The Surprising Plant Helping Kenyan Farmers Prosper

The Surprising Plant Helping Kenyan Farmers Prosper

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] According to the UN, Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change, due to it’s poverty levels,
scarce water sources, and rain-fed farmland. Farmers here in Kenya are being forced to look for new, more
drought-resistant options to grow when traditional crops fail. This is where sisal comes in. Sisal is built for harsher climates. Under it’s green exterior
are strong fibers that are useful in making
all sorts of things. There’s just one problem. This was Alex’s first invention. It can strip sisal fibers in seconds. These fibers can be sold
for 20 shillings per kilo. But this wasn’t enough for Alex. This machine turns the fibers into rope, which adds value of almost 180%. The rope can be used to
make a variety of items, like bags and mats. (upbeat music)


  1. Chairman Meow says:

    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

  2. Udaybhanu Thakur says:

    Education truly changes lives

  3. Jin Nij says:

    I cannot give them handout everyday , what a person he is right

  4. P茅nig贸 Mar么ch says:

    Very good 馃憤
    Respect !

  5. Adarsh Shetty says:

    Congratulation bro hard work always pays off. Much love to all African friends from India.

  6. Hengel Andrews says:

    They should plant Blue Agave too and get in on that Tequila production..

  7. Ricardeaux says:

    I thought they were making tequila from Agave plants

  8. James H says:

    What about agave?

  9. Susan C says:

    So, this plant is exotic to Africa. Any future problems coming up???

  10. georgio jansen says:

    that's the way you do it馃幍馃幍馃幍馃挕

  11. TSR TSR says:

    Awesome story !!!

  12. Richard Christie says:

    I guess it must be subtitled for any yanks watching it.

  13. Scott Bulgrin says:

    This man and his machines gets it. He can't give them a handout every day but if he changes their thinking he can help them become independent. Teach a man to fish so to speak.

  14. Carl Brutananadilewski says:

    Downvoted after the BS climate change nonsense. Next.

  15. mercedes gomez says:

    I thought Tequila was about to be made in Kenya

  16. koussay nashashibi says:

    Europe did not want jews so they through jews out of europe..send them to palestine and stole palestine land and gave it to jews and gave it new name israel

  17. Kaamran Mohammad says:

    Love to Africa and all my African brothers and sisters.

  18. Zen says:

    Boom. Capitalism.

  19. Sentience says:

    he's 1 man.

  20. Martin.C Rieger says:

    High Tech馃槅

  21. kickthespike says:

    fantastic story

  22. Mark Hicks says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about 'climate change.' When 'Global Warming' didn't work you always have to change the wording to scare people into doing what the left wants. Brainwash someone else, I'm not interested in your left-wing religion of BS!

  23. SayNoToSatan says:

    Why in the world would you allow him to do an interview!? The other Kenyans are just going find him and rob him blind after knowing he is making money. LEARN PEOPLE! He is probably dead now.

  24. Bored Wife says:

    The greatest creations came from Africa I hope the whites didn鈥檛 bring their asses there tryna by what that black man created

  25. David Dugas says:

    Love this, helping the ecosystem. Renewable resource. Biodegradable product. Plants consume greenhouse gases. Plants help soil retain water.馃憤馃憤

  26. barlotboys3403 says:

    I love & appreciate this story *

  27. goldmenberd says:

    give a fish = eat today
    teach how to fish = eat everydays

  28. George Salmas says:

    You are a saint, my friend. Few people in the world have such a direct hand in people's well being as do you. God bless you.

  29. Team Mongoose says:

    Peruvians and Colombians need to teach them about which crop will make them rich!!!

  30. Telisha3 Claiborne says:

    Very nice. Black people are so innovative and talented. But they call us "inferior" or "minority". B**ch, where?

  31. Joe Schlotthauer says:

    Live where it rains…

  32. Jeff says:

    Eat rope ?

  33. Jerry Marquez says:

    Hell yeah that was awesome

  34. Steve V农 says:

    I thought they were going make tequila out of it and sell the liquor for billion of dollars like George Clooney.

