USPS Investigating Postal Worker Caught Carelessly Tossing A Package | NBC Nightly News

USPS Investigating Postal Worker Caught Carelessly Tossing A Package | NBC Nightly News


  1. David Ellis says:

    Nice Job ! ! Lol " Handle With Care "

  2. SunshineSurfsup1 says:

    Compared to other news this is total comedy relief… I can’t believe it made the list for reporting.

  3. Dante Reed says:

    yeet or be yeeted

  4. Elizabeth Power Larson says:

    Geez, that is shameful, I bet there are plenty of people that would be happy to take her job!
    Very Thankful for our carrier she is so thughtful and kind, we live i rural area, houses more set back, addresses hard to see and she makes sure to get things right for us=)

  5. Michael Foley says:

    And because it's the government she will be aloud to keep her job…ridiculous.

  6. Jimmy Gray says:

    That postal worker is going to get fired once his boss finds out.

  7. Ray M says:

    her life matters….

  8. Vi Reina Queen Bee says:


  9. usethefooorce says:

    This is news??

  10. jrufus11 says:

    I'm a black man and I'm not surprised it's a black woman the lack of respect certain black women have for people in general is appalling

  11. 4catsnow says:

    What would people think goes on at the distribution centers?

  12. Adam Świtlak says:

    This postal worker does his job much better than the POTUS

  13. cams bae says:

    hahahahahah! this is funny! that throw was similar to what ive seen inside usps facilities,,,common people dont be shocked, its a normal thing.

  14. James Sailors says:

    Why ain't she fired?

  15. ZD Crafts says:

    USPS Mail Carrier Trays for sale here.

  16. LaCretia Giddens says:

    Looking forward to Amazon taking over, too many postal workers with bad attitudes and poor service walking around🙂

  17. sassy girl says:

    Nothing will happen to the postal worker,mine forge my signature and kept my package I informed the post office,l was told it was signed and the carrier said it was delivered so that's it ,they can do whatever they what.

  18. timmy says:

    i saw a package tossed up on a balcony

  19. Thomsun OM says:

    I work for Usps, this is what I do at work

  20. Larry King says:

    Ask yourself why so many blacks work at postal service ?????

  21. Aaron B says:

    cant wait until the next depression comes and these people are in the bread line lol

  22. Lithus17 says:

    This is because civil service jobs are being given to underqualified minorities due to forced diversity job quotas. Thank a liberal for this.

  23. Parker Moore says:

    She deserves to be fired

  24. Sunday White Rabbit says:

    It kills ebay sellers. File insurance claims maybe then the USPS will care about the packages to which the shipping pays their salaries.

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