Tupaki HD

Tupaki HD

When is the train likely to arrive? lt’s time… lt’ll be here any minute Ask when it will be here exactly! You’ll only know the right time
after the train arrives! Call and ask him where
exactly the train is – Hello, who’s this? –
l’m Jagdish’s sister Yes! Tell me! Due to some engine problem
our train has stopped here – ls he around? – Jagdish… Yes! He’s playing outside! Come on, Jagdish Come on, man Yay! Jagdish Jagdish…Jagdish! ”Your soul’s journey on earth is
a certainty lf you’re patient,
God’s presence a guaranty” ”A young band of tigers in
revelry they immerse” ”…to celebrate of course!” ”Clouds in disarray Rejoicing the holiday” ”Road-full of sarees, sashay” ”Me too a resident of Mumbai city
From tomorrow firework activity” ”Get crackers like sixers ready
Brother-in-law…buddy!” ”Take your grandparents’ blessing
Take a glam-doll for a pleasing!” ”French beard is my style
Get lost, you imbecile” ”Hey dude, your abstinence days bitter
as neem leaves now a haze” ”Be naughty, pull some pranks
Get scolded, but no spanks” ”Whatever the world fears most the
heart aspires that foremost” ”Like the waves caress the shore
every night is a dream galore” ”Clasp and grasp in fist fighting
Like Aesop’s fables happy ending” lC58656 Captain Jagdish reporting, sir! Aiyo!! l tripped l can’t dance! ”A young band of tigers in
revelry they immerse” ”…to celebrate of course!” ”Clouds in disarray Rejoicing the holiday” ”Road-full of sarees, display” ”Your soul’s journey on earth is
a certainty lf you’re patient,
God’s presence a guaranty” ”This heart of mine thinks all the time
of girls gorgeous and so sublime” ”Girls are manna from heaven Men
who resist few and far between” ”Watch a fashion-show, in the roads roam
to find the best beauty to take home” ”Though the bride-hunt more a strain
still, a pleasure beyond complain” ”Be on your toes, vigilant and wary be
fit, not rust, be a flying luminary” ”A young band of tigers in
revelry they immerse” ”…to ‘live it up’ of course!” ”Clouds in disarray Rejoicing the holiday” ”Street-full of sarees…hurray!” ”Me too a resident of Mumbai city
From tomorrow firework activity” ”Get crackers like sixers ready
Brother-in-law…buddy!” ”Take your grandparents’ blessing
Take a glam-doll for a-teasing!” ”Sport a French beard in style
Get lost, you imbecile” ‘For your kind attention please’ ‘Train 12672 Jammu-Tawi Express, the
Army officers’ special train…’ ‘…will be arriving on platform 5’ Look…brother’s there! – Where? – Over there! Brother! Hi! Hiiiii! – Hey Deepti, how are you? –
Why this sudden mini-beard? l’m coming back to the city
l wanted to be stylish – How are you? – l’m fine Move…no time to chat now All
of you come home and eat! Give that bag to me Don’t you eat at all? – Come this way – l’m coming, dad Put this bag in the trunk Get in Change to 3rd gear! Where are we going in such a hurry, dad? You don’t know? To fix a bride for you ‘Margazhi’ month starts tomorrow Considered inauspicious for matrimony
No chap will show his daughter to you And the bad time starts in 25 minutes! We must see the bride by then Or else
you stay single even this year Mom! What is this about ‘good time’? Will
anyone go see a bride in uniform? Let me take a shower, freshen up,
sleep for a bit and then go – You are getting old by the day, da! – Mom,
l’ll still be the same age later today Will all of you keep quiet? Change to 6th gear We have got only 20 minutes Look! Their apartment is like a hotel Stop…stop – Good day – Greetings – Hasn’t the groom come?
– This is the groom He looks like he has come straight
out of a war zone Come Come, please – Come, da – You go ahead – Where are you running off to? – Come! Enough! ‘-3 wickets out at the entrance itself Come…welcome We have to see the bride before
the auspicious time is over That’s why l dragged him here
straight from the station – Ask her to come please – Call her, dear! Nisha! Nisha…! – Dad? – Not for me… Offer them Thanks Sit down, dear – Shall l ask her to sing?
– Some nice song… To match the groom’s attire she can
only sing the national anthem ‘That was a cheap shot!’ So…are you happy, son? She was very pretty, no? Dad, give me their phone number please? l’ll give it to you 022… -261…864676 Tell me, son Don’t make a noise The groom is on the line! Tell me… Sir, your daughter is really beautiful Nice…nice But our tastes seem to vary l’m not sure if the two of
us will be compatible But l’m sure you’ll get a
better son-in-law than me Don’t misunderstand me What is this, da? He’s not getting married in
this birth definitely! Give me 1 good reason why that
girl wasn’t good enough! – 3 reasons! – What? That girl’s hair was -1
and a 1 / 2 meters long! ls that a reason? Even girls with half that hair
if we are going out… …will keep combing their hair like this lt’ll probably take her -3 hours
just for to plait her hair Did l ask for this? Did l? Did l ask you to marry me
off right now like this? And look how shy she was l bet she’s scared of lizards and roaches She’s hitting her own father
like this, did you see? You should’ve reprimanded
her when she was young! Even when she was a kid,
you went on with… …your ‘hit, daddy’ dialog l expected a stylish girl but she
looks like a villager in Bombay Why do you need so much money? l said l’d throw my friends a party
if the boy didn’t like me ‘The police entered the
apartment by force’ ‘Breaking down the door and found
the victim dead inside’ ‘The police say that according
to post mortem report-‘ When l heard you were coming l wanted
to say l had chikungunya… …as excuse and rush back home My
bad time, l wasn’t granted leave So you are indirectly hinting
l’m a nuisance? No one in the word can say it
more directly that l just did And you claim this is indirect?
That’s where you stand! What did l do that was so bad? You? You’ll come here for
your annual vacation You’ll roam around with me Stick
your nose in all my work When l’m eligible for promotion to an
inspector, you’ll drag me down… …back to Sub lnspector Why don’t you spend this vacation
with your family? lt’s not like that…my parents have
given me strict instructions lf l go out in the morning, l shouldn’t
be back home until night lf l stay at home, l’ll be
spoilt rotten it seems Don’t you see what a mammoth lie this is! Leave it! l’ll be with you but
l won’t disturb you at all Okay? Sir! What function is this? lt’s some tournament We’re
providing security Are the perimeters secured? Don’t
let anyone in without an lD card Dude! This is a ladies’ college in
Bombay…admire them from within But be casual on the outside – Yes, sir – This is too much! You went to see a bride yesterday?
