe says:

    I believe we have rorting going on where we a still based on t1 service charges for speed, i'm seeing 28/6 atpresent..

    reality with access to fttp we could run 40Gb..

    if have less than 10 years before the home will be needing a complete fibre network as the data from 10Gb is only in short runs..

    I would pay $250 a month for symmetric 100Mb, 1Gb or 10Gb or 40Gb as it is what it is worth sadly at this stage in the game we live under a speed and data con

  16. Joseph Dodson says:

    In Oregon in the United States we can get a 350Mb/s Download and a 50Mb/s Upload for $120 on a copper wire, 1TB data cap. Wow, did not know Australia had so high Internet Infrastructure Prices.

  17. Vlaj. Co says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! We have in Belgrade 100Mbit simetric for 10eur (approximately 15-20 Australian dollars) and more up to 1 gig for 70eur. In Europe there is not a single operator that applies data caps in cable networks. You are welcome!

  18. Pica Delphon says:

    Wow total waste of money for internet…$400 a Month for internet.. wtf.. YOUR RICH..

  19. Firal Rally says:

    Aussie accent yeahh

  20. SuperPlushyVids says:

    What a joke Internet for me is usually round 20megabits (not megabytes) and we pay unlimited broadband for 110$ with Optus and used to have continuous dropouts every 30min.

  21. aadz93 says:

    lmao I get 1 Gig up and 1 Gig down for $80(USD = ~100AUD/65EUR) a month with no cap, bandwidth is really cheap thanks to my isp (and landline, they bundle and knock $30 of my internet) replacing the underground residential lines with fiber optic cables.

  22. Haricot Vert says:

    My 56k wasn't 1000€ per month but it might have been that expensive without the good old taxpayer support 🙂

  23. oetken007 says:

    This is crazy! FTTH is cheap in germany. The EWE is dramatically expanding their network. 300/150 Mbit/s costs actually around 50€ a month.

  24. Okaro X says:

    Data cap on fixed lines? Here we do not have it even on mobiles. I have fixed upload of 2 Mbit/s but I can upload from my phone at 30 Mbit/s so it I have gigs to upload, use my phone. I pay nothing for the fixed and 11 € for the mobile.

  25. ZMAN Bluescreenofdeath says:

    NBN = No Bloody Network

  26. Daniel Lopez says:

    here in Finland (my city at least) its about 30€ for 300mbit 4g, and around 40-50€ for symmetrical gigabit fiber, but they are only just now rolling city in to my city, and the only thing available for me is either 20mbit adsl for 40€ or, 300mbit 4g for around 30€, and thy are all UNLIMITED data of course.

  27. V van Gelder says:

    Currently, i use around 75gb a day ;p…

  28. Jason Brooks says:

    You would hate me.. asynchronous gigabit here in a small town North Carolina USA 50$USD cap is (unlimited)

  29. Zyphera says:

    Australia really has the worst Internet

  30. Ester Nicolini says:

    wow, insane for real o.O

  31. its you says:

    "…laugh and think this is Asstralia"

  32. Joe Andrews says:

    Are u sure your not in a museum.

  33. Ian Jacobs says:

    I get 400/400mb synchronous with 1:1 contention for $400pm

  34. The Kitchen Gunsmith says:

    i instal fiber for AT&T in the US we offer 1gbps symmetric for $60USD thats just ridiculous wow

  35. Liad Sagi says:

    here in israel (April 2018) its around 25-30USD for 200/5 (download/upload)

  36. Consolidated Freedom says:

    Is that US dollars? Because a 20mbit symmetrical costed my business 150/mo. Cable though.. not the greatest.

  37. StabbedYa says:


  38. Tangobaldy says:

    200/20 for £45 month in uk

  39. Alastair Bruce says:

    Doesn’t sound like the fibre companies are competing effectively. I can see why Telstra (the monopoly) don’t bother, but why don’t the challengers significantly undercut?

  40. Jackboot Shaman Gaming says:

    I'm getting fiber in a few months to my place, only gonna cost 50UBS.

  41. j.a.cole says:

    thats crazy, my ISP here in the UK i get 150Mbps symmetrical for £25pm, and if i wanted 1Gb it would only cost £50pm… all fully unlimited data

  42. Paul Ste. Marie says:

    The problem isn't the fiber in Australia—the problem is the lack of undersea cable in & out of Australia. Google wound up deciding that it was cheaper to lay their own cable.

  43. Julia Kaya Queen says:

    In the Netherlands we have 500/500 fibre connection for 63 euros which is 97 aud and we don't have datacaps. I've had months where I used a terabyte of upload

  44. Felenov-official says:

    Our Telecom hub has 12 fucking providers in there. Since it's is Russian internet 1meg cost a hell of a lot of cash

  45. KorAllRBare says:

    Not a very tall Office complex, I'm Guessing about six floors Tops..

