The one thing you need to sell anything online (in digital marketing) Storytelling!


– What is going on guys, JR here. In today’s video, I’m
going to be talking about the one thing you need to effectively sell anything online, or even offline for that matter. This is actually a talk that I gave to a group of Atlanta
entrepreneurs at my buddy Austin Distel’s event and the
funny thing about this talk is that is literally a
melting pot of golden nuggets and information that
I’ve learned from a ton of different mentors
be it Gary Vaynerchuck Russell Brunson, Ty Lopez, Billy Jean, Dan Henry, Alex Becker, Daegan Smith. I’m sure there’s somebody
that I’m leaving out. But this is just really a culmination of all these great
lessons that I’ve learned from all these awesome entrepreneurs. So forgive me if I seem a
little bit tired right now. It’s about 2:00 am my
time, but you guys know the grind doesn’t stop,
so without further ado enjoy this talk that I gave to a group of Atlanta entrepreneurs. – Uh, JR is actually, it’s
funny because we know each other so well online, we’ve
talked for a long time yet this is the first time
I’m meeting in person. And we met just because of Facebook groups and online talking and so I think that it’s really cool how iron sharpens iron and everyday I’m learning from JR, not just by him telling me what to do but also by example. I think that you’re one of
the most clever marketers that are currently in the
online marketing space. I think that you’re original. I think that you’re trustworthy and somebody that people
can really latch on to and relate to because
you have a great story. He got to 10K in 45 days
with his marketing agency. Before that, he had already
built an insurance company, insurance correct, tax company
with over 100 employees. On top of that, he’s rung the
New York Stock Exchange bell, and here today he does
a lot of info products. He’s actually a super
affiliate for Click Phones. In fact, drove all the way here
in his bright red Corvette, paid for by Click phones, so. (clapping) I’m really excited for you man. It’s a pleasure to have you
here so give it up for JR Rivas. (cheering) – Do you really, that’s hilarious. – So there I was in my bathroom looking down at the sink
and I turned the faucet and nothing came out, so then I go down the stairs, our
house had one bathroom. Down the stairs, to the kitchen turn that faucet and nothing came out. So, I called my mom, and I’m like Mom, what’s going on? I was about 13, 14 and
she’s like, I don’t know. And it turns out that
one of our pipes broke and we didn’t have the money to fix it, so we didn’t have the most
essential thing for human life which is running water for six months. We relied on friends and family to get by, but as much as that experience sucked, that was what made me want
to be an entrepreneur. Because I was like, I never
want to experience this again. So over the next few years, I started researching people and
learning from people who were successful and
watching all these videos on YouTube and finding out
that success is not by chance. Will Smith isn’t Will
Smith because of luck. He’s Will Smith because
of how hard he worked and how he broke patterns
and became who he was today. So I set out on a mission
to learn what that recipe for success is so what I always say is cooking is like business,
business is like cooking. If you set out to bake a cake and you use the exact same
recipe that you looked up online, you’re gonna get a cake every single time. So it’s no different. Austin isn’t successful
because he got lucky or anything like that. So when you’re in that
place and you’re like I don’t know if this is
going to work out for me, just know that you need
to find the right recipe. So, today I’m going to
talk about story selling and how to sell through
stories in your business. I was actually on the way up here and I was thinking all day
about the past week. What am I going to talk about, what am I going to talk about? I know it’s a diverse group of people. I don’t want to alienate
people by talking about how I built my agency,
or alienate other people by talking about how I
did affiliate marketing. So what is one universal
topic that I could talk about? And the idea of story selling
and selling through story is something that anyone
can use in their business. So I’m going to give you
guys a simple formula or recipe to sell using
stories in your business. And I call it, it’s actually, the who’s heard of Russell Brunson? Cool, cool, who’s heard
of me before today? Okay, awesome, everybody else, screw you. (laughing) So, what Russell teaches is,
who’s seen the movie Inception? So in that movie, they’re
going into people’s dreams and they’re trying to
convince them of things and make them believe that
they’re their own ideas. So they’re planning inception. So when you’re marketing your business it’s the same idea, you want people to believe things without you going out and having to tell them. So perfect example of that is if I stand up here and
