Oh we hope Forky’s in here, are you ready? Punch it. trash
oh is this trash guys is this trash oh I’m so excited I gotta I gotta find a
way into this trash I’m gonna go over this way no I’m gonna go this way hey
guys I’m going into the trash now don’t tell anyone where I am whoa Guys where’s
Jalen okay Jalen so funky is hiding in one of these bins we have one two three
four five bins guys 40 where are you okay so we don’t know I think he’s
hiding in one of these babies okay so we’re gonna have to open up one of these
bins and find out which one should we open first okay I even open it how about
you punch it dig deep Hot Wheels car engine and I
think is one more thing in that trashcan Wow guys it’s the Toy Story 4 series 1
menus I wonder who’s inside the bag okay guys let’s open up miss Buzz Lightyear
Hot Wheel car go ahead we have wings can I see the
wings wow that’s like he’s jetpack Wow guys he’s pretty cool we can use jet pack guys okay guys let’s
see who we have this here we can find somebody new for our collection right
really yeah God use your muscles you think you’re gonna have who did you get we got bull’s eye this is a new one for
our collection guys and he is so cute okay you want to put in my rock
collection okay go ahead okay guys Jalen’s already punched open the next
trash canvas he was inside this trash can Jalen more trash wow guys it’s the
Toy Story for keychain buddy super cute I wonder who we’re gonna get we gonna get who is it
oMG is my favorite it’s funny well guys we got bunny I’m so happy and you can
move his head – guys look how cute he is super awesome
let’s take a look at everybody you can collect this giggle mcdhh in poo
ducky Bo Peep bunny woody do kaboom Buzz Lightyear foxy and Jesse okay guys
we’re down to our last free trash cans which ones you want to open XJ with okay
go ahead punch it not more trash Wow who did you get it you got a woody and
another PI bag this bag says is a special edition and it says look for me
Buzz Lightyear so I’m really excited to see you we’re gonna find you here oh wow do you know that is this is Bo
peeps free headache sleep this is so cool guys you can’t get here in series 1
or 2 but we’ve got her the special edition it’s Philly go and grub okay
next we have the Woody Hot Wheel car let’s open that up it’s so hoodie God
check it out guys even has a haha he has a head that’s just what I was gonna say
whoa here’s the Woody Hot Wheel car guys I’m so impressed with the detail back
that is so cool okay guys we still haven’t found funky but he has to be in
one of these bins which one is it gonna be Jalen you think you think walkies in
here okay go ahead punch it and another kinder egg on the Avenger kinder joy and
another my bag it’s Duke of all here’s Duke boon number
one for our collection okay you want to put him with the collection okay guys
we’re down to the last pin do you think we’re gonna find our four key oh my all
four keys in here you ready fuck it funky where are you the trash wow he’s
really stuck well guys we found 14 we got the Toy Story 4 pull and go for key
with wacky action he is so cool guys hey Mookie are you ready to open him up and
check him out you love porky look how cute for these guys with
getting dirty little cheese cheeks are dirty that means somebody’s already used
him you think it strawberries maybe somebody all going to the office no go in the
trash right yeah we don’t want to be going too fast right he doesn’t want to go in the trash
anymore guys fortune doesn’t want to go in this life anymore okay guys we had so
much fun opening up all these cool surprises today make sure you comment
like and subscribe and don’t forget to turn on the notification barrel so you
don’t miss any more fun videos


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