“Website Choices” – Obama for America TV Ad Reddit Parody


What websites do you want your president to visit? The Washington Post reports that Mitt Romney spends his free time browsing 9Gag Gawker reports that Romney wants to kick every atheist off of Facebook Mitt Romney wants to watermark your cats photos and install a porn filter on every new computer Does that sound like your kind of president? You need a president who makes political
decisions based on what he reads on /r/politics. “This is all pretty uh, pretty convenient” You need a president who loves Shitty_Watercolour and hates karmanaut “You know that guy ain’t shit!” You need a president who occasionally posts to Gonewild “I have cleared this with Michelle” Barack Obama The bacon narwhals at midnight I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.


  1. I knew the president was a southpaw, but I never knew he actually used the MOUSE with his left hand.

    That crazy son of a Kenyan.

  2. So full of bravery I don't even. I hope you can all sleep at night, I know I won't. I will check under my bed for Mitt from now until ever.

  3. Glad you're enjoying them. Unfortunately, the best ones take a lot of time to produce and there's only one person—me—working on them, and that's only in my spare time.

  4. > You need a president who makes political decisions based on what he reads in r/politics.
    > This is all pretty convenient.

    Hands down the best party.

  5. Hmm, no counter claims or facts to persuade me otherwise? Just an insult at my political preference? Your,sir, are a pitiful waste of matter. I bid you good day.


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