We Lost Our Son in the Mail | I Mailed Myself to Ryan Toysreview | Thumbs Up Kids

We Lost Our Son in the Mail | I Mailed Myself to Ryan Toysreview | Thumbs Up Kids

we didn’t win the playdate with Ryan’s
toysreview when sebastian opened the gold egg so now we’re gonna do the next
best thing. We’re going to mail ourselves to Ryans before you get started make sure to
click that subscribe button for more fun crazy kid reviews and hit thumbs up and
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miss another fun video we’re gonna take our Ryan’s toys with us to play with
Ryan yeah sebastian are you excited to play with Ryans Toy Review review dad can you
help us get in the box? sebastian are you ready to go on this fun adventure to
Ryan’s house are you nervous now you’re gonna be in this box
with your two brothers are you sure about this
are you okay hanging out with jayden and corinne in the box okay it’s gonna be a
rough ride are you gonna take some stuff with you what are you gonna take with
you you’re gonna take the Ryan’s blue egg putty the squishy red tight and Ryan and you’re gonna take Gus the gummy
Gator and you got some more Ryan’s world putty
yeah and what do you got jayden? combo panda and more putty cool alright you guys ready yeah
who’s going first let’s go Jayden it first then cream and
then smash it okay step aside let’s get Jayden you ready to say goodbye to
everybody you get in there make make room cuz your
sisters coming in okay corinne you ready Wow okay Jaden’s in there pop I mean
gran let’s get you up all right you guys in that you in there corinne this
she’s squishing you crane be easy with your brother now okay we’ll see you in a
couple of days okay next up Sebastian okay guys this is my favorite part all right Sebastian you guys make room
here comes sebastian string okay bye-bye don’t squish your brother okay what else
you guys need you need some food and drinks okay let’s see if we get some
food and drinks all right let me get you that stuff before I forget subscribe
click the button down below subscribe here comes your pillow all right
the kids love the kids love these pretzels enjoy you need a drink you stay hydrated here
Corinne and jayden Sebastian going for you – what else am I
missing you guys the emails alright so I gave you pretzels that’s good for
breakfast how about some Kit Kats for lunch there you go there you go and
there you go and you all have to share the M&Ms for different now I hope this
trips fast cos you don’t have a lot of food we’ll see you in two days hey guys in case any of you get motion
sickness here’s a bucket a paw patrol bucket okay
guys I’m gonna take you to the mail truck another part that I enjoy this is
the best part oops okay here we go okay guys we’re in the yeah yeah yeah do
you think we should play some games with my hands – yeah stringcourse to make sure not to
drink it all we only have two days hire me to forget your drinks don’t
drink your own data I only have one small bucket whoa must be here let’s get ready open it we have some toys as well yeah
look at all this cool stuff we get up go home and open and didn’t try and say
that we can do this very civil way yeah we’re gonna give it away to one of our
lucky fans the one see ya lemme think so here’s Ryan and with
combo panda Ryan and no let’s using the open D maybe once they get home I’m
getting tired I hope her home soon Hey Lily no session first wishes so mommy
daddy’s all these to me hey guys it’s been two days and the thumbs up kids or
in the mail we got a box back and I hope it’s the box that has the thumbs up kids
then we sent to Ryan’s toy review let’s shake it and see hey you Sebastian do
you think are in Wow sneaky in there somebody’s got some Bo hey gang what do
you have okay thanks for the bucket Jayden don’t you go let me help you let
me help y’all come on get out don’t step on your brother’s head getting out of
the box that was a fun adventure dad I’m glad you had fun
you might need a bath yes alright gran are you still ok there you want to come
out all right come on and tell me and Gus the gummy Gator dad that was like
totally amazing totally amazing oh did you miss me at least you didn’t squish
your brother did you you don’t feel too good
Sebastian you okay you’re eight no choice we got what are you guys watching
I got Tori oh you got a Ryan’s world mystery figure well look at all the
different options we get to what else you have in there small tree
your race oh the racer run mother Ryans world
mystery figure wow you got a Ryan’s world pal combo Panda what is that gonna
Ryan’s world mystery squishy figure oh yeah well you got Ryan’s world mystery
putty you like the Ryan’s putty don’t you another ryan wow you got more
grinds toy review putty Wow well you took him you took red tie motion and
right didn’t keep him he let you out it was nice oh this is what was it this was
your giant mystery blue egg series 2 putty wait what is it you got a right it’s got
come a panda red titan ryan mouth no wow and it’s got a soccer ball on it did
you see that and our fur right that’s pretty cool what else is in there
smashing wow you’re super excited to get to Ryan’s world blue mystery egg why do
you have the mystery egg what’s this one we already open this egg why do you
look like Ryan wants you to give away a blue egg yeah Wow hey guys we’re gonna
give away this really cool Ryan’s world mystery surprise blue egg
only available Walmart let us know in the comments down below if you’d like to
win this also make sure you subscribe to this channel hit that notification bell
if you want to be notified when we do our next video and given the
instructions on how to enter the giveaway for the Ryan’s world blue egg
the only available at Walmart let us know give us some ideas in the comments
what do you think we should do to give this away let us let us know if you
haven’t seen yet check out this video right here where Sebastian actually went
on a scavenger hunt at granny in real life and he saved the Ryan’s world blue
egg and we opened it up so give you an idea of what’s in this egg looks like
you’re excited to get out did you miss daddy Oh another kiss you would open up
the toys yeah that’s awesome good are you ready to open up all your toys from
Ryan’s toy review you would open up what’s inside tell me and I will see
what’s inside are you excited yeah who do you think it is we’ll look it up okay hey guys look at
space bass Ryan x marks the spot it’s ryan with a pirate shirt you have
motorcross ryan with a trophy where he glows in the dark
that is infrared Robo ryan glow in the dark and he is a never see what’s inside
gold it so Sebastian wants me to open the mystery plushie the mystery squishy who
do you think it is a squishy it could be red titan Gus professor Ryan
Taekwondo Ryan normal Ryan and combo Panda is a rare figure it’s white plastic Ryan take a look at
professor Ryan please show the camera what you got wait a
second the floor is lava three two one ryan
boy he got multi orange it is he’s llama he got molten orange and they’re slime hey there’s your ryans world putty
do you like Ryan’s world putty wow this fishy friendz always wanted it horribly
squishy and who woulda thought your first or be squishy is combo Panda oh we
want to touch it to the boys okay guys did you have fun with Ryan and off his
cool new toys hey guys if you want a chance to win this blue egg make sure
you click that subscribe button and smash that we’re taking back so that way
when we announce the details on the giveaway you’ll be first to know and
make sure to share this video with all your friends if until next time you


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