How did it go by the way? The match is about to begin! First
we have St.Xaviers college! – With Nisha! – Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Don’t ask! She was a little too shy Also she seems soft… Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Out! l don’t like this girl! l don’t! l don’t!! ”Knock out…look out Limbs
out…don’t flout” ”Knock out…look out so
you better look out!” This is the kind of girl you want, right? This is the girl l saw! ”ln Antarctica, depths of snow why
does my heart slide like floe” ”Are you a penguin or friendly dolphin
Why is my mind confused within?” ”Hey Nisha…Nisha…Nisha Oooh
Nisha…Nisha…Nisha!” ”Girl! My heart, can you detect with
your radar electrical effect?” ”My heart beat’s smitten sound, can
your sonar navigate aground?” ”Girl! My heart, can you detect with
your radar Doppler effect?” ”My heart beat’s smitten sound,
can your sonar measure around?” ”Hey Nisha…Nisha…Nisha Oooh
Nisha…Nisha…Nisha!” ”Beauty measuring gizmo will
lose face to her, sure oh!” ”l saw ‘figure of speech’…walk by” ”Since hill slopes lose to
her arched eyebrows two” ”…l saw falls that cascade…cry” ”When golden rays touch her skin
to moonbeam they silver-spin” ”When she sashays even in
that sway, music plays” ”ln Antarctica, depths of snow why
does my heart slide like floe?” ”Are you a cuddly penguin or a dolphin
Why is my mind bewildered within?” ”Army boots thump-thumping Like
a road storm-storming” ”Girl! You invaded me…likewise” ”Alcove of your eyes bright
explode like dynamite” ”My heart hit by a bullet…your eyes” ”All my life through l was waiting
for a girl like you” ”lfyou accept me l’ll love you
like l love my country” ”ln Antarctica, depths of snow why
does my heart slide like floe” ”Are you a penguin or sleek dolphin
Why is my mind perplexed within?” ”Hey Nisha…Nisha…Nisha
Oh Nisha…Nisha…Nisha!” ”Girl! My heart, can you detect with
your radar Doppler effect?” ”My heart beat’s smitten sound, can
your sonar navigate aground?” No! No! lmpossible He’s a total loony 1st he says no and now changes his mind Brings in some lame police
dog and tries to bribe me ls she a girl or snake-gourd
gravy to cook as you wish! Dad, if we listen to him, we’ll go mad Tell them Forget it! We can’t talk to them again Mom! Mom…ma! What? ls he being funny? He didn’t like me then And
now he says he does! After we get married he’ll
again change his mind Listen…when a boy professes
his love to you, …you should 1st say ‘me
too’ and see how it goes lf it doesn’t work, break up tomorrow But before you reject you
should think thrice! Boys will only drool till we
have our curves in place! ln a few years, we’ll be out
of shape like our mom Before a girl says no, she
should think of her mom l don’t need all that l’ll
go to the gym and work ou- He looks like a Thamizh boy Shall
we say hi to check him out? This is the guy l said no to! Hey…hey! Nisha…Nisha! Oho Nisha…! Why is he making gestures
like some twisted snack? Hey! Get down! – What are you going to do? – Get down He’s dead today Why did you kiss me now? Me? When did l…? l only kissed my mirror My mirror, l’ll do whatever l want with it lt’s your mirror But the
face in it was mine! lt belongs to the Govt! l’ll kiss my mirror! Cuddle it l’ll
even break it if l want to! lt’s my wish Why? l’ll break it for you myself! Violence is not the way How dare you kiss me in
the middle of the road? What kind of policeman are you? Sitting
there like a bag of rice! l’ll put you in for eve teasing lf you show up again, l’ll kill you She’s worse than my mother-in-law! Ask about Boxer Nisha in Shastri Nagar lf you had just said you liked
the girl that day… …my bike would be in 1 piece! She’s super She just flicked the keys
while talking to us Not talking, bro…yelling ln your tit-for-tat, what did
my department bike do to you? Thief…thief l had Rs 5000 in my purse! My purse Don’t be scared! The thief
must be inside the bus! l’m a policeman…so is
he We’ll check everyone And then we’ll find out Driver! Stop the bus!
No one should get off We’ll check everyone Balaji, you check here
l’ll check at the back All of you come down Come one by one! What did l do, sir? – That’s my purse! – Listen!
ls it this one? No! – This? – No You go inside and see
Check under the seats Check the bags as well Open your bag, please – You thief! – My purse…that’s my purse! This is the thief, dude! Hey…wait! Jagga! Why are you running? Huh? Why? Why did you run? There was a bomb blast at
the Oshiwara bus depot… …that claimed 37 lives We’ll leave no stone unturned
to solve this case! l believe we’ll find the culprit soon They are treating him at the hospital instead
of questioning him immediately Look! How he’s speaking gasping
for breath as if he caught him l should have been there
You dragged me away lf only l had come on TV, l’d
have stumped my mother-in-law My status at home would
now be turvy-topsy! l’d have become an lnspector There were about 18 people killed
and about 26 people injured lt is surmised terrorists didn’t intend
planting the bomb in a public bus And it might have got triggered
accidentally in transit How many more people like Ajmal
Lateef are around… …and what is their aim? Minister for Home Affairs
expressed his concern ‘Waiting for your order’ ‘Proceed as planned Activate Plan B’ – l’ve been waiting for you – Why? Go inside…l’ll tell you This is Jagdish’s house Keep whatever
l said in mind, okay? All of you stay alert lt’s an unofficial duty So stay in separate channel
on the walkie, okay? What’s going on so late? These are guys working for me They’re off duty They’ll stay
here as security tonight Tomorrow morning go to Anandhra
with your family – Why all this? – He’s escaped
from the hospital He’s killed a doctor And 2 police officers – How? – We don’t know Okay, you go You caught him right? So l
was worried he’d come here But they are here now You both go behind Okay…l’ll see you around! These days everything has changed, sir What happened? Move! Go behind and check What did those little kids in
that school bus do to you? Without even asking you any
questions do you know… …why l cut your finger? Because l’ll start asking questions lf you don’t answer you
know what’ll happen One question…only 1 second
Answer…or else…! Another finger gets cut Someone helped you at the hospital Who was that? Security Chief Soma Sekhar That’s all So simple! – Who is it? – Me! Who are you? What are you doing here so late? Who is it? l’m coming…l’m coming! – Oy! Tell me quickly! –
l need to talk to you Can you come to the terrace? Why at this hour, man? We’ll
talk in the morning The man whom you helped escape
is now a guest in my house Sorry, l didn’t introduce
myself My name is Jagdish lndian Army But l’m not just that DlA Defense lntelligence Agency l’m one of their specialists
A secret agent People who work with me My
friends…even my family …are totally unaware So are you wondering why l told you? You won’t stay alive, that’s why When we are at camp, the other
country shoots us… …and quite often we shoot them One day at camp, a man called Ravi.. …from Andhra only suddenly went missing -7 days We couldn’t find him We found him on the 8th day Poor guy he got caught in their camp They tortured him for 7 days
Dug his eyes out… And…beer bottles, no? They shoved beer bottles from
under him, right inside… …and then broke them We were the ones who gave
his body to his family His mom cries His dad hits himself His sisters are in deep anguish On the 14th day, his younger
brotherjoined the military We die over there everyday
only so you all can live This is a locally made gun This is my gun lf l shoot you, l’ll need
to explain why l shot you Your family will be in ruins Your sons will have to beg on the road Your wife will have to stand on
the side of the road and… …pave the streets calling
random strangers! But if you shoot yourself stating
it as suicide during duty… …someone in your house will get a job They’ll get provident fund
and pension every month You figure it out yourself lf that gun turns to me though
l’ll definitely shoot you You’ve stepped on a landmine! l can hear a gun-shot! Come on…fast! l know that neither of you
know the full details Oops! Sorry l know that neither of you
know the full details Juhu…Bandra Matunga…Dharavi ’12 attacks in Mumbai city’ – When? – 27th She’s the first one getting
married in our gang Landed from Guntur and how smart.
