TSA Thugs on the Loose!

TSA Thugs on the Loose!

This is Ron Paul with your weekly update for
October 24th. If you thought the “Transportation Security Administration” would limit itself
to conducting unconstitutional searches at airports, think again. The agency intends
to assert jurisdiction over our nation’s highways, waterways, and railroads as well. TSA launched
a new campaign of random checkpoints on Tennessee highways last week, complete with a sinister
military-style acronym–VIP(E)R—as a name for the program. As with TSA’s random searches
at airports, these roadside searches are not based on any actual suspicion of criminal
activity or any factual evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever by those detained. They are, in
effect, completely random. So first we are told by the U.S. Supreme Court that American
citizens have no 4thamendment protections at border crossings, even when standing on
U.S. soil. Now TSA takes the next logical step and simply detains and searches U.S.
citizens at wholly internal checkpoints. The slippery slope is here. When does it end?
How many more infringements on our liberties, our property, and our basic human rights to
travel freely will it take before people become fed up enough to demand respect from their
government? When will we demand that the government heed obvious constitutional limitations, and
stop treating ordinary Americans as criminal suspects in the absence of probable cause?
The real tragedy occurs when Americans incrementally become accustomed to this treatment on the
roads just as they have become accustomed to it in the airports. We already accept arriving
at the airport 2 or more hours before a flight to get through security; will we soon have
to build in an extra 2 or 3 hours into our road trips to allow for checkpoint traffic?
Worse, some people are lulled into a false sense of security and are actually grateful
for this added police presence! Should we really hail the expansion of the police state
as an enhancement to safety? I submit that an attitude of acquiescence to TSA authority
is thoroughly dangerous, un-American, and insulting to earlier freedom-loving generations
who built this country. I am certain people will complain about this, once they have to
sit in stopped traffic for a few extra hours to allow for random searches of cars. However,
I am also certain it merely will take another “foiled” plot to silence many people into
gladly accepting more government mismanagement of safety. Vigilant, observant, law-abiding,
gun-owning citizens defend themselves and stop crimes every day before police can respond.
That is the source of real security in America: the 2nd Amendment right to defend oneself.
The answer is for people to be empowered to protect themselves. Yet how many weapons might
these checkpoints confiscate? Even when individual go through all the legal hoops of licensing
and permits, the chances of harassment or outright confiscation of weapons and detention
of citizens when those weapons are found at a TSA checkpoint is extremely high. Disarming
the highways and filling them full of jack-booted thugs demanding to see our papers is no way
to make them safer. Instead, it is a great way to expand government surveillance powers
and tighten the noose around our liberties. Thanks for calling this update. A new update
is placed on this number, 888-322-1414 every Monday morning. The written text can be found
on my website www.house.gov/paul under the heading “Texas Straight Talk”. Thanks for


  1. ljrow49 says:

    Governor Haslam better stand up! STOP THIS!

  2. MoleMan says:

    1. Take Viagra.
    2. Wear very loose short shorts.
    3. ???????
    4. PROFIT!!!

  3. dreadnok320 says:

    This shit is getting crazy. I AM FED UP !!!! This is everything america is NOT! LAND OF THE FREE MY ASS

  4. Keebler Biskeefin says:

    And this is how it is, real!

  5. Curtis WiesHausenlicktensteinski says:

    No limit. Freedom isn't free. The time has come people. We are ONE. Ron Paul Revolution

  6. cheddyrod says:

    Here goes Ron again about liberty. I bet Ron would have been critical of Adolph in 1932 when he was trying to make his citizens safer.

  7. Oz White says:

    @cheddyrod Yes and 10 years later, he proved just how 'safe' they were.

  8. cheddyrod says:

    @1Daphdong And when in the future are we going to learn the same lesson?

  9. Paradigm Shifting says:

    if no one comply's what will they do…

  10. TheRapala says:

    this is a pre-emptive strike for when the population mobilizes, it is a lot easier to stop people before they gather in large groups, rather than try to break them up when they are protesting

  11. Jim Fariello says:

    End TSA now…………………….

  12. Currahee05GT says:

    I'm retired Police. Resist this bullshit any moral way that you can.

  13. Claire Joy Lives says:

    so judging by history, we can expect a foiled terrorist plot along a major highway. Hmm. has it already happened? I vaguely remember recently, the explosives found along the highway. the explosives were stolen from the police who were having a drill at a mall. like we are stupid enough to believe they drill with live explosives.