  46. Edward Celkis says:

    In the USA there is usually ony one isp available for a given area or building. Can anyone say monopoly? Tech support and quality of service is usually poor because of this.

  47. C32 says:

    i can't stand data caps

  48. TheLOD2010 says:

    That's expensive! I get 200/50Mbps for about 30€ a month private via Vodafone Coax.

  49. Netty Voyager says:

    but Australia virtually invented the internet ? why so shit

  50. Netty Voyager says:

    wow im on 75 mbps down 9 up 70 a month

  51. Elvin Haak says:

    Highest I can get here… 50 Mb/s down, 5 Mb/s up – but that is theory. In practise it is maximum 20 Mb/s down and many times around 5 MB/s up. Still in the middle of a village, a bit further in rural areas it is lots less (getting there by air over longer distances). Here in Netherlands. By the way, 30 Euro / month. Fiber cannot be installed or you have to pay per km which is very, very costly.
    This is called a fast internet connection. Same for people or business… not more to get inside.

  52. nothing human says:

    In New Zealand , we can get between 700-900mbps and in Dunedin over 1gbps….by the end of 2019 75% of kiwis will have 1gbps speeds…crazy Australia has such slow connections

  53. zahrans says:

    Sri Lanka here. I'm using a 100mbps down/40mbps up fibre line for around USD 35.

  54. PHOTON says:

    im downloading a game right now, and its going at 200kb/s

    Its gonna take 4 days

  55. Anderson Pyaban says:

    i like how Australians say fiber…. it's like foyy-ber

  56. NEO Digital says:

    How can Australia be competitive globally with those high bandwidth costs? Geez I have 100Mbps at home for $40/month

  57. Darryll Spalding says:

    End of story Mr Telecommunications "Ombudsman" What do you get paid for, Oh you just the complaints department. ? Could you send my complaint to some &¥#% who has a complete understanding of the English language ( GB ) style and get that person to go through privatised Telecom with a FUCKING CHAINSAW.

  58. johnpro2 says:

    I actually thought the voice over was Shirley Strachan from Skyhooks " all my friends are getting married" fame…. Thanks for posting

  59. Cio Dokop says:

    Omg when we buy a server in us or Germany they say “ 10Gbit” LOL

  60. Cio Dokop says:

    Lol for us 20Mbps is 40$ a month In Dubai

  61. Hammy Bunghole says:

    The NBN is so fucked

  62. Nicholas Woolfenden says:

    This just demonstrates that the govt let every johnny come lately into your MDF, putting a load of expensive garbage in that you can't use because it's not complete.
    And who paid them?
    The taxpayer.

    The NBN is a disaster, as usual we all shrug and make so but cast your minds back to what we were promised!
    It was not designed or costed properly by chubby Rudd.

    When will our government deliver any infrastructure project within time and budget?

  63. crofty says:

    i have telstra cable too. upload is a joke for fiber BUT with wifi alone i get 115mbps down

  64. Colin Cummins says:

    You have no idea…..

  65. Tony .w says:

    You have that exactly right …bunch of corporate dickheads

  66. Rethink Science says:

    What a waste, the telco’s have been price gouging.

  67. wayne macleod says:

    Wow you's are being sooooooo ripped of there. I get upto 55 Mbs down and 14Mbs up on unlimited for ~90$ CDN.

  68. C Scott says:

    More evidence that our Country has been betrayed by it`s own governance , and is slowly turning into a pathetic corporate run state . We were a penal colony , that seems to want to be led by tyranny again ? The internet in Australia is representative of our entire nation now . An overpriced and over rated , soon to be a third world , shit hole .

  69. Mary T says:

    Vodafone sim card in India with 1 gig / day and free text and calls cost me zip – nothing . All last yr in Oz i had no to patheitic internet connection. Australia us a joke, on so many levels …. mismanagement for decades .

  70. ausi u says:

    Australian Liberal Government NBN is a joke. Just another example of penny pinching for the public by the Liberals. Hope the're proud of what they achieve. Should have left the Labour NBN model run its course FTTP rules.

  71. Grugg says:

    I've been very lucky that my FTTN NBN connection gets me around 95/35Mbps. I'm very close to the Node. and these speeds are fantastic compared to my previous ADSL1 internet of 8Mbps / 380Kbps, but damn i wish it was still better, knowing there is better available around the world.

  72. Ernest Bywater says:

    The problems you raise are due to the way the laws were written and the companies not sharing services because it costs them to share with others due to the way the laws are written.

  73. alenbilic says:

    im a communication engineer for telstra and 70% of what he said was wrong and clearly has very basic knowledge of how things work. what i do agree on is the ridiculous price consumers have to pay for services in this country. unfortunately the greed in this country has gone beyond anyones control.

  74. Graeme Lastname says:

    What can you expect when politicians, capitalists and other forms of lowlife are allowed to make decisions. Democracy sux. The NBN is proof of that fact !