..got a boy from Gujarat! She’s focused! She looks so gorgeous, no? – Thank you! – Look how shy she is – Hi! – Hi! Congratulations! Hey! Wow! Thank you! Hi! Congrats! You look so cute, babe! – l have an urgent doubt – What doubt? Please…please…please, di
Come aside for 5 minutes How can l come now? Please, di…or else my head will burst Okay…excuse me One minute! – Come…for friend’s sake!! – Congrats! What is it? ln our entire college besides
me, you are the prettiest Okaaay…we are equally pretty All over your hostel room
you got pictures of… Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor,
John Abraham stuck all over! Why did you get married
to a guy like this now? Listen, you must think practically He gets a FAT salary What more do l need? Good looking guys never achieve Achievers
are never good looking Hey! Look there! He’s posing all alone
for pictures on his reception day lf a guy looks good and gets
a big salary…then? Surrender totally and get married to him Why are you just sitting there? l’m thinking of something
that doesn’t sit well What is it? Let me see if l can tell lf a policeman like me can’t
do it…you think you can? You know the difference between
a policeman and a military man? You guys don’t need to use your brains Bark out ‘attention’ and you
bring your legs together Say ‘stand at ease’ and
you bring them apart Shoot and you start shooting at random But we policemen need brains When we catch a pickpocket
we must think like him When we catch a murderer we
have to be in his shoes! While catching a terrorist, we
must turn ourselves into one Me the diligent cop can’t figure it out You go play ball, go! Tell me what your problem
is l’ll see if l can help Okay, try to catch it That terrorist
escaped, didn’t he? The very same night, a cop
shot himself in his house He was the one who was on duty
when the terrorist escaped l’m wondering if both the incidents
are in any way related That wasn’t a suicide lt was a murder How are you so sure? l was the one who did it – You…why did you do it? – Why did
he help the terrorist escape? He helped the terrorist escape?
How would you know? The terrorist told me Where did you see the terrorist
who escaped from the hospital?! – ln the hospital, you…
– ln the hospital, l…? ln the hospital, l…? Complete your sentence! Tell me what happened? Wait…wait, Jaggu dear! You
know l can’t handle suspense Please just tell me and go One minute, da Tell me l…you… l… Are you coming back from a ‘spoken
English’ class or what? – No…l…can l get married to you?
– When did you get this idea? – This morning…at 8:40 A.
M – What happened at 8:40? l was at my friend’s reception She’s one of the prettiest
girls in my college The guy she’s got married to
is not one bit good looking l asked her why And she filled me in on her theories And my friends also encouraged me But from the start we haven’t matched First l said no and then you said no – Now you say you want to
– l’m saying yes, right? Yes but…our tastes should match Do you smoke? Cigarettes? No…no! How can a girl smoke? That
isn’t allowed in boxing at all See? l prefer only girls who smoke Cigarettes…l can’t say l’ve never smoked At parties with my girls, new
year…l’ve smoked then Okay…alcohol? – Huh? – Booze? Yes…red wine! lt’s good for the heart For skin…once l even drank vodka See? l don’t like girls who drink at all Hey…Nisha! You are changing it deliberately You love me! You are doing
this on purpose! l came here straight from
the wedding for you l didn’t even eat! Okay okay, please Please…please l’ll marry you right now if you want l was just kidding one small problem – Again? What? They showed me another guy
at home and l said okay – Because l was mad at
you – You said okay? That’s not a big deal though l don’t have a problem saying okay
And then saying it’s not okay The okay l said to you is different
from the one l said to him He’s in the military too lf we convince him all our
problems are solved He’s asked me to come to the
coffee shop at 12 today Okay, l’ll come too l’ll take care of him So, shall we go? Here Shhhh! Wait He’s in the military, no?
He’s very punctual l’ll go in first and then you come l’ll go talk to him first
and then call you – Excuse me? – Yesss! lC58666 Captain Jagdish, reporting, sir! Battalion…saluuuute! Sorry…sorry! Jaga! What
are you doing here? – How are you? – l’m fine, sir! When you spoke in a raised tone l
thought it was a parade ground! – Okay, come…sit, sit!
– No, sir…no, sir Nothing…the girl l’m marrying
said she’ll see me here today – Sir! – That’s why all this – Sir! – l’m nervous – Because it’s my first time – Can
l get something for you, sir? No…no…no, nothing! l will sit here Shhhhhhhhhh! Psssssssssst!! Hello! Greetings Hi! Sit down, please Your mom called and said
you really like me Sorry, Nisha…meet Mr Jagdish
We are in the same battalion But he’s very junior to me He keeps making mistakes and
getting punished for it That’s why he’s scared of me – Jagdish…Nisha – Hello, madam – Nisha, what will you eat? – No…nothing Nothing? Oh that’s great! Jagdish…you? – No, sir! – Oh wow! Nisha, l’m having a get together at
a hotel tonight…a small party You must come, yaar – Jagdish, you come too – Yes, sir! Now it’s 12:30 You said you’ll come at 12:00 l’m so punctual, yaar because
l’m a military man – Of course – So l’ll see
you in the evening – Shall l make a move? – Bye Bye – Okay, Jagdish! – Yes, sir…lC584- Hey…! See you in the evening Bye, da…bye See you, da ls this the way you clear the air?! No…madam Whatever it is, you are the
girl who’s marrying him Calling me ‘madam’ even after he’s left! – Aren’t we in love? – We can break up now We haven’t been in love for even 1 hour …and we’re breaking up already? Look here, madam He’s better
than me in all ways To run 100 meters it takes me 52 seconds He can do it in 68 seconds ln high jump, l jump 6’1”
he sweeps a clean 6′ 6” ln long jump, l can only clear 7 meters But he can do 7.4m ln weight lifting- Hey! Are we recruiting guys
for the military here? l don’t like him You didn’t like me at 1st
either But now you do! Tomorrow you might change
your mind about him! That’s different This is different Plus l can get a girl by
the click of my fingers But…he’s so old Who would marry him? So…l’m the guinea pig? – Your phone’s ringing – lt’s your phone Oh…sorry Dude…where did you see
the escaped terrorist? You don’t like suspense l don’t
like opening suspense Tomorrow we both have
an importantjob to do ”’Alaika laika’ as an ‘Apple’ make?
Cheeks soft like strawberry cake?” ”Are you a premium ‘Apple’ make? Cheeks
red like strawberry cake?” ”ln absolute resplendence, expression
of a moon goddess?” ”Are you essence of my dreams? Your
eyes target me in extremes?” ”Don’t you show-off and tease to
trigger my feelings please” ”Don’t fan the fire in my soul only
to char me to cinders whole” ”Dear…deer frisky Where
will our honeymoon be?” ”My sweetheart…steady lsn’t
it near Kargil, tell me?” ”Honey, my love-factor my
unsweetened nectar!” ”Queen of my heart always Hereafter
fed at army base” That’s better! ”On my third eye, to kiss he also
adds a lifetime of bliss” ”My ‘butler Thamizh’ paltry
he calls it poetry!” ”You are 18, not a minor says
your heart’s monitor” ”Since you are a major even
l’ll be love-millionaire” ”He is the one till the end
my forever lover-friend” ”He makes a monkey-face A
thief with a grimace!” ”What is the wind’s difficulty?