  14. BorderCity Bandit says:

    as much as I like what Ron Paul stands for,This country is way past ,Fucked up,aint no election gonna save this fading republic,at this point I dont know if it can be saved.the people are asleep at the wheel, hooked on big pharmas,watching mindless Tv shows,eating foods loaded with toxins,and have a huge case of the I dont give a shits.I think only a Major revolution can save this FAded republic,Im not totally out of hope ,but Im nearly there

  15. w0y1z92753 says:

    @PigsInBlanket I don't think that people in other countries realize that if this man doesn't become president, they are also f*cked.

  16. Oz White says:

    @cheddyrod When Jesus returns and yet even after 1000 years Satan will be let loose and even though mankind has had only goodness for that long, they will still rush to join the adversary.

  17. joggler66 says:

    I'd like to hear some comments of him on the cash transaction ban in Louisiana for 2nd hand sales.

  18. EliteAmericans says:

    @watertonrivers No they won't.

  19. tommyk40 says:

    Leaving this country if Ron is not elected. Panama here i come.
    I do believe he will though

  20. Alkatross says:

    let me see your papers!

  21. cuneeda Anthony says:

    "Are your papers in order comrade?"

  22. Nader Paul McKinney Ventura says:

    Homeland Police State is having a good ol' time

  23. bkr360 says:

    A lot of people I talk to are just going through life, working, shopping and just doing everyday normal things. When i discuss the problems we are facing, they say there is nothing I can do. I find that disturbing and frustrating, knowing if things do not change for the better a Ron Paul speaks we are in deep shit and like the Jews they will be hauled away to the FEMA camps for extermination. Take away our guns and we are fucked…

  24. bkr360 says:

    @PigsInBlanket The majority of Americans are still asleep.

  25. chronofusion says:

    I'm keeping a military class tazer on me from now on. these dumb fucks want to touch me? GO RIGHT AHEAD…LET'S SEE HOW MUCH YOU CAN TAKE NAZI FUCKERS! They need to find something else to do than sexually harass innocent people.

  26. Dr. Azin says:

    Thank you for fighting this BLATANT VIOLATION of our basic Fourth Amendment rights. I just flew LAX/OAK/SNA & they had the full body scanners, which violate 4th amendment and also TAKE 10 FULL SECONDS/passenger, vs the simple walk through scanners still at most airports.
    There is a natural pressure to "go along" & not be a "trouble-maker"(even with sign saying u can "opt out"). I regretted so easily waiving my 4th amdmt rights. So, on way back, I tried opting out & got groped like an inmate!

  27. Tony says:

    We need to fight them with ARMS……

  28. Tony says:

    I thing it's time to shoot back, before they TRY to take own guns

  29. RefusesCookies says:

    Welcome to the Zionist police state.

  30. johnovision160 says:

    Who the fuck would dislike this!? Don't they realize that our natural rights our being stripped from us! Don't they care!?

  31. RefusesCookies says:

    @johnovision160 Joe Lieberman disliked it.

  32. promethiusrising says:

    259 likes, 1 bad acid trip.

  33. murphalot13 says:

    @cheddyrod sorry! you're right, my apologies, i misread it

  34. Bruce Brinkmann says:

    @PigsInBlanket I know the majority of Americans don't realize how much they need Ron Paul working for them. I know of no other candidate with Dr. Paul's passion for a limited Government. He's not out to overthrow the Government. He wants to restore it. Now or never. Ron Paul 2012. Or Bye Bye America. No more land of the free home of the brave. So sad.

  35. Vote4RonPaulLiberty says:

    @TheOneartist Oh who cares what you read. They always say it's only a select group of people. Well that violates INDIVIDUAL rights! Temporary is another classic lie. WAKE UP! They lie!

  36. Yvan Nadeau says:

    @1Daphdong You are idiotic dead people don;t come back…..

  37. Oz White says:

    @233yvan Jesus rose from the dead after dying on the cross. He brought Lazarus back to life. He will return as He promised 7 years after the World Leader confirms a 7 year Peace Treaty with Israel amd 'many'. He will return with all the people that have lived their lives in His name. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, all the prophets. the Apostles and we who given our lives to Him, who gave His life for us, to be forgiven of sin and be renewed in His name. You will see this

  38. Yvan Nadeau says:

    @1Daphdong You were told that Jesus rose from the dead, that does not mean that it is true, This is insane to kill a innocent person (Jesus) to forgive the sins of others. This is like you were in court and charge with some infraction and you said that you are sorry to the judge but the judge would forgive you but only if a innocent person in the audience died. That is the insanity of christianity.

