1. Donovan says:

    Doesn’t matter anyway because Amazon will be launching their own delivery service soon.

  2. K Ham says:

    I work for the USPS and these idiots do not get it except the one guy who points out the need to serve rural areas. These people don't care about them because the coastal pundits never do.

  3. cdawson198600 says:

    Screw both of them, Amazon for their bull crap polices and the USPS for my countless “missing” packages.

  4. Mr. Mr. says:

    With amazon usps should finally be actually making money. It needs to be renegotiated.

  5. dusty hedger says:

    Amazon the China of commerce . Rapidly inflated and unchecked .

  6. Htin Moe says:

    President Trump tearing down once great American companies. One after another.

  7. greg poulin says:

    I'm sure FedX and UPS will not take a loss like USPS. They care about profits.. So let them use the other shippers.

  8. Todd Jenkins says:

    Trump hates amazon…so to follow in check (loyalty pledge)…so does FOX, ……Actually Trump is jealous of Bezos…He actually made his billions…..So did Oprah….Daddy gave Donnie his money and he squandered it ….several times, bankruptcies…how the hell do you bankrupt a casino? If anyone could do it, it would be Trump….probably skimmed it dry

  9. Rusty Ass says:

    Who gets mail anymore! Fed ex,UPS, Amazon! Canada has very little postal workers! It's great no shit mail in your box!

  10. Thrift Geek says:

    The ONLY intelligent person on the ENTIRE panel THIS IS WHY: 5:26 Period. The end

  11. Emma Bell says:

    Amazon is great! No need to punish them. Blame the government. Where else should be spend our tax dollars? More on the military? Come on!

  12. No-Conspiracy No-Jobs says:

    Amazon share holders, suckers who make no cash anyhow, should get the the idea they should pay United States Postal Service fair money, plus their fair share of taxes too

    With all these tax cuts Amazon get, they can unionize workers, pay living wage, plus realize Sunday is delivery from evil day, not Amazon

    Just got my order from target.com, very competitive, plus fair trade

  13. Winner's Creed says:

    To say not one pays their bill's by mail any more is a lie! The poorest Americans cannot afford to have all the modern convienices. Not everyone pays their bill's online.

  14. Thanks Obama says:

    Screw Amazon and the Slave Master Bezos….Stop Subsidizing Billionaires…Let them live under the rules of Capitalism like the rest of us….

  15. Thanks Obama says:

    Go to UPS or Fedex?…You think they will do Bezos bidding at a Loss?..Not a Fu&king chance….

  16. Don Man says:

    Fuck Trump…this hurts us all. Only hurts the consumer. Funny how he hasn't made any laws that hurts his business

  17. minuteman2012 says:

    A.azon effectively pays no taxes, doesn't pay their employees shit, and they rip off the postal service too..? Whose dick is Jeff bezoz .sucking?

  18. S B says:

    Blaming Amazon is absurd. The USPS has been a financial mess long before Amazon. It's time to privatize the USPS.

  19. Laura Churchill says:

    The buyers will pay for their products.

  20. Anti Fn says:

    Mega-billionaires need to pay their fair share. They must be judged by their own standard, that is true justice, not libtard justice.

  21. E Jism says:

    Anyone that has ever used Amazon knows that they jack up their prices to cover shipment costs and then call it "free two day shipping" for Prime members (now $129/year). Amazon is profiting on both ends by making money from both USPS and Amazon customers. On a positive note, they do give decent student discounts for Prime membership, which is how I got started. And I did enjoy their movies and Live stream music. But now they charge rental fees for 'popular' movies, on top of the annual fee. I will always reference their site for the customer product reviews, but Prime is no longer cost effective for me and I will not be renewing in January.

  22. Jaxx Brat says:

    A lot more shipping cost aint good..it aint only amazon that ships packages

  23. Christopher Scobie says:

    Very kind? As tax payer funded..

  24. James Jones says:

    I sell online NOT WITH amazon NO WAY and I have seen my postal rates go up every year and Amazon gets a free ride. Thanks for looking out for the little guy as the fat cow gets bigger.

  25. Hammer Sandoval says:

    Can you feel it can you feel it, postal rates will go up on Amazon you fools🤣🤣🤣

  26. Dave Sondergaard says:

    What fucking planet are these idiots on? Get rid of retirement of retired workers and give Amazon a discount? WTF??

  27. Hud Nortè says:

    LOL, the postal service… 🙄

  28. wildee 44 says:

    Ever since Amazon made this deal with the Post Office, mail delivery has become unreliable!!!

  29. Tim Palmer says:

    Save money by stopping Urban,Suburban Home Delivery. More PO Boxes . No Lost or Looted Mail.

  30. MELA PELAN says:

    Donald Trump is an idiot he just lost usps alot more money, Jeff bezoz is just going to build amazon delivery or something like that.

  31. mente maestra says:

    trump is a traitor

  32. Johnny James says:

    I beg your pardon! I do not pay bills on line, no on line banking ever!

  33. Richard Goode says:

    A growth as sector or a decrease in growth as sector.