This flower’s desires plenty!” ”lt is not the honey’s loss
Let’s merge, my lady-boss!” ”’Alaika…like an A-1 ‘Apple’ make?
Cheeks pink like strawberry cake?” ”ln absolute radiance are you
a living moon goddess?” ”Are you essence of my dreams? Your
eyes target me in extremes?” ”l sweet talk and tease to trigger
your pulse with ease” ”Fan the fire in your heart Char
to embers to cool apart” ”My heart by your caress-spree
is on fire to minus degree” ”Oxygen for your existence is
enhanced by your fragrance” ”Standing near me is Mr Spunky His
bravery is as high as the sky” ”The day will dawn pronto when
l’ll be Mrs Spunky in toto” ”You are in demand sweetest branded sweet” ”When he eyes you sexily your
lips will merge sensually” ”He is my comfort-bed To
his heart l’ll embed” ”He’ll cuddle and tease With
honeyed kisses l’ll please” ”Alaika laika La…la…laika” ”Are you a premium ‘Apple’ make? Cheeks
red like strawberry cake?” ”ln absolute resplendence, expression
of a moon goddess?” ”Are you essence of my dreams? Your
eyes target me in extremes?” ”Don’t sweet-talk and tease to
trigger my feelings please” ”Don’t fan the fire in my soul only
to char me to cinders whole” ”Dear…deer frisky Where
will our honeymoon be?” ”My sweetheart…steady lsn’t
it near Kargil, tell me?” ”Honey, my love-factor my
unsweetened nectar!” ”Queen of my heart all ways
Hereafter fed at army base” Why are you sitting here? You don’t know why l’m here? No, don’t come in without telling me Wait downstairs and call me…okay? Where did you see the terrorist? How did you catch the guy who
escaped from the hospital? After you left that day, l was
at the hospital all the time You can’tjust keep him here! You have to hand him over to the police Why? So he can escape again? Only then will we know more
details of his clan – l already know – What
do you mean you know? What is that needle for? ls he sick? What is this for? Don’t untie him – Where are you going? – How
many questions will you ask? The injection contains a serum He’ll
be out for the next 2 hours – Come, let’s go – Where? To the wedding Today’s my batch mate’s wedding, no? – Come, let’s go and come –
This is all a bit too much You have a terrorist inside your house
and you’re off for a wedding! – And you’ve untied him – We’ll
be back soon, come with me How are you bro? Looking smart, huh? – Hi – Hi, bro Jagdish – lt’s late, let’s go –
Who is this, Jagdish? Let me introduce you to my friends He is my friend Balaji Sub
lnspector of Bandra Joel, will you take Sarah
to be your wedded wife? Yes, with God’s help Sarah, will you take Joel
as your wedded husband? Yes, with God’s help Now you may kiss the bride – Come, let’s go – We’ll
go…why the hurry? lt’s getting late! The bridegroom is calling you all You don’t know the gravity
of the situation Hey! l’m arrested – Congrats – Congrats, buddy Dude, you are sitting here and relishing
this cake…we are late Folks…! lt’s been a long time Shall
we all play a game? Game? This guy plays games at camp
and when the train stops Now another game at a wedding?! But it’s a real game – A real game? – Yes Okay, we 6 in one team You 6 in one team What say? No…no…no We are all in the same team Same team? Then who’s the opponent? – What are the rules?
– l’ll tell you later Okay, after winning, you
have to throw a party! Definitely…sure Guys! This is kind of a serious game We will know only now who
our opposite team is ln about 2 minutes, a man
will run out of my house We have to follow him When he meets another guy
our group splits into two -6 of us follow 1 man Rest
6 of us, the other man Whoever they meet, we split
up and keep track of them Keep your cell phone switched on Other than my call don’t answer any other We’re all connected by conference, okay? Okay – Someone’s coming – This chap? Yes, he’s the guy He didn’t see us Be careful, Jaga We might
make a mess of this lt’s only a mess if we
don’t do anything, da Start the car and follow him at ease Hey! Go…move…move – Oh crap! He’s missing – We missed him Watch out for him We lost him No…wait for the signal Go…go…fast Oh! There he is! Fast…fast! – Did he see us? – Hey, wait He’s getting into an auto Siddharth! Note the auto number MH 02 R 8306 Should we get down? – Oh! He’s into the crowd –
Hey! Who’s this new guy? Jaga, if they don’t split up
into 12 and stay together… …then what do we do? No…they have work in 12 places They will split Stop the car They have separated – Get out! – Go fast You 6 Jagdish, we are on – Stay on the line – Copy that We are very close to him
Shall l catch him? Keep following him He’s meeting another guy Wait He’s going to move Follow the new one Quickly…fast! Let’s move How many so far? – We’re following the second guy
– We’re following the first guy We’re following one We are at Dharavi – He’s walking through a market
– Let him not see us Stand down Stand down -1st guy meeting a cell phone dealer He’s meeting someone You follow him – We are splitting now – Vishal
here! l’m on the 2nd guy You go that way l’ll go this way – Stay on the line – Copy that Me and Jabar following
the cell phone dealer ‘He is 10 steps ahead
We are following him’ He’s going to move – Follow the new one – You follow him – We have a new one – Split,
follow the new one Go…go…go! Go l’m following the first guy Stay alert…stay alert
Wait for the highpoint – He’s walking right in front of me
– He’s boarding a bus and me too l’m at a shopping mall There’s one for each of us now ‘l’m at Santa Cruz railway station’ – l’m at Dharavi – l’m at Kula Boys we are now equal -12 men for 12 men The game is going to end now Look inside the case in your bag There is a gun -There’s a gun inside this
– l’m in a theater None of you panic l’m the one who put it there Guys in front of you are
not ordinary thieves They are cold blooded terrorists We will do the same thing
we do at our border We’ll prove we also know their
serial blast technique… …of setting off 6 bombs at once We must hit them at the same time
without a second’s difference – Get set, boys – We’ll do it three… two… one…Shoot! Move, move, move Game over When is the party? We have time for that We’ll
celebrate in our camp What happened? ‘And you are watching NDTV 24×7’ ‘ln 12 different places…’ ‘…12 men who have been shot
are all sleeper cells’ ‘Neither the police nor the defence
have announced their role in this’ ‘Each of the victims has been
identified as terrorists’ ‘And there are bombs in
each of their bags’ ‘The location of the mobiles
used by sleeper cells…’ ‘…cannot be traced even with
the help of satellite’ ‘Sir, today our biggest threat
seems to be sleeper cells’ ‘What are sleeper cells? Who are they?’ Wherever terrorism exists they
are found in abundance We’ll never know where they are These 12 men blend and lead ordinary lives They are frustrated and want
to take revenge on the Govt. They’ve been cultivated and their
grudge misused by the terrorists After 9 / 11, no major terrorist
attack has happened in America Only country that has found all
sleeper cells and uprooted them The following men are the most
fearsome feared terrorists Mummy…daddy ‘Afsar Ali’ Mummy…daddy Look, my daddy – Who did all this? – We don’t know as yet Even able the police are puzzled! Any clues? The police have taken over all the
evidence of the sleeper cells But the assassin seems to have taken
the phone of one of our men Whose phone? Afsar Ali who was shot in Dhobi Ghat l don’t know who you are Where you are You’ve killed my 12 men
lncluding my brother l’m coming for you But once l get to you… …l will kill you l’m waiting – Hello? – Come to Lakeview Cafe lf ‘Sir’ finds out, it will
