Townsquare Interactive | A Place Like No Other


My favorite thing about working at Townsquare,
first of all, the people. I can’t speak about our culture enough. It’s not an understatement by any means to
say that I love the people I work with. We’ve got some of the best talent, the best
personalities, and it really creates a fantastic culture. It’s beautiful to have so many hard working
people that are so much fun to be around and work with and be supported by. There’s so many intelligent people around
me on a daily basis, so learning from everybody around me, and it’s something to look forward
to every single day. The reason I love coming to work every day
is definitely my coworkers. We have a blast. Really, I think we’re all here to work hard
and grow our careers, and I really like that this company gives you the avenue to do that. It’s awesome to have people that invest in
you. So not only can you be good at your job, but
you can progress your career as you do it. We still have so much room to grow, but it’s
still that startup mentality. I think the reason I love working at Townsquare
Interactive is because it gives you the opportunity to grow not only as an individual, but as
a part of a team. You have an opportunity to make an impact,
and I think everyone says about making an impact–they feel like you’re part of something. I wake up and say, “Awesome, I’m going to
go and be with people that I love.” Do work that I know is fulfilling and helping
other people and challenging myself. Being able to have a hand in so many different
businesses and help them grow and help them succeed online, it’s just a really cool experience. One day, Townsquare Interactive is going to
be a household name, and I think it’s something that you’re really going to be proud of, and
be proud to be a part of the journey. Townsquare is a family, and we work really
hard, but we also celebrate our successes. And it’s just a place like no other.


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