1. video is good bt what i personally feel is that facebook is a very unprofessional platform for the users,it's good for simply having a chat on likes and dislikes,sharing some personal pics n videos…bt today's youth needs something additional so as to build their professional contacts and career opportunities. here facebook won't work. sites like linkedIn And ApnaCircle are providing a professional platform to the marketers and youth as well for the promotional purpose

  2. Yes, Mili I'm glad that you as a Social Media Queen has find this Facebook marketing Software interesting. It is really helpful to build your list and relationship.

  3. Yes, it's ok and I can see that you watched FbWebinars Demo presentation already. I hope you've enjoyed it. It's a great Facebook Marketing solution for all the webmasters. 🙂

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    Integrating social media with your SEO efforts will surely get your results!

  5. You seriously have something going on here. Excellent video with an idea excellent for marketing in Facebook. Excellent job!

  6. This surely has something valuable. Social networking should be included in every online campaign to get more traffic and stronger web presence.

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