1. HolyknightVader999 says:

    If the US postal service was getting ripped off by Amazon, then they could just cease to do business with Amazon. God help us all……….

  2. Rudy Ruton says:

    [[*#■♤■SHUT DOWN AMAZON]] × ((*#■♤■AMAZON = CIA PROJECT))

  3. Rudy Ruton says:


  4. Glenn Howden says:

    Cheap rates for junk mail also costs us money.

  5. Rudy Ruton says:

    ((*#■♤■¿ BESO BACK GROUND)) × [[*#■♤■RELATIONS TIED TO CIA, NSA, DNI**#]]

  6. Too-old Forthischet says:

    I thought the U.S. Postal Service is NOT a government entity. My local postal service sucks.

  7. ultraaa combo says:

    face it Trump is a soar looser meanwhile I'm ordering more stuff from Amazon while drinking my latte coffee from starbucks and catching a movie on Amazon prime. Trump is a business blocker i got a big time raise thanks to Amazon who kept us more & more busy at the post office Trump needs to shut the fuck up and let us be who we are .

  8. out of the Blue charge says:

    It s not debatable its business !! Smart business

  9. ultraaa combo says:

    Trump is cluessless and the worst president ever and fox takes second on that to .

  10. Radwar99 says:

    Trump to his friends ok guys, I'm going to be drilling Amazon on Twitter so get ready for their stocks to plunge and you all know what to do then, BUY AMAZON STOCKS, EASY MONEY!!! It's called market manipulation and it's illegal.

  11. rudai123 says:

    Boy is Trump is stupid. This has already been debunked.

  12. Richard Brown says:

    It's true he's exactly right.

  13. Marco Polo says:

    Jeff Bozo has more money than he could ever spend but it's not enough. His primary goal is POWER which he has already attained with the purchase of the largest propaganda news organization in the country.

  14. RealityCk says:

    Trump is such a liar and scum bag. the U.S. Post Office is making good profits off Amazon and Amazon is creating thousands of jobs. Besides which doesn't Trump's daughter Ivanka who Trump refers to as a hot piece of ass also send her products through the U.S. Mail too at the exact same rates Amazon pays? So is Ivanka Trump ripping off the Post Office too? Impeach this Russian tyrant and lock him up in GITMO!

  15. Kun George says:

    Fuck Amazon

  16. River Woods says:

    You could say that cell phones are ruining the u.s. postal service because no one sends letters as much anymore….idiot.

  17. SAINT 65 says:

    "Fake News"
    US Taxpayers don't pay USPS.
    Not negotiable.

  18. maritimer Man says:

    Amazon uses all dlivery services. US post has good rates which was intended to make the postal service affordable to americans. Greedy Amazon found loopholes which abuses the service, and on your tax dollar. Let them pay their share.

  19. James Engeman says:

    Trump has no idea what he's talking about. Also, contrary to Conservative values, Trump is picking losers and winners in business. Not only that. What Trump is doing is illegal. Trump is committing tax fraud by driving down the value of Amazon stock. Stockholders could actually sue Trump.

  20. Jason Bradley says:

    Amazon is way out of control

  21. Jason Bradley says:

    Will never listen to these guys. They don't get it

  22. erniecho says:

    Tear emm up, go after Amazon they sold us off to Ghina!!! Fine!!! Fine!!! Fine!!! Fine!!! Fine!!! Fine!!! Fine!!! Get emm !!! Billion dollar fine!!!

  23. Richard Bogart Burke says:

    Under the purview of his world view..that's a low bar.

  24. NismoFury says:

    The post office is filled with sh*tty workers. Why do they keep hiring weirdos? It's like a monopoly for weird people only. We don't care as long as we get our cheap China made products fast. If we actually got paid high salaries or made a lot of money then maybe we could play moral high ground but right now we want everything cheap bc that's all we can afford.

  25. Tracey ivy says:

    He just angry…. because Alexa won't sleep with him……SAD!!!

