This Year On The Internet 2017 – Ft. KSI, Stephen Tries + Caspar Lee

This Year On The Internet 2017 – Ft. KSI, Stephen Tries + Caspar Lee

Oh Oh shit I’ve got to review the year again I need to get a co-host hey. Caspar Lee: Hey! How’s it going Will? Will: Hey you alright mate? Yeah, I was kinda just wondering I like, I’ll cut the chase I kinda need like a co-host for a video And I was just wondering like I know you don’t really do too much. Are you are you free today? Caspar: Will, I don’t know how to say this but basically you’d be terrible for my brand And I just can’t I can’t be seen with you on YouTube for some reason every time I film with you my Adsense drops So I can’t film with you anymore. Oh right. Yeah, well, bye. Right well, prefer Joe anyway. KSI: Yo. Oh, you alright mate how’s it going? Yeah, I just um I need a bit of help with a video idea, are you are you about by any chance? KSI: [HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER] no Are you serious? [MORE LAUGHTER] Nah, go guck yourself bro. Nah, man, nah. [MORE KSI LAUGHTER] Oh my god [MORE LAUGHTER] Right. There goes that title then. Stephen Tries: Ahem. Go on then.
Yes! Right okay 2017 Stephen in one word how are you summarizing it? ISIS. People like to set themselves goals at the start of the year Now they usually do this by tweeting something like – “This year is gonna be my year. Don’t believe me? Just watch.” Okay, so Stephen this January did you set yourself any resolutions?
No, if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Well I mean that doesn’t matter because earlier this year MTV took it upon themself to set them for us. Hey fellow white guys! It’s about to be a new year, and there’s a few things we think you could do a little bit better in 2017. Try to recognize that America was never “great” for anyone who wasn’t a white guy. Also, blue lives matter isn’t a thing. Wait hang on, didn’t realise you was in this, you’re in this. Yeah. Good one. Right anyway now, we’ll start this year off just like we finished the last one.
On my knees? No, Stephen. Bullying kids. Now this year we unearthed a lot of new internet icons right and one of which was Durv. Oh yeah. He made many classics, you know. Calling the boss baby, calling the Chucky doll! Please answer come on baby Hello? Better actor than you to be fair.
Yeah, thank you. Anyway, so he then produced the absolute classic – my teacher has a crush on me. Now, we’ve all been there shout out Mr. Johnson! (nonce laugh) Dirty guy. Now currently, I’m in year nine and this makes me 13 years old, and I thought this story happened I don’t know exactly when because it was quite a while ago I think it was about I don’t know four maybe even five years ago And that’s seven. When you’re seven and I think you’re in Year 2 at the time.
Bloody hell! That teacher is on a very different register. I mean you’re right But now right, then we move on because we’ve got an influx of very long counting videos such as counting to a 100k, counting to 200k and counting to 300k. 12, 13, 14.
Wait hang on. How old were they? Right okay now that brings us to the end of January But just to make sure that this isn’t one like big glorified 2017 WillNe funniest moments competition Who’d do that We’re gonna try and break it up so since this is kind of still the start of the video if we’re gonna plug anything Probably has to be now right so earlier in the year right I moved out to London into a tower Which has like a glass balcony on the top And it’s overlooking a motorway so since this is like what end of your special means Stephen had a bit of an idea. [Song: Skepta – Nasty] Okay so February right now Not just a few minutes ago talking about how 2017 has created a lot of new like Internet icons and in the second month we got Danielle bregoli goalie. Do you love your mother? Yes? Where is your father in all this? Oh? No. Do you know him? Yeah He’s a very orange, man. So this exact same lasses net worth is now said to be nearing 10 million dollars right so obviously a canny bits change between her Being sat on a sofa and extra mom and a human potato and this all started with their her kicking off with a few audience members. And all these hoes laughing like something funny. did you say that the hoes are laughing? Yep, so the audience are a bunch of hoes well I hope you don’t need you after repeat me sound like oh, it’s fucking poetry a And bang there it is those three words directed its Sandra Janet in Susan turn this go to all the biggest stars of the year So she’s then make an Oreo jam with Logan Paul. Is that what they call it these days. Nope that’s a video with 24 million views Sorry so anyway, and then we got em catch me outside the remix catch her outside Man, you should really want to fight now. That’s wet what she’s gonna Do just talk smack take the whole MEAP turn it to a rap yeah, Wow okay? And then we’ll move on to