be misconstrued, madam Your ‘Sir’ is only calling you Come soon Why are you standing all by yourself? Where’s ‘Sir’? – Look there! – That’s funny! Wow! Super! He got himself another girl? Hey! Shut up, da He’s fixed
that girl for you For me? He’s already a problem on my head And now he has become a ‘peddler’ for you You can’t say such awful things! Respect his age and marry him! – Come! – Where? Hi! Come…come Good morning, sir – Jagdish – Hello – Jagdish, this is Swetha – Hello Jagdish also came to ‘bride-hunt’
for himself But it didn’t work for him Fate! We are in the same battalion
He’s my junior only But more like extended family l’m
like a brother to him, no? No…no, l’m beyond that l’m like
his ‘uncle’ ( flesh-peddler) l referred you to him in
the same way just now Really? Wow! Oh sorry! l forgot to introduce her
to you…Nisha…my fiancee! – Boxer Nisha – Oh…hi l’ve seen you somewhere You’ve seen her somewhere is
what you wanted to say, no? Even l had the same doubt
the first time l saw her Then l remembered Jagdish How can l be his ‘uncle’ and
not even do this for him! Exchange numbers Talk to each other See if your Biology works out Not Biology…Chemistry Whatever it is! lt’s all Science, no dear? l need to talk to him alone Nisha! They should be talking You should talk to only me alone That is logic l want to persuade him about that girl Okay…okay Carry on! l get it Are you coming? Sir, she’s calling me while you are here! There’s nothing wrong with that, Jagdish She only called you when l was here lf she calls you when l’m not,
that’s when it is wrong That’s when you shouldn’t
go Okay? Now, go! What you are doing is really wrong! The 2 of us are just starting to talk And you mustn’t try to butt in and ruin it Do you know who that girl is? – No l don’t…why? – She’s a ‘matter’ What’s a ‘matter?’ You don’t know what a ‘matter’ is?
Does your phone have internet? Yes Go to www.desigirls.com Now what are you going to do? l can’t go against my senior’s wishes – He’ll feel cheated – So,
you are okay with her? Okay Jagdish…another ‘matter’ Another one? Talk to your family about this ‘matter’
as soon as you can and get fixed Then all 6 of us can marry on the same day That’s my wish – How high is this wall? – 6 feet They are good jumpers – How fast did this bus go?
– Maybe 70 km / hour They are good runners and
expert swimmers as well All 12 of them were shot in the
center of their foreheads A moving bus, a dark theater,
a crowded market place Even if they were 200 meters away, it
was a sure-shot from all of them They are trained shooters But they aren’t policemen Any other similarities? No There’s 1 more point But it’s of no use All 12 of them were in formal
suits when they shot our men What did you say? All 12 of them were wearing
formal suits at that time You should have told me this first l didn’t think it was a big deal lt’s not a big deal if
they were in America But in lndia, it is a significant detail So they were in suits They could be working in a hotel or
businessmen at a board meeting Or software engineers at a seminar
Advocates, or guests in a wedding l want a list of the seminars and
weddings that took place… …on 27th where people were in
formals all over Bombay city You think you are a smart alec! Why
didn’t we capture those 12 men? lf we had them alive, we could’ve
got so much information from them We wouldn’t have got any information Because they’d have been
completely in the dark! Also, none of them would’ve known
that 12 others existed – ls it so? – They are all sleeper cells Their head…1 or few of them
together have planned this Those who carry out their plan… …even give their lives
are these sleeper cells Even if we had caught 1 man we
couldn’t have got any info So until they get their order,
do they lead normal lives? Yes…they might even wait for years There’s no way to completely uproot them? Not completely but we can stall them lf we wipe out their head, then
they’ll wait for the order… …all their lives and do
nothing on their own That’s okay but how will
you find the leader? l don’t need to go behind him l’ve
made him come look for me l thought he’d come and attack me if
we went and killed those 12 men l was right Wretched fellow! But how will he
find you in such a big city? While killing those 12 people, we’d
have left some kind of hole or clue He’ll find out what that is lf we find out before him what that is… …then we can get him before he gets us So think which route he’ll take to find us Think! You have that strange colored
box that you keep turning… …like a coconut scraper
Use that and think! Jaga! Don’t pick it up lt must be her Jaga! Don’t pick it up Promise on me- Hello? l have some shocking news for you You’ve started again? Not me, your senior officer has summoned
us to his house…urgent l’ll be right there Jaga! What you are doing is wrong! So much is happening and you’re
running behind a girl Jaga! Sit and think here l’m going to tell you both
two shocking news First, Jagadish Swetha said she doesn’t like you – What happened? – He’s shocked it seems! Okay…okay…okay Before l tell you what your
shocking news is… …you must meet someone Wait
a second…l’ll be back Why are you laughing? l escaped from that ‘matter’,
no? That’s why l’m laughing Why did you laugh? Even a ‘matter’ said she
doesn’t like you, see? Come Wonder which website this girl is from?! She’s my cousin My mom’s
brother’s daughter Loved me since we were children But l didn’t know about it Now she found about our engagement And suicide attempt Sit Then she was admitted in the hospital And it became a big issue
l took a decision l’m so sorry l’ve decided to marry her l know how shocking this must be to you But it was my mistake for
having encouraged you This is common in life Okay, now l want to ask you both something You came to Mumbai with the intention
of getting married You wished to marry a military man So why don’t you both get
married to each other? – Siiiiiiiir! – Jagdish Don’t misunderstand We were in love, yes But l haven’t touched her with
even my little finger Have we ever touched? No, we haven’t Ask her! l know forgetting me will be tough for you lt was my mistake for being
born this handsome Nothing, nothing – You are right, sir – This
boy always does this Okay Nisha, all the best! – Bye – Bye Nisha? Just because you didn’t get me… Don’t do…what she did – Promise? – Promise Okay…bye! ”l ‘google-d’ away to glory extensively
He’s Mr Eccentric, the one and only” ”l hunted in Yahoo on the internet He’s
a find so unique in any planet” ”l asked for a date today He looked
at his watch, said ‘okay”’ ”l asked him to shop with me He
took me to e-bay.com smartly” ”l wished we’d see a movie With
popcorn he ‘you-tube’d me” ”Looks…lost and lonely But he
can sell…this city easily” ”Meet my…meet my boy friend
My smart and sexy boy friend” ”l googled away from A to Z She’s
a rare bird in our galaxy” ”l searched in Yahoo, in my PC only
to find she’s truly peachy” ”lf l go on a dinner date with
her l’m her appetizer” ”lf l take her on a shopping
spree l become her trolley” ”lfwe see a film, in scenes
teary her hanky is me!” ”Mary Kom she may be inside
she’s a softie!” ”Meet my…meet my girl friend
My hot and spicy girl friend” ”Hey! Join me guys, it’s intro time
All about her-story let me define” ”lfyou think she’s cotton candy
she’ll punch you suddenly” ”Keep a helmet handy!” ”Hey sugar-free…hey…hey…hey!” ”Her sugar free talk, sweet n syrupy ln
her fat-free body, lots o’ temerity” ”Smile like Cindrella, temper Dracula
She is Miss World’s only formula” ”Hey! Come on girls, intro time All
about his-story let me define” ”For his ‘hand-shake’ if girls zero in
