Together We Can Turn Tides – A manifesto to change the oceans, planet and ourselves.


I am Jeroen van de Waal,
Author of “Together we can Turn Tides – A Manifesto to Save the Oceans, Planet & Ourselves”. For decades, mankind has destroyed the world’s ecosystems. What takes millions of years to build, takes only moments to ruin. Many ocean ecosystems are in immediate danger. Without healthy oceans the world as we know it will collapse. Sharks and rays are keystone species. They are being culled by the hundreds of millions. The parts taken from sharks represent less than 5% of their body mass. An absolute waste. Our oceans produce 70% of the planet’s oxygen requirements. Yet we use them as a massive trash dump, killing everything that lives in them… …including ourselves. The five largest animals on earth are all
marine mammals. They nurture intimate bonds with their relatives, and with man, yet we kill them every day. The marine habitats we tear apart and blow up will take hundreds of years to recover… …if they recover at all. We need to stop what we have been doing. We need to breathe, think and act. On the evolution scale, it is one minute before midnight. These issues are not beyond your control. Don’t expect Governments, Charities and
NGO’s to solve them for you. Stop using throw-away plastic items. Buy food from sustainable sources. Talk to your neighbors and peers, and ask
them to do the same. Open your eyes, mind and heart to the problems. Take responsibility, not blame. Make a commitment to making a difference. Take action right now. Together we can turn tides. We can’t do everything, but everyone can do something. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Join us in creating positive footprints with ‘Orca’.


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