  35. HID gamer says:

    1:23 as a young boy I liked sans

    me too man me too QwQ

  36. Devesh Singh says:

    Mahatma gandhi used to do it through charkha.

  37. Tricia Atkinson says:

    Give a man a fish n he eats for today! Teach a man to fish n he eats for a lifetime! Much respect!

  38. Jebuslives says:

    Can we please find the 476 people that disliked this video? These people need reprogramming.

  39. Sleepless In The Carolinas says:

    Such an uplifting story! God bless Africa. 馃檹

    So many first world powers colonizing the Continent and taking the resources from the people. 馃挃

  40. Haani Khan says:

    Mah Ni- Man.

  41. dazaspc says:

    Someone needs to teach a few dryland farming tricks to these Kenyans. A drought in Kenya = a flooding rain in Australia.

  42. john magill says:

    Okay, see… THIS is where to put foriegn aid, not to some tin-pan dictator. Then give them all a rifle so they can defend themselves against their government tyrants.

  43. Daniel Cooper says:

    I love this guy. He's awesome.

  44. Toxic Thistle says:

    They killed all the White farmers who have been growing their crops for years. Let the fckers starve. No sympathy from me.

  45. Vielka Rodriguez says:

    Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Or I have heard Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day you will create enemy. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime you will have gained a friend.

  46. Y- Fi says:

    I believe Africa will be more developed and prosperous compare to west … they have all the resources and more importantly potential…

  47. HavokR505 says:

    impossible. capitalism cant help the poor. this must be some secret goverment program

  48. Northern Cold says:

    How about a plant that needs little water but provides FOOD!

  49. mike magic says:

    Love to hear stuff like this. The Progressive Democrats in Washington should hear the statement: I cannot give them a handout every day. But if I teach them something that is going to help them in their entire lives, then I think that will be very important for me."

  50. JD SHAMAN says:

    Look at St.Helena. Sisal can create an ecological disaster. Oh dear!

  51. Rocky Rocks says:

    Hi Hellow Africans …. Love you… From India..

  52. MrAac2020 says:

    What would help even faster is for all the ignorant men to get fixed so they don't go producing more ignorant people.

  53. MrAac2020 says:

    No mother want's to get pregnant to have a child grow up in poverty and want…But how to get the man off of her when these ass holes refuse to put on a damn condom. 馃槧

  54. Miro Pribani膰 says:

    bravo, Alex Odundo!

  55. Carl Manis says:

    Did you plagiarize the bible a little. Jesus Said give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a life time. I love your story and how you are helping people. Teaching people to make a better living.

  56. Cosmic Dissonance says:

    Just don't let any corporations come over and offer a "sweet deal"… they will destroy your country!

  57. Cosmic Dissonance says:

    Don't be fooled by the insane telling you they are sane and the other guys are insane. The real psychopaths are easily spotted when you see them with clear eyes. Psychopaths always use violence or it's threat to get what they want:–wcM (Which is Washington DC)

  58. Fat Whale says:

    a local hero

  59. karthickumar m says:

    Please keep traditional method

  60. Martin Beberman says:

    Sissal makes the best dart boards.

  61. Gavigg75 says:

    44 seconds into it and you couldn't resist with your climate hoax bullshit im out don't need to hear about your climate change hoaxer bullshyt

  62. Dave Oatway says:

    Merida Mexico created millionaires from sisel. There may be lessons to be learned from them.

  63. Mike McDaniels says:

    I bet Hemp, and Hemp fiber would do well there.

  64. sailaab says:

    for all the fall of humanity
    and then
    to come across one such person
    the values and ethos they carry, the way they want and strive to find a purpose and then spread the light..
    sure instills much faith back in our species.

    to be an experimentor or bring about the resources, putting in that time (and money) into doing it.. possibly without much technical formal education.. would NOT have been easy.

  65. Pierre Curie says:

    This man embodies the saying "give a man fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." It warms my heart to see that there are smart people willing to give a part of themselves to the world to make it a better place, and not only profit off of it. Thank you, good sir.

  66. Kim Farr says:

    Positive good news to hear… May new ideas continue to come. Also may the blessings continue. Thanks Lord

  67. James Kelman says:

    Awesome !