I’m like hey I’m awesome, everybody’s like that guys kind of D bag. But if I stand up here and
deliver this awesome presentation and have everyone on
the edge of their seats, now it then becomes your thought. The idea is to create
that same environment for people to believe the things that you want the to believe in your marketing. So here’s how we do that, we call it, so the first
thing that you have to sell is your backstory,
who’s, who here has seen Guardians of the Galaxy? (yelling) So you know in the beginning, homeboy’s mom dies,
the reason they do that is to establish a connection
with the main character. So, all movies do this. If you go through and watch movies and really pay attention,
they all do this. They give you something to connect to the main character early on. Otherwise, the whole movie’s a waste. You don’t care about the main character. So, when you’re telling your backstory. What you want to do is make it emotional. Tell the truth, tell the
truth about your brand on what happened to
you, now I’m not saying you have to have an emotional
crazy backstory like I did. It could be just the story of your brand. So if you’re in weight
loss, you could start out there I was staring at the scale and it read 475 pounds and I knew that enough was enough. So this is stuff that
I started to figure out at a young age, so going through my life and deciding that I
wanted to be successful, I started to just research
all these different things and concepts like this and around the time I was 18,
I started my first business and that was a tax business. Who here has ever seen those crazy people dancing around on the corner, wearing Statue of Liberty costumes? Yeah, I used to own three of those. By the age of 21 I had three, a ton of employees, almost
every one was older than me, it was really stressful and I decided that I didn’t want to do this. So I was getting gray hairs at like 21. So although I grew the business, I grew it 60% the first year, and it had been like this
whole big thing for me cause I’d gone from
poverty to a business owner in the town that I grew up in, I still hated it and it was no fun. So I sold that business,
no game plan no nothing. Totally financed it to
somebody else, so I didn’t even get any money upfront, I was like I don’t want to do this, this doesn’t make me happy anymore. So I started researching
the online business and my lovely girlfriend right here clap it up for her inspired
me to start a podcast. And I started interviewing
people and finding out what it was that they did and how they got started on the internet. I met this guy that did Facebook ads, I started doing Facebook Ads. I scaled my business really quickly doing ads for chiropractors,
just very simple ads. Literally I could teach anybody in this room my whole business model in like an hour, start to finish. So people started coming
to me and asking me like hey, how are you doing this, how are you growing your business so fast? So I started teaching other people. Eventually I came out with
a product on realtors, how to do ads for realtors and then eventually another one on chiropractors and I sold those products successfully for the last few months. And the art of selling
those products using stories is what I’m good at,
what I love, my passion, so I’m totally happy doing
what I’m doing right now. (yelling) – That is the ticket, I’m totally happy. Just the challenge of
trying to sell something and coming up with the
product and the colors and the messaging and all that stuff and the creativity
behind it is my passion. So back to how I sell
these different products. And how you can use story
selling in your business. So first step is the backstory. I just spent time going
through my backstory. If you guys notice, I start
in the middle of the story. So when I got up here, I didn’t go and say hey I’m JR, I’m a digital entrepreneur, this is what we’re going to talk about. I started you guys right
in the middle of the story. Who was drawn into what I
was saying from the second I got up here because I started
in the middle of the story. So whenever you’re telling a story, one of the tips is always
start in the middle of the story, best movies start in the middle of a car chase. People guns are being fired you’re like what the hell is going on? It’s done that way
purposely to draw you in. So same thing in your marketing. How would I translate this into real life? So, let’s say I’m Austin and I sell Entrepreneur Alliance, which
is $30 a month membership where you can connect with all these different entrepreneurs. So not saying, I don’t
know the origin story but let’s just say it’s something
along the lines of this. So there I was, fresh out of college, I was a young, sexy stallion (laughing) and I wanted to start a business
but it was just so hard, because I couldn’t connect with anybody and I didn’t know other people out there, so I was really, I was
going at this alone. Then one day it hit me, hey Austin, if I’m going at this alone and