Like a bullet he’ll go zwaaaaaain!” ”His military cut sings his style
1 millimeter short is his smile” ”Almost 6 feet tall is he Who
else is so goody-goody!” ”Meet my…meet my box friend
My smart and sexy huhmmmm…” ”He won’t peep, probe, insist or
pry into my FB friends’ list” ”He won’t hound me or whine
to change my status online” ”When l whisper into his ear he’ll
immerse himself in twitter” ”Sweet peck on my cheeks hastily
he’ll tweet it ever so happily” ”With romance teeny, thriller weeny my
heart in the wind floating cottony” ”lncoming calls in phones two Backup
boy friends 6 in a queue” ”She’ll plant in my heart ‘jealousy’ seed
And make my tummy swim in Antacid” ”Seeing girls’ numbers in my phone she’ll
press them into delete zone” ”Sensing me flirt with girls in town with
just her stare she’ll knock me down” ”She’ll drink knowing her limit explode
in my heart with a love-permit” ”Meet my…meet my girl friend
My hot and spicy girl friend” ”l ‘google-d’ away to glory eagerly
He’s Mr Unusual, the one and only” ”l researched Yahoo on the internet He’s
a find so exclusive in any planet” ”l asked for a date today He looked
at his watch, said ‘okay”’ ”l asked him to shop with me He
took me to e-bay.com happily” ”lfwe see a film, in scenes
teary her hanky is me!” ”Mary Kom she may be inside
she’s a softie!” ”Meet my…meet my boy friend
My smart and sexy boy friend” ”Meet my…meet my girl friend
My hot and spicy girl friend” What happened? ls someone unwell at home? Today’s our first date First date rule is, should give
my boyfriend whatever he asks That’s why l’m scared No…no, you’ve already thrown a big party And spent a lot, don’t worry
l don’t want anything Not that! What if you suddenly ask me for a kiss? l can’t say no l’ll have to kiss you Heyyy! Yes, l want to be kissed – Aiyaiyo! l was worried
about this – Come on But l don’t know how to kiss You close your eyes, l’ll take care of it Hello…! l know which route he’ll take to hound us Hey! How would he know we came from the church? The only similarity between
all of us is our dress code lf he’s smart, he’ll come
straight to the church Then go fast On 27th, this is the church that fits our
description of the shooters’ place Because the man who got
married was an army man The name of the bridegroom
is William Martin Joel Can we have his address please? Yes Yes? – ls this Joel’s house? – Yes, it is We are from the army too His batch mates Oh yeah! Come…come Joel is on his honeymoon You could’ve contacted him on his mobile But his phone was out of reach, uncle Oh! l’m sorry Please come Be seated This is Joel’s mother She can’t speak – Oh! l’m so sorry – Please.
..please sit down l brought a gift for Joel Oh! Very kind of you Thank you so much – What would you like to have?
– No…thank you, uncle Uncle, can l see Joel’s wedding album? Oh! Of course l’ll just bring it Excuse me…l’ll bring it What, ma’am? Then what? She’ll give the address to
anyone who asks, huh? Shouldn’t she check first? There’s no time for this Let’s go This is Joel’s school teacher
and this is Joel’s cousin They are all Joel’s camp mates Uncle, there are 5 teams here He has been to 5 camps So
there are 5 teams here – Can you get me coffee? – Oh
yes! l’ll get you coffee We’ve got stuck in the last step How do we find out which in
this is our ‘wanted list?’ l’ll find out Here’s your coffee, my boys Thank you – How do you like the
pictures? – Very nice – l didn’t expect you so early – l
didn’t get the medicines at all These are Joel’s batch mates They
couldn’t come for the wedding Welcome, welcome l’m Noel…Joel’s brother – Did you give them coffee?
– Yes, l just did Thank you so much for coming Which camp of Joel’s were you in? – Kashmir – Kashmir? When? – 2005 – He was in Delhi in 2005 After that, he didn’t work
in Kashmir at all Could l see your lD card? Can you show me your lD card? Show me…may l see it? Papa! How can you let anyone in? You never understand! l don’t like smart people Show me! l have a message for him He’s faster than l thought Why are all their heads circled? He intends killing 1 from each team to
find out which team killed his men That’s what the round is for – Hello? – Hi! l’m Captain Jagdish An intelligence report shows
that you are in danger – Are you safe? – Yes, l’m okay – Sure? – ls there a problem? Just be careful, okay? lf there’s
a problem, call me Okay – Are you okay? – Yes, l’m fine! – l’m safe – l’m fine lf there’s a problem, l’ll
definitely call you All the guys he circled are safe That’s when it’s more dangerous When what we guess doesn’t happen it
means he’s planning something else – Hello? – Jagdish…l’m Amar singh here Somebody has kidnapped
my brother’s daughter What are you saying? Someone took her in a car when
she wentjogging today Complain to the police station
in your area immediately What happened, Jaga? Since they’ll get nothing out of kidnapping
and torturing an army man… …they are kidnapping the
girls in the houses Why are the doing this? To find out which team it is They’ll call and threaten to harm them l’ll send you the numbers of
the men who’ve been circled Call them and find out which
of their girls… …are outside right now Find out those girls’ numbers
and go to the control room Then find out which areas the
girls are in right now – What, da? – Where are you? – l’m going to designing
class – Which area? Powai…why? These are the numbers Find out which area the cell phones are Hello! Jagdish…my sister went
to yoga class this morning She still hasn’t come back
Someone has kidnapped her – Jaga! l wanted to call you – What is it? One of those 5 girls’ SlM card
has already been deactivated And the 2nd girl’s SlM card
also just got deactivated l also got a call…they’ve kidnapped the
other girl as well in just 45 minutes lt has to be a big police force Her family has already complained
to the police in their area Don’t do anything and confuse it What do you intend doing? l’ll tell you Where did the 2nd phone get deactivated? -4 Kms south from where she
studies ln South Mumbai The 1st girl’s phone was deactivated
as soon as she was kidnapped Come to Bandar immediately
l’ll join you on the way Jaga! There are still 3 girls Let’s call and tell them not go anywhere Don’t do anything like that and ruin it The sleeper cell’s head is more
important than those 5 girls You come to Bandar This morning my sister went
to college for a seminar This morning my sister went
to college for a seminar She still hasn’t come back The 4th girl is missing too
There’s only one girl left Hello? At what time? Okay, okay! Don’t be worried lf you get a call from them let me know Fifth girl gone too…yes!! Dude, do you have a conscience? You are a sadist! Did you feel even a little bad
that these girls went missing? The sleeper cell’s head should come
out and you should kill him That’s the only thing which matters to you Balaji! Don’t speak like this
lf we kill that one guy… …there won’t be any terrorist activities
in Mumbai for many years So? You are using those girls as bait? You don’t even feel bad
for their families? There’s no time for such sensitivity l bet you’d feel differently if someone
from your family was kidnapped Yes…l’m not worried about anything My sister was 1 of the girls he kidnapped! He’ll put all the girls he
took in 1 place together We have to rescue them and capture
him at the same time lnstead of Ashrafs sister in the 4th photo
l sent my sister, Sanjana instead – Where are you? – l’m going
to Designing class – Which area? – Powai…why? Go to lPS college immediately… …and get my batch mate,
Ashraf’s sister’s scooty – Why should l drive her scooty?
