VLOGMAS ’19 #1 [CC]

VLOGMAS ’19 #1 [CC]

hello my chronically awesome friends I’m
back I’m back in America I got home the day before Thanksgiving and I’ve just
been resting a lot you might be able to hear Digby’s groans in the background he’s getting old and fat and grumbly kind of like me I look like hell
because I’m still recovering from the trip I mean, let’s be honest, I
look like hell because I feel like hell because of chronic illness like why why do I
still try to make excuses for it this is just what I look like now I didn’t get as
much footage in England as I really wanted to because we didn’t end up doing
a lot because I was stuck in bed a lot more than I hoped I would be I really only got footage from one day that we went down to the to the beach which we
only went down the beach one day because I was only up to it one day so I’m
working through that footage and I’m gonna edit it together
and upload it probably within the next week but I decided it’s December first
I’ve never done Vlogmas before and now’s as good a time as any this is how you do
vlogmas right? so I have a pretty busy December coming up my jaw is out of
place I have a handful of doctor and specialist appointments and I am
overhauling my twitch stream like completely changing it around and a lot
is happening with that I’m moving my home office to a different room in the
house which completely needs redone and I’m doing it all myself which I mean
let’s be honest I might just end up covering everything with a sheet but the
goal is to not do that and to do it all right but I mean you just you really
never know I’m supposed to be starting the low fodmap diet this month we’ll see
if that happens I just went grocery shopping and a lot of it was not low
fodmap so I might just wait until next year to start that twitch stuff, home
office stuff, doctor stuff uhhhhh YouTube stuff one painted finger nail I’m opening
my Etsy shop again it’s been closed for I think about a year and I’m reopening
that and if I have any amount of energy left over whatsoever I’m going to open a
DePop shop which I already have it open it’s @StynaLane obviously, but I
don’t have anything in it so hopefully I’ll be able to fill that up and also I
have a roommate now my best friend Shady moved in with me before I left for
England so I want to try to get their room set up and painted so that they can
actually move into it because right now they kind of have to live in the living
room because their room is currently owned by a cat a pretty busy month but I
want to try to do vlogmas throughout it so we’ll see how it goes
either I will do it or I will not do it or I will do part of it those are the
options I will hopefully have a proper video up for you guys within probably
the next week and a half maybe two weeks um it’ll just be the content from
England that I filmed and then we’ll try to get back into releasing weekly
videos again like before but yeah so that’s that’s that ummm happy December
this year’s almost over we’re rolling into a new decade and I believe in us
we’ve we’ve got this we’ve super got this I’ll see you guys later


  1. kat kaplan says:

    I seriously can’t believe it was a year since your last vid prior to your last one I mean. It’s great to see you back, if I didn’t comment before.

  2. euphie2 says:

    So glad you made it home safely!

  3. David Love says:

    So glad to have you back!

  4. Shay Monika says:

    Do as many vlogs & videos as you're comfortable with! No pressure. But it is AWESOME to see you on my feed again!! This year has been a shitshow, but… As you said, "we got this." I'm trying to hang onto that. 🖤

  5. Nicola Bannister says:

    Good luck with everything!! I'm low FODMAP for IBS and it's worked wonders. Once you get your head around it its ok. I made a list of all the foods I could have and liked which helped a lot in the beginning, as did support groups on fb!

  6. Chronically Angelic Rose says:

    So great to see you my my subscription feed again! I'm also doing Vlogmas this year if you're interested. The first video should be up sometime today.

  7. Ashley Brown says:

    <3 <3 <3

  8. Aidan Kedzierski says:

    I'm glad to see you back! I also have a specialist appointment this month. And my birthday. And finals. And general holiday stuff. And driving home. And a road trip with my best friend. It's a busy December, but we can do this!

  9. Ceara Mhic Cuarta says:

    So glad to see you back!

  10. will straw says:

    Glad to see you up and about. Inspiring indeed. You have written three novels and done so much you inspire me even though i don't know you. Blessings to you

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