it’s kind of lonely for me, why not start a network for
entrepreneurs to connect, where I could give them training and they could have a network
of awesome other people to deal with. So that brings me to the
2nd part of story selling, which is the wall. So in every movie, the
main character hits a wall. Something happens that sucks, so once they get through the backstory and we know who the character is now it’s the wall, the struggle, the things that’s stopping them from getting to where they want to go. So for me, my wall was I wanted to learn how to run an online business but I didn’t know where to start. So I sell a product now
on affiliate marketing. So my wall for that, I wanted
to sell all these products but when I went on Google and typed in how to make money online, there was just a bunch of scams and I got
scammed and lost my money. I just didn’t know where to start and the thing is the wall in your story it has to be relatable to the wall that your ideal customer might
be going through right now. So the wall that you’re going
to present in your marketing when you’re telling your story is has to be what your
customer is going through you have to relate it to where your customer is right now. So for example, if I’m selling my affiliate marketing course, I’m saying hey when I first got started I didn’t know where to start. Now my customer is thinking
while they’re reading this, well, shoot, I don’t know where to start so let me pay attention because what he did next is
probably what I want to do. So you tell your backstory,
you present the wall, in your story which is the same wall that again your customer
is probably going through. You want to put yourself in their shoes. And then 3rd is the epiphany. So back to Austin’s story, I didn’t know where to
start and then one day I thought maybe I should
start an entrepreneur network for entrepreneurs to relate and all these different things but I had no idea where to start, I didn’t know how to
make a membership site, I didn’t know how to build a website, I didn’t know how to
connect with the people that could do these
different things for me. So I went out, I set out on a journey to figure this stuff out and over the next six or seven months, I was
able to get this thing started. So after your wall is the epiphany. So now you want to put your ideal customer in your shoes again and give
them that epiphany moment. So if you’re in the weight loss niche, your back story could be, there I was standing on the scale weighing 400 pounds, I felt terrible, I felt like a slob, all these different things, but I went out and bought all these diet products and none of em worked. Then one day, I found Weight Watchers. Then one day, I found,
whatever, Jenny Craig, or Jillian Michaels or whoever and that’s the epiphany. So you want to put yourself
in the shoes of your customer. And then give them the same epiphany that you had to explain to them why your opportunity is awesome. So you want to give
your customers that same epiphany that you had at that moment. So then it hit me, then
my friend told me about it hey why don’t you try
this thing called P90X? Why don’t you try this
thing called Insanity? And then when ever you get the epiphany, there’s always going
to be the little voice in the back of your mind. Well, Insanity seems like hard work, well P90X, my house isn’t really
big enough for that stuff. So these are the same
things that your customers are probably thinking about your product Where, did she leave, the home chef? Okay, well, I was going to give her her business packaged up,
but since she left I won’t. (yelling) So, she can join my
Facebook group to find out. So what you want to do is give them that same epiphany that you had that brought you to the realization that your opportunity is awesome. So if you do it right, you
tell a story correctly, which if you’re just telling your story chances are they were probably
in your shoes or close, then they’ll have that same
epiphany at that moment. So, if you tell the story correctly, in that moment when you’re like that’s when it hit me,
maybe I should try Insanity, then they’ll be thinking the same thing as they’re reading your
copy or watching your video. Or whatever, so finally,
after you tell them the epiphany, now you
have their attention. They’re hooked in, they’re
on the edge of their seat. Now you want to tell them what to do next. So, the final thing is give them a call to action and tell
them what to do next. Click the link below, click the link below and watch the video. Click the link below and go to the webpage sign up for my webinar. This is a very basic script
that I use for anything and everything, like
when I’m first coming up with my different ads to sell my products. Or I’m coming up with a
video that’s a sales video. I think about this format. So, some key things to remember. You never want to tell someone something. So, again, if you’re in weight loss, you don’t want to sit there and say Do you feel like a slob?
