Video 1: Email Marketing Solutions 2017: What is Email Marketing & How it Works?

Video 1: Email Marketing Solutions 2017: What is Email Marketing & How it Works?

Alright guys, I welcome you to this email marketing guide which is a complete step-by-step Comprehensive definitive ultimate whatever adjective you add it to email marketing guide You can add it because I’m gonna go from starting from scratch alright from the basic level to the pro Advanced level even I’m gonna show you all the stuff which are mentioned over here on my screen something like this Subscribe button on your post on each and every post right at the bottom, and how to link to that email marketing software I’m also gonna show you how to build these kind of beautiful pages and how to link this kind of Boxes to your email marketing tools, I’m also gonna show you plain and simple forms like this Which you can just link it to your email marketing tool. I’m also gonna show you something which is like this page Where you have this email form? these kind of opt-ins, and how you can have your Autoresponders which will be sent on day 1 day 2 day 3 and all these long form emails like this alright How you can set it up? How you can have this customized mobile form ready to go? How you can have these email marketing set up? Everything step-by-step in this particular video, which is like what is email marketing? How email works? We’re gonna go step-by-step through every single thing alright so without further ado Let’s just jump into that and I welcome you all of you I welcome all of you to this particular video where we gonna learn email marketing solutions automation absolutely for free 100% free and trust me guys these kind of Tutorial these kind of trainings are being taught in high five paid courses worth $1,000 all right, so let’s begin first thing we need to know is what is email marketing now This is a basic stuff right. I’m sure you might be like most of the people watching this video. You might tell Pratik why are you telling us? What is email marketing now? I know guys that People who are watching this video are people who are gonna watch this video I don’t know probably I don’t know when you are watching this video. I am recording this video as of now today It’s 9th of October 2017 alright and I’m not sure where and when you are watching this video and Where are you coming from people watching this video would come from various different walks of life people might be beginner intermediate Or people might not even know what digital marketing is or what? email marketing is so they might be hearing this for the first of time so to keep everybody on the same page and To make sure that I go from basics to intermediate to advanced into Pro section I’m gonna go step by step alright so first and the foremost thing you need to know is what is email marketing Now you hear people say and guys before I jump into anything in the nodes or something like that. Don’t worry I’ll keep the link in the description of this video or something around this video. You’ll find some resources where Whatever, I’ll be showing you on this video You can get access to that alright 100% free and obviously the tools and software’s which I’ll be using They would be from the company so obviously You’ll have to pay or maybe a couple of them would be free things like that But I will give you all the resources link which you can access and this document is completely free I will put up the link somewhere around this video, so you can just hit that and access this particular Document alright and this document is prepared specifically. It’s it’s not something kind of a PowerPoint slide It’s plain and simple easy Form as easy as bread and butter guys. It’s something very I will be talking to you I have prepared this nodes as if I am talking to you as if you are sitting in front of me And I’m speaking and like like simply talking to you explaining to you one-on-one all right So these nodes are that damn easy So what is email marketing now you hear people saying grow your business with email marketing You might get some clients as well Which tell you that I want to grow my business with email marketing grow your business with marketing automation auto follow ups But what exactly do you mean by email marketing? Now is it the one which you regularly send and receive a Gmail Yahoo, Hotmail and many out Many many others out there the answer is plain and simple no as I’ve mentioned over here. It’s it’s totally different Let’s take a scenario where you want to send an email to 10 different people Regarding an update of your newly launched product, which may be anything from an e-book to a physically shipped product Let us take an example of something very new launched an energy drink as a product all right Would you be sending an email from Gmail to 10,000 people? You might say long all right exactly? You you look crazy if you send 10,000 emails Like like for a single product, and it might hit the spam folder as well So let’s take another scenario where you have a web form on your website, which I showed you earlier something like this right Oh web form something like this or maybe something like this Or maybe something like this all right right over here any kind of web form so let’s suppose you have a web form on your website when a visitor can fill out and they can download a free video tutorial or whatever whatever you are selling over there and After the visitor fills out the respective form and gets the video for free Normally you also want to send a welcome email instantly all right you want to say hey Thank you for downloading your e thank you for downloading the video or thank you for accessing my course or thank you for accessing The information which was provided on my website blah blah, blah, I you know acknowledge So would you be monitoring 24/7 for your web form so that you can send an email? Instantly to all those people when they opt in for the video Obviously not all right you go crazy once again If you just sit on your web form like 24 hours without doing anything else and just keeping a watch When people are filling up the form and you send an email manually no that’s that’s Totally like like logically that’s impossible as they would never get an instant email Because being a human you will