VOLAT Truck hãng sản xuất xe tải hàng đầu thế giới của Cộng hòa Bêlarut

VOLAT Truck hãng sản xuất xe tải hàng đầu thế giới của Cộng hòa Bêlarut

Hello everyone, come to truck channel 365 Today we will learn about the Volat car company a truck company of Belorussian Republic Minsk Wheel Traction Plant Joint Stock Company Trading name MWTP is one of the leading manufacturers in the world about specialized wheel chassis and large trucks and the ability to overcome difficult terrain MWTP was established in 1954 as a special design office of Minsk Automobile Plant MAz Minsk factory was established to develop artillery tractors They later developed a series of heavy weapon transport ships for the Soviet army including heavy trucks like Maz 537 and Maz 7310 At 1991 MWTP was withdrawn from Maz and became an independent company Now The company has more than 66 years of experience in design and manufacturing allowing the company to create cars that operate in rough conditions and capable of running on any terrain Operate in the temperature range up to 50 degrees Celsius and freight up to 250 tons MWTP equipment is used in strategic missile forces ground force Air defense force radio intelligence Technical soldiers and logistics MWTP is one of the few automobile manufacturers in the world can develop test and deploy production Wide range of vehicles in line with individual customer requirements in the shortest time MWTP civil truck is branded as Volat Volat is literally the Giant The high quality and performance of the Volat vehicle are guaranteed by MWTP’s unique engineering solutions by using parts from leading manufacturers as well as modern high-tech equipment Car VOLAT There are more than 200 different models famous in the Republic of Belarus Meet the most stringent requirements of customers Volat vehicles gain a strong reputation not only in the domestic market but also in foreign armed forces MWTP supplies its products to more than 22 countries including the armed forces of Russia Belarus, Turkey and UAE Thank you for watching the video on truck channel 365 Please subscribe to the channel and share the video


  1. sadem cuvo says:

    Bellaz với volaz rồi maz nốt cho đủ tập đoàn bác đi tìm xem công ty điện lực có một con volaz để kéo siêu trường siêu trọng nhìn hài lắm xe to đùng ca bin bé tẹo

  2. James Campbell says:

    Impressive portfolio!

  3. Huy Tran says:

    Tải trọng 250 tấn , về Việt nam kéo gấp 4 lần luôn.

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