  34. Richard Goode says:

    To gain by a tax on Amazon or a option to a not to be as able to provide a trade by Amazon.

  35. Postal Gunslinger says:

    knuckleheads…postal service does not take one dime of taxpayers money

  36. Postal Gunslinger says:

    some experts………still dont get the USPS does not take one dime of taxpayer money

  37. Carrie Stanford says:

    How about the postal service hire people who move faster than a sloth. Actually get mail in the correct mailbox.

  38. Dan B says:

    Postal service is a security assets. If FedEx or UPS decided some towns are not worth delivering to, just like my area were ATT has decided my town is not worth servicing. We have no internet, Land line from the 60's, they blocked all other competition from being able to service this town. Do want your mail service to be privatized?. I think not…

  39. Michael Sanches says:


    I hear people shout that out. But, with the mandates involved, who is going to buy it?


    U.S. Postal Service. Must be willing to take over $43 billion in retirement debt and be willing to operate at a $2 billion loss per year with its current restrictions and obligations. Great opportunity for someone with too much money and wants to get rid of it. Inquire within.

    I guess there are aliens out there we don't know about that are begging to take over this albatross.

  40. scgamerd says:

    Amazon has been leaching off and taking advantage if tax payers money and tax cuts. Why should anyone feel bad about them?

  41. BrianC6234 says:

    This won't do anything to Amazon. They have deals with all shipping companies. They use the company that gives them the best deal. Fedex or UPS will get the work instead.

  42. Rolando Niubó says:

    USPS should do business and take a lost every year that's retarded, Amazon has numbers to pay a fair share, ain't they Democrats after all ? Ha ha haaa.. If they dont agree they can go to the competition as they said

  43. Karl Johan Lea says:

    Last year I bought $60 shoes from Amazon. Tracking showed them arriving at my post office, but they never left. Someone at the post office stole them. The post office can go under for all I care.

    P.S. Higher postal rates will be passed on to the customers.

  44. Sunny hsg says:

    The United States Postal Service built America’s and United it. And now Americans want to destroy it like their destroying their own country

  45. magic carp says:

    I always wondered how the fuk shipping was free but I aint gonna complain.

  46. Lawrence Miller says:

    Yes, privatize the USPS, make it for-profit, and stop it from being force funded by The People, and eliminate any monopolies it has which oppress competition.

  47. Lawrence Miller says:

    The details of the deal USPS gives to Amazon needs to be described to help determine what is happening.

  48. Saiyan Seeds says:

    Amazon wont goto competition all competitors are more expensive by all measures. There only option is to deliver it themselves but thay will still probably cost them more then the post office. Some of these speakers are morons. USPS provides a much higher quality of service then UPS and Fedex. People are fooled by the pretty logos of both of those companies. They loose packahes steal packages dont provide refunds when they loose your package and still charge you for delivery USPS is by far superior

  49. peter collins says:

    The reason the post office is "losing money" is that they are required to put away huge amounts to pay for retirement benefits, including benefits for workers who don't even work there yet. This bill was sponsored by the senator and representative that represent the home district of FedEx, to help eliminate the post office as competition for FedEx. No other government agency, and no private business, is required to put away such huge reserves.
    And the deliveries from Amazon, and other packages, make money. That is the profitable part of the post office's business. This whole task force was set up to get rid of the post office, little by little.

  50. Gone Fishing says:

    Pathetic reporting. Those “loses” were created by George Bush when he demanded prefunding retirements for Postal Employees not even born yet.

  51. K S says:

    HA HA charging them more seems appropriate they making BILLION anyway, but the sad part is th US postal service is over rated as well. They have large compensation and retirement packages and really over paid for a job they do HALFA**. UPS, FEDEX, AMAZON, EBAY all deliver to my front porch why cant the UPSP do the same they get paid more to deliver and thats what I service I pay for and NOT getting a notice to DRIVE 20 miles to get the package. Still Amazon should get charged more and the US post office should be trimming the fat they give to mediorcre employees that feel entitled for their work that is overated……………………..now I wait for the haters……………..LMAO

  52. Flat Top says:

    Absolutely did everyone listen that they have posted Losses for the last 11 years HELLO you can’t run a Buisness that way

  53. Flj Bbr says:

    so trump think he's helping USPS, guess what, Amazon can simply stop using USPS and give all their business to UPS, Fedex and other private couriers, who would gladly take it, and provide better service than USPS for the same low price.

  54. karla Hammond says:


  55. cybern9ne says:

    Government uses FedEx not USPS for delivery. Address that

  56. Dan Wheeler says:

    Sounds like they want 10 Doller Stamps(if Mail Service is Privatized). I will never use Computers again. I have more room. I have Privacy. . I never have to log in,know my I.P. etc.. I just pic up my pin and pay my bill. 30 min. Before it'd take two hrs. just to log on. It costs me 35 cents. I dont watch T.V. scince 2014 I save 6000 bucks a yr. I have 36000 bucks now to buy a new Car. All because I got rid of Directv or Verizen ATT etc. Im telling you just cuz its technological and or New, doesnt mean it's any better. Or cheaper or lasting.

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