The Most Advanced Bot Messenger Apps in The Market: Social Media Minute


Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
and this is Social Media Minute. Two months ago, Facebook
announced, at their F8 conference, that they’re launching
the Facebook Messenger bot. They’ve launched a fairly
simple send-and-receive API for companies to be
able to build their own new apps. But one thing’s for sure. Facebook’s
just launched that functionality. So far, they’re
approving these bots out there, but there’s one big problem. The Messenger API that they published is actually quite behind most of the more
advanced APIs on the market. For example, if we compare
this to Kik or Telegram messengers, it’s far, far behind. For example, in Kik and in Telegram you can actually go
and do a group chat. You can invite
the bot into a group chat, which has many functionalities. You can also actually build up
an e-commerce experience, where you go to
an actual HTML5 page, click something,
go back to the messenger experience and into that messenger
thread, whatever you made as an action there, goes back into the thread. Another great thing is identification,
you can actually identify people when coming
in and out of chats in a unique way. This is something you can’t do today
with Messenger unless you start putting in Facebook connects
on those detail pages. From the most advanced
out there, it probably is Kik, then Telegram
and then other bot applications. Facebook Messenger is
surely the most penetrated. What we would like for Facebook Messenger
to do is obviously catch up with these, so we can build great experiences
and obviously, dear Facebook, please, make sure
you add WhatsApp bots. Because we need the Messenger
and WhatsApp bots altogether. Thank you very much, I’m Jan Rezab
and subscribe to our Social Media Minute.


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