The Woolworths Living Wall – Digital Marketing Case Study


Woolworths Living Wall As part of the Woolworths Good Business Journey, Living Walls are promoted to educate schools about using resource efficient permaculture methods. Woolworths wanted to replicate their Living Walls on the Web, to create awareness – – and build a database that would be predisposed to their Trust’s initiatives. To commemorate World Food Day 2010, we created a microsite which took the Living Wall online. Here, users could plant a personalised virtual seedling, which would translate into an actual plant – – which Woolworths would donate to a school with a permaculture food garden. This initiative was fun and free, allowing Woolworths and its customers an opportunity to make a difference in the real world. We thanked participants personally and allowed them to share their donation on Facebook. The campaign was supported by a banner on the Woolworths home page and promotion via their Facebook and Twitter account. The remaining unique visits were all driven by Earned Media or word of mouth. Within 11 days of launching the Living Wall, over 8100 donations had been received. The site received over 10,059 visits, with 8449 unique visitors. There were over 6105 unique registrations. Woolworths’ Facebook community grew by 3000 during the campaign. Over 8000 plants were donated to schools. The Living Wall was revived for the 2011 Design Indaba to illustrate how real world sustainability solutions can be taken online to reach a far greater audience. quirk think.create.engage.optimise


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