some more 13 year olds is that your new years resolution So anyway February give us some pretty graphic images from a mental night out at Epic Under-18s nightclub now if you want to look away we completely understand There’s some pretty disturbing images of the Chigwell youth so the year 8 Tommy Robinson and the boys here were causing havoc this year Then wacked there finest Monclere puffer jackets on and headed out for a night on the town well They’ve cropped us out but can you imagine be there like a photographer oh yeah? Yeah, we’re gonna get you’d doing it under 18 night out and then being confronted with this lot But it turns out right it wasn’t just the lads that are on it because have a look at this lot they dress like You yeah? I’m a trendsetter okay now in February this year one of the UK’s biggest influencers decided to take what seemed like an Indefinite break from the platform at the time so we decided to go and catch it with him and see what life was like after he’s transformed It says Kavos on the back so perfect sit down, yeah Right okay so earlier in this year you took a bit of a break from YouTube and came back with a headband yeah And so we just want to know yeah, what have you been up to for all these months uh Well, I guess I’ve just been Finding myself. Yeah, I guess I found myself now mmm yeah and the headband And how’s the training and all that good and then? yeah it’s pretty positive Bad news for your drugs test hello Pete doc the question everyone’s lips is who do you think is gonna win? Awkward silence Awkward silence Are you serious It’s a valid question yeah, I mean you or Joe. You think I’m just gonna go Joe’s gonna. You might do We’ve got that on camera now so we can cut it up that could be a good intro right so Joe apparently been have an acupuncture mmm You’ve also been using needles to try and get an advantage No i’m all natural hey, legit well. I mean I do know what it’s to have a couple pricks near me Right okay, so it was my birthday in March yeah, you had a good time didn’t you I would I would I would have It’s not one of your finer moments you didn’t even call me back Well anyway some other interesting things came out of that night such as Memeulous face reveal actually real it’s as if they’ve Just like assumed my only two mates were Hayward, Georgia, so it’s like oh, yeah just has to be meaningless They’ve got you to be fair you might as well just come have a seat fuck off Okay Zoe sugg the vlogger blamed for declining Teenage literacy and art was surprisingly not written by a bloke called Jack from Norwich So anyway Zoe here was the focus of an article linking her and her book girl online to declining Literacy rates in the UK that is not fair wait why? She didn’t even right it That’s a fair point actually I also in that month rice gum hit the Gabby Show Allegedly so basically right they’re at a party and she comes up to him and whacks a phone in his face So he snaps and whacks it out of her hand and then he gets accused of hitting her So the bloke faced with assault allegations did what any sane youtuber would do in that position in? 2017 and dropped a diss track on her right basically she’s a bit of an knacker so i launched her phone across the room probably wasn’t the best idea like but I reckon she had it coming woah, here’s my wrist look. How shiny is nice Nice shoes these like but anyway right I didn’t hit her or any of these Instagram lasses, so leave us alone Okay April now you might be wondering why we’re dressed in all black Hang on that’s Navy cool sort, it This is the main channel How is this any better? Now as I was saying right you might be wondering why we’re dressed in all black That’s because YouTube died in April well that’s a bit dramatic what you didn’t shut up for about it five months. Oh Oh i can’t afford to live in my London flat and get take away every night pathetic okay now in April anyway this happened What what’s with the Christmas? I? Like the editing Now Stephen went to go and have a word with Felix about this whole issue but for legal reasons I can’t repeat that word so thanks to big fat millionaire PewDiePie over there The Wall Street Journal got involved piped up And called him a Nazi meaning loads of Advertisers pull the campaign from YouTube and a lot of creators lost a lot of their revenue now on a completely unrelated note this is also the same sort of time that a lot of influencers realized hey Making videos isn’t my real passion it did however bring quite an interesting reaction from the community Keemstar and Scarce here they made a video titled. Thank you coke Thanking coca-cola for being one of the only big companies not to pull their ads from the site Hi i’m keemstar and i’m scarce and me and scarce aren’t exactly the best of friends Keemstar I fucking hate you dude scarce you’re fat and boring as you may have heard some of the biggest companies stopped