  75. The English Gentleman says:

    I live in the middle of nowhere and my internet is piss poor too. But in the city you should get good internet. You have my sympathy.

  76. John De Friee says:

    the worlds biggest corrupted broadband country…….Australia thanks to murdoch and fox!!

  77. HeadGo Bang says:

    Telstra = The communication company that has no idea how to communicate with it self or anyone else.

    I think Telstra (A former tax payer grown company) should be force to break in to two company's one would keep all the hard wear and be able offer that to any other network provider at the same price, and the other would retain all current customers and would become just another provider having to pay for it's hardware use, it's not an ideal solution but it is the one levels the playing field, and as Telstra was built on tax payers backs the hardware including the NBN belongs to us tax payers, and we deserve affordably access to it at it's full potential, not the heavily throttled speed we can get if our pockets are deep enough.

  78. K Broowny says:

    In Australia, we pay top dollar, for fuck all.

  79. wrigs wrigley says:

    dude you goin to get constipated with all that fibre lol.

  80. Jacob Streiff says:

    Fibre to the node which is ridiculous? Even FTTN is way cheaper and faster than the offerings you have had quotes for.


    It have 7mbps Download and 800kbps up for $100

    it fucked up how expensive it is

  82. DaB says:

    The funny part is Telstra, Optus and AAPT become the real losers here and deservedly so. They laid out tonnes of money running fibre that will now never be used again and disconnected from all because of corporate greed. I live in a similar situation in my suburb…. Opticomm have run FTTP to my apartment and NBN have run FTTP to the front door but aren't allowed in the building (well no one wants them). There is also a fibre loops running past the apartments from Telstra, Optus and AAPT, so while 80% of the population has shit FTTN, HFC or FTTC some of us have multiple FTTP providers. Currently I pay my ISP $60 per month for 50/20 1,000 GB download and its always connected with zero drop outs and the speed never goes below maximum. To all the drongo's that voted LNP in 2013…. sucked in you will never get 4K TV and video and will have 3rd world Internet at 1st world prices forever 😂🤣😭👈👌

  83. Nick Banhidy says:

    Nuts…. This is ostraylia  maaate.  3rd world internet for a first world country.

  84. Mahdi Chavoushi says:

    And pepper spray is legal , if you use it legally then become illegal

  85. Burken Productions says:

    10 meg fiber in 2017??? that's retarded.. thats 2 years ago… like 1 gig was the standard then.. now in 2019, 10 gig is the standard.. How far behind the world are those telco's in australia really?? sounds like weird

  86. mur38 says:

    Telecom, Telstra. They have always been thieving bastards.

  87. StickyWeed420 says:

    in New Zealand its $120NZD per month for 900mbps down 500mpbs up unlimited data

  88. Mark Anthony says:

    NBN Will be able to filter government propaganda to keep the public in dark or cut the freedom of speech.

  89. Jonel Eliuterio says:

    What i think is it is still ok unlike the cost of internet on the Philippines worst …also the speed is worst.

  90. EpicMonkey says:

    I thought you were Aussie man reviews for a second 😂👀

  91. EpicMonkey says:

    What a fucking joke

  92. Will Peasley says:

    Hey bud, Will from nbn.. If you’d like a walkthrough of how the nbn and Telstra networks operate, give me a shout – [email protected] Assuming you’re based in Sydney?

  93. zhmz888 says:

    typical, they pissed off the company who has best tech and best price with excuse of 'national security', and leave us shitty stuff and joke for the rest of world🐷 same as power grid. they reckon they will be swiched off after someone outlay billions for the fxxking national security😄😂

  94. Josh Laycock says:

    Two words "FUCKIN TELSTRA"

  95. Shorne Pubique says:

    2 years later. aussie internet still shit .

  96. taranTula leGos says:

    Pfffff… at least the cabling is neat and tidy somewhat. Have you been to Vietnam and checked out the cabling on the street posts over there? It's like thousands of strands of various random used or unused copper wiring. I think people just plug in their own cable and steal the electricity. This is nothing

  97. Christopher Robinson says:

    3:20 I'm gonna hope that they accidentally used an M intsead of a G.

  98. Brett Mac says:

    fttn (failed to the node!))

  99. Brooke :D says:

    I was told this NBN was gonna be better.

    Fuck whoever said that.

  100. Kathy Sharp says:

    "The Liberal party initially stated that the "Multi-Technology Mix" (MTM) would be completed by 2016, however this was changed after the election to 2019 and then again to 2020. The project cost jumped from the Liberal Party's estimated $29.5 billion before the 2013 federal election, to $46–56 billion afterwards. In 2016 NBN Co. said it was on target for $49 billion, but by late 2018 the estimated final cost was $51 billion."

    Enjoy socialism, you retards. You could have asked any Eastern European how "well" that works. You didn't believe them, right?

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