  26. Vicky Newton says:

    He talks and talks as if he is intelligent, sadly, we have this moron as president. Anyone with half of a brain knows that the postal service loses money. For one, the postal service is a government service, designed from it's birth to provide communication. A government service is NOT and NEVER will function properly as a business. The government can not and will NEVER run as a business, the postal service has a purpose but if it is to continue operating it has to be used as it is. Turning it over to private operation will see it die a slow and costly death. Mr. Blowhard here just knows how to take his childish BS and smear it all around to his brainless followers. The USPS offers low rates, everyone takes advantage of them, not just his hero Jeff Bezo's which owns Amazon and the Washington post which tells it like it is when it comes to Mr. Blowhard. Our fake and flake president can not stand it when someone calls him out on his BS. So now he makes up even more BS complaining about Amazon using the USPS. What a lame ass individual, sorry excuse of a man and a president.

  27. Random Person says:

    Amazon is in it for the money. Trump gets nothing either way. Amazon is corrupt!!!

  28. Lane Le says:

    Why not just fire the USPS Director?

  29. TradeBasedOnNaturalResourcesAndClimateNotSlaveLabor says:

    Stop it, Donald, you're embarrassing me!

    I love Trump, but he is so wrong on this issue. I have been windowshopping for a decade+. Amazon and its favored FULFILLMENT merchants do not use the post office. Only independent sellers use the post office, and most of those independent sellers also sell on eBay. Most things on eBay come from independent sellers who use the post office. I consider eBay Amazon's biggest competition. Raising post office prices would hurt Amazon's biggest competition.

    I wish he would stop with this one, it is bothering me!

  30. Fascist Swan says:

    Roosevelt reborn

  31. Dave says:

    Screw Amazon and that creepy washington compost they are from evil and should be treated as such boozoos

  32. red Buoy says:

    Fifty bucks says Michael Cohen got a secret phone call the other night suggesting he short Amazon stock if he wants his 130 K back.

  33. Xiao Liu says:

    There are many private post companies in China

  34. PREPFORIT says:

    trump is a senile old man that has NO idea what he's doing

  35. bighand69 says:

    The Postal service is a taxpayers funded system and it is losing money. Maybe Amazon will have to pay more. We will just need to wait and see.

    This has nothing to do with the free market it is about tax payers money.

  36. bighand69 says:

    Why would conservative republicans take the side of Amazon when it comes to the postal services. It is about taxpayers money.

  37. Joe Mancilla says:

    God hates all republicans and Donald Trump 666 these people are totally totally worthless

  38. Andrew Gonzalez says:

    The post office gave amazon a deal so they can get the contract to deliver for them.

  39. Fear Mee says:

    The absolute most bias president in U.S. history. Shame on you Chump!

  40. Fear Mee says:

    "It's not fair to the U.S., it's not fair to taxpayers…" Gee, bankrupter in chief, how much have YOU cost taxpayers???

  41. Fear Mee says:

    Amazon: Show us your tax return and we'll show you ours..
    Chump: I, uh, use, uh..loopholes and, uh..fake news!!

  42. Dave says:

    amazon is a globalist deep state financed company.helped by the shadow government of obama.

  43. Roddy Dykes says:

    This woman actually has a pretty spot-on take about the whole situation: It indeed is nostalgia driving the desire for a return of mom-and-pop brick and mortar, small town vibe stores. Reviving them by shutting down the evolution of the economy, aka web-based sales, is not a good long term solution.

  44. brian mcintyre says:

    If you bulk ship you get a better deal, not just Amazon.

  45. chris ruiz says:

    Trump is a stupid motherfucker. that shameless pig calls out corporations mean while he hides his taxes and keeps all his companies overseas so fuck what the orange shit gots to say!!!

  46. u2good2b4gotn says:

    This is what I don't get. Conservatives call MSM and CNN "fake news" but won't call out Trump for using his platform to spread these debunked lies. Republican hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING.

  47. lynn allen says:

    Trump is the greatest
    Stop Amazon make them pay for there own post services
    Pass it on to the public

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