Do you feel like a failure of a human being, no because they’re going to be like screw you. If you sit there and you say, I felt like a slob, I felt like a failure as a human being, I wasn’t
happy with my appearance, then they’re probably
thinking the same thing. So by you telling them something, you’re going to offend them, but if you tell them how you felt, then they’re going to be
more likely to relate. It makes a big difference
in your marketing. So, whenever I’m trying to sell something, I simply do it through stories. Everybody’s like, JR how do you sell? How do you sell, gimme
the magic words to say or give me the magic copy to say. The best way to sell that
I’ve found is through A) testimonials, mean proof
of people who’ve done it. B) Telling your story in an effective way. Ory, how much time do I have left? – [Speaker] All the time you want, JR. – Okay, awesome, so,
who here has a business that you want to come
up with your epiphany story right now? Come here. (yelling) – Let’s do it, JR, teach me man. – So what is it that you sell? – So it’s a personal development
program for entrepreneurs. – Okay and how did you get into that? – It started just from the
things that I had to learn in order to get my first business going and the way that I had to address myself and my own issues that I decided I wanted to try and help share that with other entrepreneurs. – So there I was, scrubbing
these crappy toilets, and I hated where I was in my life, I wasn’t make the money
that I wanted to make, I wasn’t happy working nine hours a day, coming home covered in feces. (laughing) – Unfortunately, it’s true. – I just simply didn’t
enjoy the life I was living. And then one day, epiphany. – Epiphany, one day, I
recognized that it actually was it actually was up to me, I got to choose. I got to make the next decision. It might be hard, but I get to choose what the next few steps were gonna be. And when I was going to take em. – So then I decided I was going to. – Do what was necessary to get myself to where I wanted to be. – And then what happened that stopped you? The wall, what did you
run into that stopped you? – My own damn self. – Okay, tell me more. – I, you know, just like everybody else, I you know, talked big shit on Facebook. I posted a lot of statuses
to seem really cool. But, guys in the background,
I might have been playing way more Guitar Hero
than I should have been. (laughing) – And then what happened
to help you overcome that? – Setting up a morning routine. – Okay, and how can
people find out more about how to set up a morning routine? – Got to Wait, no no for real. Start there, answer just one question about your own personal
development struggles, and that will let me know
what I need to be working on about how I can teach you guys how to set up your own morning routine that will drive you in the future like I did for myself. – Okay, round of applause. (clapping) – I’m gonna use that! I appreciate it. From the man himself, ha ha! – Another big thing when telling a story, is do you notice how
any time someone’s like hey let me tell you a story everybody like leans in and like, it’s okay tell me the story. So whenever I’m going to
present an interesting story even if it’s not an interesting story I just want people to listen up, I say let me tell you a story. Pause, dramatic effect, and
then everybody pays attention. So, that’s another big
key to your marketing. So I will start to wrap up with that. One more big thing that I do
is I always revolve everything, so everybody wants to give you their features and benefits. They’re shoving features and
benefits down your throat. I rarely, rarely talk about
features and benefits. But I talk more about what my product has done for other people. So one of my friends, Nat Tucker, she’s Australian she
sells a course on style. She’s doing these
launches every few months. Every launch she would make
around 50 grand a month. 50 grand a launch, sorry,
and my other friend, Arnie, who was supposed
to be here tonight, he’s like, hey Nat, before
you do your next launch, I want you to get on Facebook Live, and tell your story to your group. Tell your story to your email list. So that launch when she told her story, and she literally like
no coaching or anything she just got on Facebook
Live, told her story, and granted, it ended up being
a pretty emotional story. That launch she did over $100,000
by just telling her story. So look her up, Nat Tucker, so I’ll leave you guys with that. I don’t know how much time I have left, but I’ll leave you guys with that. Tell your story, tell it effectively and follow the simple formula. (cheering)


  1. What's up JR, I am graduating University soon with a Marketing Major; Social Media Marketing Concentration, and have watched most of your videos and I really like what you're doing. Let's link up and I'll help grow your business!

  2. Hey jr I need your help please. So I've got an ad and click funnel running at the moment but the only problem I have is that when people are plugging there information into the click funnel fill out, I'm not recieving any of there info. How do I link my email to click funnel.


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