advertising Here on youtube coca-cola on the other hand is still placing ads on YouTube imagine if coca-cola and Pepsi were your parents And coca-cola has been there my whole life watching me grow, but Pepsi left me and wasn’t there for my first bike ride I want everyone to go out and purchase a coca-cola take a selfie with your coca-cola and tweet at coke on Twitter Hashtag Thank You coke Coke withdrew the next day. one advert that did come out in April though was this. Hello lads my names big Kendall and t this video was a bit of a mistake So basically I assembled this army of like people in blue we walk through the streets were played violins were grew Mustaches like will punch pictures, and we even had brunch right and then basically to cut a long story short I stopped a war with a can of fizzy drink you know everyone kicked off Okay, so no prizes for guessing what the biggest trend of May this year was being humiliated so um fidgets winners They took the world by storm in May and videos titled six of the most unique fidget spinners ten times fidgets pillars got kids in trouble and fidget spinner Stuck in nose Accumulated tens of millions of views and once again proof that YouTube is at the forefront of modern entertainment I bet you can fit anything up that nose Try this what There’s no way this fidget spinner will fit up my nose. That’s crazy. Oh Brilliant stuff. Oh, yeah, didn’t you sell some of these Will so moving on Calling the boss baby. Oh my god. He answered. I’m gonna call again because I really Hang on What have i told you about giving your number to toddlers Right anyway. Do you fancy saying anything this month like you’ve barely said a word well speaking of not really contributing It was the sidemen charity match. How was that Will Fuck okay, and then we got to the start of something pretty big. Hello. no I mean we’ve got these Exactly how many videos did you make on this then Can’t lie a probably about seven well surely. You’ve made a Jake Paul video in your life time No don’t rely on other people for content will that’s also why you live with your mom so on may the 30th this This year, Jake Paul uploaded its everyday bro YouTube just in time for festival season with lyrics such as Ohio’s where I’m from we chew him like it’s gum and I just dropped some new Merch It’s selling like a god Church and of course England is my city So that was probably and sadly the biggest video of the year, and it arguably changed the way youtubers operated forever How’s that? because then we discovered VEVO logos – viners who made the jump onto YouTube to start filming their everyday life discover that if you just made a bit of Beef up with your brother whack a few black bars on it You get a canny few million views so on the first of June this year big Jake here released a diss track on his On his brother at the end of a ten minute vlog. Help me help. You make up better songs bitch Logang is shit, and then we got the fall of Jake Paul Well uh we didn’t really because basically he was like oh well ah I’m gonna make a song make a music video But you’s are only gonna have half of it Um there is a second verse But I’m not gonna release it right July so moving on from them two to em Oh for God’s sake Jake Paul. he was a bit of a bellend. in July as well was he yeah? He set his garden on fire, and then he was a bit of a knob to a news reporter Jake I wouldn’t do that I wouldn’t crawl up there why I just wouldn’t do that a lot of the neighbors are complaining They’re very upset know why they say that you’ve created a living hell out here That’s like a circus. Yeah it is Do i really have to talk about this you wrote it. Oh, I actually so just moving on anyway Um now will I want to dedicate this section to my favorite couple of the year? A Geordie who gave his posh friend a chance in life this loveable duo always find a way to make people laugh That’s quite sweet cheers for this Okay, so actually turns out it wasn’t talking about us so welcome to The True Geordie podcast where we’ve had a busy week Brian’s had His hands full yeah with Alfie’s cock ooh sorry Alfie sorry i was mean to you Forget all the things i said Lets try some Japanese candy together What you doing Nothing. you talking about me Someone else what you wearing the shirt for oh bloody love those Magpies yes What you doing You taking the piss You taking the piss. Woah thats a big grip Watch yourself just a prank Sorry, bro Okay, so August now, let’s have a bit of a quick chat about the boxing right Now Floyd Mayweather then Conor McGregor, they had a fight in August And I can’t lie right just a bit sick of it like it builds up for months right there’s all that Hype about it, and then it kicks off right they get in the ring They have a little bit of a fight and then suddenly ah we’re all mates again They go collect the checks and no one really cares like I’m not actually gonna do