  68. PritRanjan Jha says:

    Will Sisal compete with cotton? What abut price of a cloth from Sisal and cotton? Cotton seeds produce edible oil and whole plant can become animal fodder. What about Sisal?

  69. fin screenname says:

    Maybe they should look into planting agave plants also.

  70. David Harbuck says:

    What about moringa ?

  71. Maura Smith-Mitsky says:

    What a beautiful man. Hope the machines spread.

  72. King's Media says:

    It's so sad that we have to adjust because of climate change, a problem Africa has had very little to do with in it's creation.

  73. G Nk says:

    "I cannot give them a handout every day. But if I teach them something…"

    Pretty much explains what is wrong with most charities.

    I mean the bible hit on that thousands of years ago… and I'm an atheist.

    Don't give a man a fish, teach him how to fish!

  74. FARMGADGETS says:

    UN is wrong. Africa is not threatened by Climate Change. Africa is threatened by UN's oppressive green policies, by denying Africans reliable and affordable energy!

  75. du ck says:

    I bet it's yam

    edit: it's not yam but sisal is cooler

  76. SuperRoggerRabbit says:

    you are a hero. thank u.

  77. DSAK55 says:

    The Chinese will rip him off

  78. lord luvs me says:

    Right on ! Never gave up on his invention. 2nd no handouts! Helped his brothers help themselves. May ALLAH continue there prosperity and protection.

  79. Vospader21 says:

    Holy shit, this man鈥檚 machine will do for Kenya what the cotton gin did for the southern United States.

  80. W Boswell says:

    They are becoming self sufficient. That in itself is an enormous accomplishment.
    They will not have to rely on handouts.

  81. ozzy says:

    I thought they were making Kenyan tequila for a second.

  82. Drained says:

    The real plant theyre talking about is:


  83. mac berry says:

    So many inventors but nobody has made a Rube Goldberg machine

  84. Rita says:

    Love these types of stories!! PRAISE GOD for His Mighty work and wisdom. Praying more more inventions to bless others!!

  85. Ethan K says:

    I was African so like if you are too

  86. Linda Gonzalez Deras says:

    Wow I think that's wonderful. Very smart man I will pray for God to bless you with so much more and to bless you with everything you need to make your business very successful in all the production you harvest. Remember though you must plant that seed! God bless you and your family.

  87. THE PR3TTY1 says:

    馃棧LOVE IT! 馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩馃挩

  88. coolest of all says:

    Allah the greatest 馃挭馃挴馃挀

  89. Dr.Gurmeet Singh,Counselor,Psychiatrist says:

    Use human and animal urine for watering and fertilization

  90. Amrut says:

    This is tha 'sisal dikotikita'

  91. C J Bowen says:

    good on him. give a man a fish he eats for a day teach him to fish he eats for a lifetime. the machine is genious. if it lifts farmers from poverty to relative prosperity hes doing Gods work.

  92. Joy Ang says:

    At the end of the video, he truly expressed his embodiment of the old saying, "Give a man a聽fish, and you feed聽him聽for a day.聽Teach聽a man to聽fish, and you feed聽him聽for a lifetime." A remarkable man! I wish him, his family, his community, and Africans the best!

  93. 賲丨賲丿 賲丨賲丿 says:

    Protect the nature

  94. Ry Low says:

    The climate is always changing globalist propaganda bull shit!

  95. Mian Ms.Z says:

    Honestly Your Country is Rich it鈥檚 just people lacks proper education..

  96. Sunil Kumar says:

    Good inspiration Alex.. irrespective of nation's I would really appreciate your efforts as a farmer..I have been into farming since 5years..I would like to encourage hard Working farmers like you.i can supply Alovera barbendises saplings from india…plz what's app @ 919972822662

  97. Zack E says:

    This video was not inspired was genesis

  98. maneuver mirza says:

    What kind of machine dong you use?

  99. Hellsing's Pyre says:

    Well if farming fails, there's always running…

    I'm sorry I couldn't help myself 鈽衡樅鈽

  100. deadbored17 says:


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