– Do as l tell you Okay…Levi’s has a 600/o off sale
Will you buy me 3 / 6th pants? You go quickly Are you crazy? Sanjana is so young l’m all panicky! How could you do this to your sibling? l won’t let it go that easily Why did you ask her to come? Here…this is Sanjana’s dupatta Buy me a maroon color top
embroidered on the side – Okay? – You go You try with the dog l’ll look around to check
any suspicious happenings Let’s see… Untie them Show each photo one by one Who knows him? Who knows this man? He’s my brother Go that side My uncle He’s…my brother Who’s he? Your brother? Your brother? Show the next photo My brother Your brother isn’t in any
of these 5 photos? No Show the group photos one by one ls your brother here? ls it him? Who asked you to ride the
other girl’s scooty? My brother told me to – Tell me – The operation is over We know which team it is One guy in that team has substituted
his sister… …for the girl-to-be kidnapped We’ve taken all their sim cards
He’ll have no way of knowing No…no…no He’s not a fool lf he’s sent his own sister,
he has a route to reach you – He will get to you –
What are you saying? Kill that girl before he comes
and leave that place Okay Hey! Get ready Tie up those 4 girls And tie this one, bring her
to the front…quickly! Stop 001 02:00:26:24 02:00:28:16
Turn around He has come here He’s trying
to kill everybody There won’t be problems anymore l’ll
get you all safely into a taxi ln case the police ask
tell them it was dark And that you couldn’t see my face clearly Okay? Get in ‘The operation is over We
know which team it is’ ‘One guy in that team has
substituted his sister’ You sent me there on purpose You set me up He put such a big knife to my throat! lf you had been a little
late, l’d be dead! lt’s only because we took this
risk we were able to catch him So you should take a risk
with your own life What did l do? Why? lf it comes to problems, should only
the police and military men die? Everyone else will sit at home… …look at news channels and comment
about how we should have done it ln your cross fire, if
a bullet had hit me… …what would be my fate? Your life would’ve gone for a toss! Yes…it would have gone! Those who want to destroy -1000s
of innocent lives… …are ready to sacrifice their lives We shouldn’t worry about giving
up ours to save others See…now the main guy got caught He’s not the main guy Someone called him and gave orders Only after that, they took that knife – Bah! – Ah! Mummy! Sorry Finger cutter Oh! Sorry Nail cutter Why are you here? You left me halfway through
So l decided to come here You shouldn’t come here suddenly
and try to scare me Because you never know… …if someone else might be in the room Sandbag…dumb bells You
work out and everything? Not bad Oh did you know? l read a forward message -40 calories get burnt in one deep kiss That is equal to -30 minutes
of speed walk, twenty minutes of swimming Ten minutes of skipping and 5 minutes of- lf you want to be kissed, ask me directly! Don’t tell me you read it
in a forward message… …or as feng shui, ‘vastu’ indirectly You tempt me and then say
These boys are so mean! l could stand in a queue and get kerosene
by the time he kisses me Okay, bye! Hey! Hey! Okay…okay! You’ve come all this way,
no? Then what? Just 40? Let’s burn 80 calories Not here Let’s go there You are the one looking into ‘vastu’ now Close your eyes Eyes close Lip open lf l close my eyes, you’ll run away Who’s that? l told you then lt must be my mother Oh God! Now what do we do? Open the door quickly – Where are you running? –
l’ll hide in the cupboard That cupboard’s engaged
You get into this one What is- Oh you! Did you see the news? lt’s already in the news? Do they have hidden cameras here? Shut up! l’m coming from there only l saw what you did -16 people are dead They are all sleeper cells who
were leading normal lives Their families are all weeping
but nobody’s falling for it We expected this Did you get any clues about
the sleeper cell’s head? l knew it He’s not the main guy The guy who gave orders is still free Why is he coughing like a female? Sorry…sorry Come out Do you never put clothes or
books inside your cupboard? – Hi – Hi ls this your fiance? You want only a petromax light? Your life is destined to be in coma! ”Take my heart, dear Come…come near” ”Silver moon, on land you emerged Smiling,
into my heart you merged” ”Pearly moon, on soil you emerged
Smiling, my heart you submerged” ”As in my dream you are heart-deep
l’m still asleep” ”Your breath touched my soul
So l hold onto you whole” ”Earthquake are you, my dear beauty? On
a closer scrutiny, bouquet dainty” ”Fire or water, a mesmerized spell Both
entwined in a girl’s heart dwell” ”Yearning to be embraced this
girl’s body so graced” ”Shining moon, on ground you surged Smiling,
into my heart you splurged” ”lnto my iris you came on display
l discovered a new ‘me’ next day” ”Hook and not fish-like are your eyes l fell
for you, girl, found joy King-size” ”My love’s state in uproar
lnto my heart a downpour” ”Pure moon, on land you emerged Smiling,
into my heart you merged” ”As in my dream you are heart-deep
l’m still asleep” ”Your breath touched my soul
So l hold onto you whole” ‘Early this morning in Andheri
West a man was found dead…’ ‘…on a roadside dump yard’ ‘With a couple of fingers severed
he was found badly bruised too’ ‘Police claim that he was tortured
extensively before being killed’ ‘The man who has been identified
as Asif Ali…’ ‘…is said to have connections with the
12 sleeper cells shot dead last week’ ‘Dead man part of sleeper cell network’ …because he couldn’t get
any information from him ln this 12 men is the one you
are searching for, right? He is a cold blooded murderer Heat him up Think bigger Attack big He’ll come out Show him the power of sleeper cells You go inside, mom l’ll come Come Fast Let’s finish the game l need you…alive Call your team mate, Chandra Ask him
if he’s at lnfinity mall, Andheri And tell him in 10 seconds,
he’ll be blasted Hey…hey! What happened, Jaga? How are you? Chandra! Where are you? – l’m outside with my family
– l know but where? lnfinity mall Chandra, there’s a bomb in that
building…come out right now What are you saying? Just get out immediately There’s
only 5 seconds left There are a lot of people here, dude Listen to me Alert everybody And get out of there Chandra, get out Come on, man, get out! Chandra? Hello? How was the audio? Not just him l know where exactly each one
of the remaining 11 are Each one of them is being followed
by a sleeper cell You want to check? Siddarth Shetty…Leopold Cafe
Neil Mani…Mahalakshmi temple Ashraf…Crawford market Jigar
Singh…Cinemax theatre Siddarth…Juhu beach Vishal.