it. You’re like I don’t I don’t want to spend any money on it again right I’d only want to pay attention like it’s just I’m sick of It I’m never doing it again. Yeah, you were you go to the Joe JJ fight I cannot wait to be fair it;s gonna be good that so speaking of JJ in August he came back from that great big hiatus He took he’d change You know his Twitter bio performance was Learning and in August he showed everyone that he’d evolved how was that then. he called Ethan fat Yeah, fuck the sidemen Make a living better. I don’t need them either looking bigger I can see them Now that is a learn it man okay, and then over in the UK we’d caught on realized that pretend You don’t like your mate and bang suddenly your social blades on a mild one so we got bazinga drama And then GG replied and the Harry came along was like oh GG You killed the kid yeah, just banter between mates don’t be honest though, right? I genuinely miss these days like so much like you could you could just whack yourself a little Rectangle in the bottom corner pay your rent in four minutes. It’s true. Even freezy got views Okay, but it was fine like right after all that right. You know everyone made up, and they’re all friends again realistically creature was shit Great right upload press conference so Joe and JJ I think we’ve said about six times already that they’re having a fight and at the press conference for that was in September this year Joe walks out made a lovely vest out of his merch. Why don’t you do that? Also he had these three disciples following out in black hoodies wonder which ones Judas Okay, now it’s a 14 minute video. I know we all know that I love my watch time but what we’re gonna Do is break it down into essential bits for you. Bro whoa bro really silly dude bro, bro Jesus Brad ease up Realistically creature was shit. Okay, so anyway. That’s happened on February the 8th 2018 if you fancy catching it Do you think they’ll invite us. Probably not after that no but to be fair JJ. Though. He’s looking pretty hench these days Yeah, probably from carrying six channels for so long there Joe. He’s had one fight before had a fight with Theo Baker Yeah, I haven’t seen that many punches fail to land since Chris Md’s diss track ok moving on I am being told to have a day off right October the helloworld scandal no man one of us don’t talk about that what let be a youtubers But what kind of criticize them you’ve got a refrain right and all the weight back Just be talking about JJ. Oh man. We’ve got it to Defend this want to start off with that. I’m sorry. I’m just really Really, sorry okay? Now. I know that but Jack may not became the first youtuber to make the jump over to primetime TV. Yes He went on I’m A celebrity and before his 15 minutes of fame in the end. It was more like three and a half To be fair though i love that show Like you know when they’re doing the eating trials and They’re putting the little white slug thing in there mouth and just not be sick speaking of which Jacks nudes were also released Probably should of got Connor to cover them . I’m not saying it was small this TV career is longer, haha You done. yeah, okay, so there’s a Zoella advent calendar Do you know how much that was I do Steven I do it was It was a bit of an expensive product, but if you’re a youtuber right it’s like christmas came early She was sponsoring social blades all over the shop Okay, so I kind of wanted to do the December month on the normal this week on the internet fashion because one all that Really happened this December was just the TGIF LOD sticking their heads in different household appliances wrong I want this off my head and then Ellen had a bit of a kick off at an audience member, but anyway I just want to take the opportunities now really Hope you enjoyed this video me Stephen and my cameraman Mark have put so much effort into it over the last couple of weeks So I really hope that it comes out alright and that you guys like it if you do, I know This is cheeky, but if there’s any video you want to drop a like or a share or anything it would be really appreciated if you do it on this one also a biggie lot go and subscribe Stephen I’m sure you already know who he is, but he’s really close to four hundred thousand subscribers So if we could try and help get him there by then yeah that we absolutely amazing and again I know I said it in the last video but genuinely to anyone that’s ever watched orjust supported over the course of the last year I Cannot thank you enough like even if you just watch one video. You’ve been watching all of them throughout the year You’ve absolutely made my 2017, and I’m really grateful for that but anyway I hope you’s have the best year next year I hope you’s all have a great time there will be outtakes for this video on the second channel tomorrow And I’ll see you guys later


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