TUNE’s Postback Conference


Summer in Seattle. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. At the peak of its development. Home to many tech giants. The perfect venue for a celebration of mobile marketing. TUNE: the fastest growing tech company in the city. Postback: an event that brings together the most forward-thinking mobile marketers. Participants come from all over the world. And why wouldn’t they? There are training sessions, discussions between brilliant minds and guaranteed conversations with the biggest names in the industry. It’s an event that can inspire the thinking and transform the understanding of all who attend. It’s a chance to work, but also a chance to have some fun with colleagues. …and maybe relax a little. An event where flip-flops may come in handy. And then there’s the entertainment. And what’s a trip to the Pacific northwest without a boat ride? Postback is a platform. A stage for marketers and industry partners to innovate. Our industry is surging with new technologies, ideas, and experiences. And if we come together a rising tide lifts all boats. Postback is a place to build that future. And you can be sure that TUNE will be evolving with you. …until summer comes again.


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