1. Mark Chapman says:

    Cool song 😎 Travis from Dustin Chapman music

  2. Eufracina says:

    Travis, Travis, Travis . . . wish my name was Abby . . . 🙂

  3. jeroen says:

    poor sounds boring, make acoustic songs in a good studio

  4. jeroen says:

    make this in a good studio acoustic


  5. jeroen says:

    make this in a good studio acoustic


  6. K L G says:

    Sounds Good tonight

  7. Abby Morton says:

    love this!!!! I would also love to read through the lyrics if possible

  8. LowerRiver Rods says:

    Another up and comer that’s already sold out to the Nashville crap sound of today. Perfect for pop radio. Too bad.

  9. 265Catbird says:

    Yaaay!!! <3

  10. Gregory Felstead says:

    Is there an album coming out soon??

  11. Christina K says:

    Love his voice

  12. Abby Fellenz says:

    My name is Abby. Im in love with the song now!❤

  13. whatevsbyatch says:

    best song from the Jason Aldean tour!

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