1. RainyZ Bluz says:

    If it was a Jewish neighborhood that mess would be cleaned in72 hours

  2. TheLocoUnion says:

    I love this country, we have no real enforcement of any civil laws. How about you owe $350,000 in fines. Clean up your property and we will forgive the fines or go to jail!

  3. Justin Hearst says:

    She needs to be on hoarders asap.

  4. TashaTheSagittariusChicagoan says:

    Glad she don't live near me, she is mentally ill!

  5. Rusty Nail 5 by 5 says:

    The city just keeps giving finds the woman is clearly mentally ill so they're going to steal our home now because of the high fines and give it to their friends non for profit agency thievery

  6. Denise Harper says:

    I really don't like the fact that you guys are trying to make fun of this woman clearly she has a psychological problem you know anybody put on her business on television and talking about her that's truly disgusting me and it's really sad New York I love you but you're too vicious back helper instead of talking about her…😓😕☹🙁😬

  7. Farida VG says:

    This mess needs to be clean up ASAP!!
    Its definitely a trash house smh

  8. Diva AH says:

    Wow, where is the humanity? It is obvious that this elderly lady is essentially alone and she may have some underlying mental or emotional issues that prevent her from helping herself live the way that is acceptable to her neighbors and perhaps acceptable even to her. If the neighbors are so concerned about her property bringing their property values down, maybe they could organize a time to HELP the lady clean her place up, instead of shaming her and complaining. It is obvious that she can't do it herself and the city issuing fines is useless, since she can't pay them. I feel so badly for this poor lady and hope that some community outreach program/project can do something to help her. God bless her.🙏

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