  39. bermudaguy1 says:

    After the TSA finish playing with your nuts, the Patriot Act allows your govt. to throw your ass in jail on suspicious activity ( you know, that friend down the road Muhammad) and keep you locked up without a lawyer or any rights.
    Your country is fucking you every day…how could you not vote Ron Paul?

  40. Oz White says:

    @233yvan Sin is a disease. I remember how scientists took a few chickens and altered light and night. They grew up not being able to see food on the ground. Then these hens had eggs which were artificially hatched. The surprise was that these chicks had inherited there mothers inability. Sin is just like that – it is inherited. The wages (price) of sinis death – spiritual death, Someone had to bridge the gap between God and man. Jesus, the Word made flesh, did that, Thank God!

  41. Currahee05GT says:

    @IsraeliteMessenger Dude you need some meds. Are you one of them fucked up Evangelicals? Or are you just pissed off that if your dad hadn't had 20 dollars that night ,you might of been born white?

  42. Yvan Nadeau says:

    @1Daphdong Sin is not a desease you are deseased in the mind, Your are a sheep that can.t think for yourself,just like all sheeps you will be lead to the slaugther house by the good shepard.

  43. Currahee05GT says:

    @IsraeliteMessenger You know what s funny? You and I are about the same age, I own a m1 garand, I despise the influence AIPAC has on our goverment, I have no use for Israel. I totally detest DHS,TSA and the Patriot Act.
    I've actually read the Bill of Rights and I have sworn to defend the Constitution more than once. The Constitution doesn't give you any rights, it just confirms your god given inalienable rights. Hating just harms the hater. Find constructive ways to resist.

  44. Currahee05GT says:

    If you liked that you're gonna love this, /watch?v=IMcFgWy4E3U&feature=related

  45. Currahee05GT says:

    If you liked this, you're gonna love, The Israeli Michael Chertoff And His Homeland Security ! (Enslavement of the Gentiles)

  46. Oz White says:

    @233yvan LOL Jesus said "there will be two in a field, one will be taken, the other left, two in a bed, one will be taken and the other left" I will not be here for the hell that is coming onto the world. I will be one of those 'taken', you on the other hand are going to be stuck here for the worst time in human history. Good luck with that. I would rather be a sheep following Jesus than a goat following the great deceiver.

  47. Yvan Nadeau says:

    @1Daphdong Jesus never said that b/c you can;t prove it. Jesus is the great deceiver, since you cannot think for yourself you follow the herd. Who created the great deceiver ? God did. assuming he exist.

  48. hardwire says:

    @233yvan wow wish i got in on this earlyer

    how is jesus the great deciver

    in all history with him he never lied never sined

    the lie of the devil would love for you to belive what you say about him

    im so sorry you feel that way and i pray your eyes are opend to the truth

    remember just because you dont belive it does not make it any less true

  49. Yvan Nadeau says:

    @hardwirecars How Jesus lied? in Mark 16.17-18 Beleivers are told they can drink poisonnus drinks and handle serpent without being hurt,Lies. Don;t bother to explain you would be lying.

  50. hardwire says:

    @233yvan so you think the great healer could not keep you safe????

    im not a serpant handler and i would suggest never do it cuse later he says do not test God.

    thanks try again

    once again just because you dont belive the truth does not make it any less true.

  51. Yvan Nadeau says:

    @hardwirecars No one said you were a serpent handle, Jesus lied period, your not going to admit that b/c you have been brainwashed into not thinking for yourself. By the way there no truth in belief only in facts

  52. hardwire says:

    @233yvan i pray your heart is open to the truth to finnaly see for your self and not see what this world wants you to see.

    you say i have been brain washed no my friend i have been heart washed by the blood of jesus christ
    i dont expect you to understand and i understand you think its a brainwashing and i feel sorry for you and i senserly hope that you see the truth before its to late

    make no mistake about it God will make him self very real to you one day i just hope its before hell.

  53. Currahee05GT says:

    @IsraeliteMessenger I only wish that I could of stopped you Uncle from fucking you up the ass and ruining your attitude for life :'(

  54. 187onaPigeon says:

    Fuck the world. And I want to tell you guys this is not about being a democrat or republican or whatever. Stop that shit.

    We need to do something. There is so much going on lately.

  55. rancherodave says:

    I agree all too well ron

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