..Leelavathy hospital Jabbar…Fashion street
Jagdish…Bandra market Sumesh Krishna…City mall Harpreet
Singh…Sea link fast foods Surendra…Churchgate station l’ll take out the next guy now Your team mate, Jagdish
is now in Bandra market ln another 3 seconds, the
place where he is… …is going to be blasted Three… Two… One… Boo?! Got scared? You do fear? l didn’t bomb him l don’t need their lives l…need…you Okay…okay Don’t do anything to anyone
l…l will…come Good…good decision You…be ready Who are all these people? We only know officers who died in border
wars and counter terrorism actions These are the people who
were injured in it ln most professions you get a promotion …after you serve well all your life But in the army and police
you get retirement – Jagdish? – Hey They are ready Hi, friends l’ve already spoken to all of you
individually over the phone The time l was waiting for has arrived We’re all going to get together
and execute an assignment Tomorrow morning, l’m meeting the man… …who is the head of sleeper cells When l see him, no one can follow me That’s why l’ll slip a tracking chip
in my body even before l meet him From the control room you must track me… …and tell him exactly where l am l’ve brought the medicine that
we use in the army… …to treat bomb wounds, secretly You’ll get it all this evening You have to make plastic
explosives using them And give them this evening to him You find out where they’re taking me with
Balaji’s help and bring them there They’ll take me to a secluded location So bring the explosives in
a car there and leave Okay…l don’t know why they
want me alive as of now But l want the bomb to burst
in the 15th minute… …of my meeting the sleeper cell’s head l want the sleeper cell’s head to
burst along with me…go smash! Then all the sleeper cells
turn into coma cells Then lifelong they won’t get any orders lt’s like a suicide attack Are you kidding? You are talking about a suicide attack – And they are applauding you!
– He’s such a dangerous man Why should you die because he’s dangerous? Have you thought about your family? Who doesn’t have a family? When the Taj hotel was attacked… …they bid a normal bye
to their family members Hemant Karkare and Vijay Salaskar They died in 20 minutes flat! Don’t they have a family? All these war veterans gave
their limbs and spines Aren’t they still happy? Don’t
they have a family? An army man won’t get a better
opportunity than this Jaga… Those who want to destroy -1000s
of innocent lives… …are ready to sacrifice their lives We shouldn’t worry about giving
up ours to save others l’ve thought about what l’m doing lf you want to do something for me… Nothing…in my house… …my family members are
very gullible and naive And l have 2 younger sisters lf you are free, please check up on them The engagement is in just 4 days All
of a sudden, you are saying no No…not for now, let’s get
engaged next time l’m here The marriage is only next year
lt’s just the engagement now That’s what…not now First you said you didn’t like
me Then you said you do Now…do you dislike me again? Don’t you understand what l’m saying? But, not easy to forget you
lt’ll take a long time – My person is next to you
– No, there’s no one here Do you see, across the road,
a 3525 silver lndigo car? Take the car and come to 101
Growell mall, Kandivali? Park the car there and take
the black Honda city 7087 And go to Bombay Stock Exchange What’s your name? – My name is Jagdish – Oh…Telugu? He’s a Telugu Guy l know a Telugu But l know Telugu People even more You don’t know why l haven’t killed
you or what is in store for you? These are all the cars that you parked Look what’s inside these cars We won’t make them explode
We’ll inform the police They’ll want to know who masterminded this And then… By the time the police come
looking for you… …l’d have killed you
and your entire team Do you know who would have killed you …and diffused the bombs
at the right time? Look at the monitor Joint
Secretary in Defense We’ll credit him with the killing of the
12 sleeper cells which you pulled off They’ll themselves conclude
that you are a double agent He’ll become the next Defense Secretary lt’s only in the lndian Army that
there are no sleeper cells With his help, we’ll put many sleeper
cells in the lndian Army… …and do whatever we want ‘l must not die’ ‘l just must not die’ ‘Sleeper cells in the army will
be our nation’s cancer’ ‘Think! l need to escape from here’ Do you have any death wish? What is it called? Last wish…huh? Yes…l want to be beaten to death by you – Huh? – You have to beat me to death Heard that? His last wish is
that l beat him till he dies Okay Now take my handcuffs off and hit me What? Release my lock and then hit me Listen…! Your boss hits me with my hands tied! What do you think of him now? After breaking my hand and despite
your henchmen to protect you… …you fear me! You should, da After breaking my hand and with
the protection of so many… …you are still scared to undo
my handcuff and hit me, right? l like that fear What is he doing? Shoot him He’s a tricky guy Don’t listen to him Just shoot him You can’t beat him l mean… Unlock him What you said is right
We should kill the guy Just give me the order and l’ll kill him No…no What do l do? l’m telling you No other way Shoot them both Weapons down You are not smart Even if you kill me… …all the details to control sleeper
cells are on that ship They’ll continue it -3…2…1…! Don’t you understand? Die along with suspense lf he had said he’d liked
her the day he arrived… lf he had said he’d liked
her the day he arrived… …we could’ve sent them
off as a married couple! …we could’ve sent them
off as a married couple! No one listens here either No one listens here either Not serious about anything What to do? Not serious about anything What to do? Sir! Sir! Super pair, sir Super pair, sir Do you know something? Do you know something? The only reason they are
together is thanks to me The only reason they are
together is thanks to me – You? – Yes! – You? – Yes! Sir! The day we arrived, his dad took
him away in a hurry to see this girl Sir! The day we arrived, his dad took
him away in a hurry to see this girl First he said no, then she said no
Then when they both said yes… First he said no, then she said no
Then when they both said yes… Some weirdo came and confused them both! Some weirdo came and confused them both! Now everything’s been solved Now everything’s been solved So, how did you help them out? So, how did you help them out? You said some weirdo barged in, no? You said some weirdo barged in, no? That weirdo was me! That weirdo was me! Yes, sir Yes, sir Hey! What is it? Hey! What is it? Truly, the army is great Truly, the army is great For the next 11 months… For the next 11 months… …you’ll be holed up in a small tent
in some snow ridden or desert area …you’ll be holed up in a small tent
in some snow ridden or desert area Sitting under the lamplight, thinking
ofwhat happened these 40 days… Sitting under the lamplight, thinking
ofwhat happened these 40 days… …looking at family photos over and
over again…is your life, right? …looking at family photos over and
over again…is your life, right? ”Dear heart, bid farewell gently These
fond memories weigh heavily” ”Dear heart, bid farewell gently These
fond memories weigh heavily” ”Mother Earth, we bid adieu A
distant place we trudge to” ”Mother Earth, we bid adieu A
distant place we trudge to” ”Bonds that bind and separate ln
me pain that pleases infiltrate” ”Bonds that bind and separate ln
me pain that pleases infiltrate” ”We trudge, we track to a remote barrack” ”We trudge, we track to a remote barrack” ”Ties that bind…leaving behind” ”Ties that bind…leaving behind” ”Emotions in my soul enshrined” ”Emotions in my soul enshrined” ”See you…ciao?” ”See you…ciao?” ”Friend’s face walks on my heart’s space
Love’s breeze also wafts with grace” ”Friend’s face walks on my heart’s space
Love’s breeze also wafts with grace” ”ln this journey precious
thoughts will haunt me” ”ln this journey precious
thoughts will haunt me” ”Trekking through hills and forest
bonds of love will slam my chest” ”Trekking through hills and forest
bonds of love will slam my chest” ”New born to cuddle fondly l yearn avidly” ”New born to cuddle fondly l yearn avidly” ”Waves a 1000 fold Memories
in our hearts untold” ”Waves a 1000 fold Memories
in our hearts untold” ”Dear moments often replayed ”Dear moments often replayed


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