always have a lab you’ll always have a deal so the question still remains unanswered What exactly is email marketing now? Let’s let’s see what people are saying about this all right people like Wikipedia Weber pedia now I’m gonna read all of these things because you anyways gonna get this particular document Access, but I’ve got this resource from Wikipedia Let’s click on this link so it says straight from the Wikipedia’s don’t all right, so that’s over here Let’s close that and similarly from Weber pedia everything email comm KISSmetrics everyone saying some of the other things are With respect to email marketing varying like let’s say KISSmetrics in the guide to email marketing KISSmetrics has mentioned that It’s one of those legendary pieces of internet history Formed when the road was still being paved And we were foraging our way to the wilderness of what was the original world wide web my goodness that was tough to grasp right So let’s make it as simple as bread and butter in plain and simple term guys email marketing is all about Promoting your brand or service Why an email with the receiver who is gonna receive your email has given you a permission? Directly or indirectly to send them an email from your name all right so let’s suppose if you are receiving my email you have Indirectly or directly given me some permission with respect to something which you might have done on your on my website that yes Prety you can send me an email It’s essentially any email a company sends out to people But there are a few approaches to it which are covered in the later section of this particular video and in this particular email marketing solution series Now this is not done by Gmail Yahoo Hotmail or any other similar ones which are out there But this is done by automated email marketing software which we wanna see in a while in this journey of email marketing But before that let’s actually go into the past of email marketing Let’s learn a little bit about history of email marketing 1978 it was when Gary Tork of Digital Equipment Corp had sent out the first mass email alright 1978 just just imagine how far it is its 2017 right now he had sent it to approximately 400 potential clients while the Advanced Research Projects Agency network Which resulted in $13 million all right 30 million US dollars? Worth of sales in dec products now. I’m not gonna go into the deep deep of that It’s it’s just on Google so you can just google it This is not that important, but I just wanted to give you the tip of iceberg of The history of email marketing now this was the point in time which highlight The potential of marketing through mass emails about the bulk emails or email marketing automation So now let’s understand how actually email works all right. How exactly email works Let’s take the first case I’m gonna give I’m gonna go to a couple of cases over here first cases let’s say there are two frames Sarah and Kim all right and Let’s suppose Sarah’s email Address is Sarah is awesome at and Kim’s email addresses Kim is always awesome at Now I’m sure that that email is a little bit funny, but I don’t know I’m very fascinated with the word awesome I always like to say awesome awesome awesome life is awesome. We all are awesome all right, so let’s say These are the two email addresses for Sarah and Kim and Sarah wants to send her wishes by an email to Kim on Friendship Day Let’s see what will happen when an email is sent by Sarah Which is a sender to Kim who is gonna be receiver in this first case scenario, so? When an email is sent from Sarah is awesome at – Kim is always awesome at Gmail is gonna check the domain of recipient who is Yahoo Obviously because it’s being sent from gmail to Yahoo so gmail is gonna check the domain of Recipient and here it passes through to spam filter mechanism Gmail would have its own spam filter and Yahoo would also have one all of its own Let’s take the second case let’s say Romeo and Juliet are a cute couple Which indeed they were and they have the below mentioned email address Rubio’s email address let’s say is Romeo is a romantic boy at And Juliet’s email addresses Juliet is a beautiful girl at I don’t know how I come to know and how I come and I mean how I get these ideas I don’t know anyways so Romeo wants to send us wishes why an email to Juliet on Valentine d So let’s see what happens when an email is sent by Romeo who is center over here and Juliet who is a receiver in our second case so when an email is sent from Romeu is a romantic boy at – Is a beautiful girl at the email passes through only one spam filter mechanism Which is or Gmail because it’s being sent from Gmail to Gmail all right as compared to the first case right now over here It would be just one spam freedom, so let’s summarize the working of email in spam filters So if it was from Gmail to Gmail than one spam filter, which is also known as Local delivery and this one is actually faster And the receiver would receive the email in about like less than 20 seconds if Gmail – if Gmail – Yahoo or Yahoo – Gmail or any two different kind of things all right Then to spam filters would be there And it would also be known as foreign delivery there would be a little bit time of delay maybe up to one minute for the receiver to receive the email and If you are a little bit techie, and not a digital marketer right over here Then you might be looking for some technical working behind the email marketing or email working so you can always click here And you can just visit for technical terms now this is purely and purely for marketing purpose for digital marketers, so I’m not going to go deep inside the technicalities of how an email works that was just a basic understanding of how An email works which a digital marketer marketer should be aware about and glad that you made it to this point And I’m super excited for you to give you more and more value so right over here as you can see This is the video which you need to see next right now at this moment And if you still not have then do it this subscribe button which is right over here Let me know What do you think about this video and all other value stuff you want throw my end on daily Mises Comment below this video, and I look forward to see you and this one


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