Welcome to The University of Manchester

Welcome to The University of Manchester

Now is the turning point of your life… Trepidation lingers as the familiar disappears But embrace it! Revel in the tangled anxiety of the unknown Great things await those that go in search Manchester – this great city of trailblazing innovation where revolutions find their heart and culture finds its soul. It will subvert your expectations in the years approaching. These are the years where you’ll discover who you are – the years where you’ll start tackling society’s biggest challenges and begin to make a difference to the world and the people around us. If there’s one thing we can guarantee: you too, will change. You will grow – you’re coming to a place that enables, empowers, inspires – a place that helps YOU realise the dreams that are sown here. Where your journey will intertwine and align with the paths of others, where the friendships you’ll forge will last a lifetime. Here is a place where you’ll grow to stand shoulder to shoulder with giants Side by side with friends – break conventions, discover new ways of being curious, carve your own path Pioneer YOUR way of doing things because your way is the Manchester way. Whether you’re coming from near or far… Welcome to the University of Manchester


  1. glenn sanders says:

    Who needs Oxford and Cambridge when Manchester has got the best?

  2. Maryam Shehab says:

    What's the title of the background music?

  3. me jirayu says:

    I love Manchester United one day I will study at Manchester university and watch man utd playing every week!

  4. aggelos96boom says:

    anyone know the background music??

  5. Spycrab117 says:

    Background music anyone?

  6. Luis Betancourt says:

    Well this is pretty convincing

  7. Some David Bowie/ Queen Fan says:

    This is my dream university

  8. Nassr Al-Saifi says:

    very inspiring, motivating, i loved it

  9. Moh Arif Rohmatullah says:

    very inspiring and stimulating

  10. PA R says:

    I used to live in Belfast and moved to America, I hope to be attending the university of Manchester in 3 years

  11. David Hanbury says:

    If you get in go, best decision I ever made was going to this great school. Good times!

  12. Natalia Sredzinska says:

    Ahh struggling to choose between Manchester and UEA for uni, both are amazinggg 🙁 i'll never be able to decide

  13. saba rao says:

    #dreamland….i wish i would be there

  14. James Williams says:

    The first university promo I've seen that's genuinely inspiring.

  15. Zorba Black says:

    I have watched this vid tons of times while waiting for the scholarship result to study at Manchester :((
    #wishuponastar #hopeforamiracle #AMBS #selffulfillingprophercy

  16. Neetha Elias says:

    I am only 13 year-old my dream is to study in it

  17. S. says:

    I'm currently in year 9 but I want to study medicine here!

  18. mohammed tarawneh says:

    imaginary things

  19. Ειρήνη Βούλγαρη says:

    I'm proud of being a graduate of the University of Manchester!

  20. YUKI ISHIKAWA says:

    Just been offered a place in Philosophy BA! Still waiting for replies from other universities though.

  21. Amit Kumar Mandal says:

    is ukvi ielts mandatory rather than normal ielts to get admission in this university?

  22. Mystical Orbit says:


  23. IJ REVIEW says:

    Hy sir I live Pakistan but I study uom so please tell me admission open or not

  24. Travis Rabble says:

    i like this university as it was the first place i was molested

  25. Sohail khan says:

    what grades a Pakistani student needs to get admission in Manchester medicine uni?

  26. محمد الرباح says:

    راحت علينا الدراسة في هذه الجامعة العريقة، الزمن والعمر لن يعودا!!!!
    مازلت آمل، لكن …..
    I hope
    فإنّي رَأيتُ البحرَ يَعثُرُ بالفتى وَهذا الذي يأتي الفتى مُتَعَمِّدَا

    وَصُولٌ إلى المُسْتَصْعَباتِ بخَيْلِهِ فلَوْ كانَ قَرْنُ الشّمسِ ماءً لأوْرَدَا

  27. K Bowler says:

    I'm going to the university of Manchester next week, I'm so excited 😄😄

  28. KwamzCrumbleCake says:

    my older sister is in this school rn

  29. washa andika says:

    i hope i can study in manchester 😊

  30. CC CMU says:

    almost my professors graduated from this school, they such a cool mindsets and inspired me than the other professors who not from here who make me wanna drop out every time when I got them classes.

  31. sayed adeel ijaz says:

    How can I get admission there to get scholarship plz tell me

  32. new boy says:

    This my favorite University so could you please tell me some information about University and ways that facilitated me to become member of University I am somali and ilive in somalia

  33. erzan says:

    Got an offer from Manchester. 😏

  34. Ronald Sigei says:

    wow! so inspiring……How can I get Masters scholarship to be part of this Wonderful University

  35. Rania HadidX says:

    the music piece?

  36. Davina Liu says:

    Just been offered a place at Architecture BA:)

  37. Aknur Nurlan says:

    I would love study Manchester University,l and I will be hard working 🙏❤️

  38. Arafat Seazon says:

    I'm from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
    But man City University 🎓 very Excellent

  39. R.U TV says:

    Hello I have studied IGCSE and Iam interested in Business
    How can I get a Scholarship
    Its my dream
    I love UK

  40. muhammad ahmad says:

    M ne 12 grade pr lia h m Pakistan s belong krti hn m Manchester uni kesi aa sakti hn parne k liye

  41. Raza Ali says:

    Love UoM…one of the few universities that gives golden triangle a run for its money

  42. Anonymous says:

    That accent tho

  43. Ale Fl says:

    this is my dream university :c

  44. Afia Alya says:

    i'm eleven now and i always think about university ,
    I hope I can go to University Of Manchester ❤️🥰

  45. Ali Razs says:

    One day i will study in menchester university inshaAllah

  46. Abraham Santo says:

    hopefully next year ill be manchester uni student:)

  47. Nick Lemaigre says:

    Even tho I am from Canada, it'll be interesting to go here but yet this is my second dream university.

  48. Mana says:

    I live in Manchester. born and bred. I've had many a good time with students here….some great memories. And I've never met a student that didn't love the city. It's gritty but a good buzz.

  49. Febriyanto Rayhan says:

    dream campus

  50. Nathan Udeh says:

    Got my offer for Law last night!

  51. Zainab Eman says:

    My dream😍

  52. Armaan Belim says:

    Anybody got admission in data science there?

  53. Elmas Nasıl Bulunur says:

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  54. sgt pep says:

    fake as fk, the uni is miserable

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