What Are Breadcrumbs? (SEO Digital Marketing Tips)


Hello and welcome to today’s live training. I am really excited about this topic because
it’s going to make us shown and be more visible around the web. If you’re watching the replay, please go ahead,
like, comment, and subscribe; and if you’re here live, thank you so much for hanging with
me. We usually do these on Fridays, so please
sign up if you want to join us live every single week. This topic … Today, we’re going to talk
about breadcrumb success or breadcrumb profits. I actually love this term. I did not develop it. Actually, my friend Bill Platt is the one
that kind of put this in my brain. If you think about breadcrumbs and how you
can sprinkle them around all over the place, on the chicken. Although I’m not a big cook, I know that I
have breaded a couple of chicken cutlets in my day. So, you put them all on a plate and put the
egg on the chicken and all that stuff. I also can refer to this as like a popcorn
trail. So, if you’re walking in the forest, and you
don’t want to forget where you came from, you just put a little trail, trail, trail. If we have that visualization, we can relate
this to marketing and what we do online. It’s a really good visualization, because,
if you think about it, you want to be in as many places as possible to be known and to
be seen around the web. Now, we don’t only do this to get customers’
attention. We also do this to get the attention of really
anyone we want to in our niche. So, let’s talk about that first. Let’s say that you want to work with somebody,
and you want to try to get their attention. Instead of maybe sending them an email or
instead of going on their Facebook Messenger and sending them a message, which in these
days it’s kind of tough … Not everybody checks their Facebook Messenger. In order to get that person’s attention, you
can do other things like comment on their Facebook posts or comment on their Instagram
feed. And when people comment … For example, someone
comments on an ad that I’m running. I’m going to see it, and I’m going to notice
that person. And if I notice that person, I’m going to
get to know that person. So, let’s say that person’s a customer. I’m going to say, “Wow, I see Donna on my
go-to webinars every week. I see Donna commenting on my Facebook posts
all the time in my Facebook group.” That’s a really great way to get yourself
noticed without having to actually reach out to a person that you’re trying to get noticed
by. It’s actually better. A lot of things in actually today’s marketplace
is to do things in a systematic way to get to your ultimate goal. So, let me give you an example. I run a software called Book Review Targeter. Many of you have heard about it. Amazon used to show email addresses of all
reviewers or anyone who wanted their email address to be shown on their profile. And Amazon stopped doing that. So, what we were able to do in 2012 is get
a list of, like, a thousand emails and just blast an email to those people and be like,
“Hey, can you review my book?” Amazon has actually removed emails two years
ago. Over the past two years, that strategy has
actually become less effective. It’s not a good strategy to blast email to
a thousand strangers, just like it’s not a good strategy to just blast email or blast
Facebook Messenger, whoever it is that you want to get noticed by. What I’m trying to say is that the better
method, the more effective method, is to contact people one by one in regards to reviews because
we can still do that. We can still see their social link. So, it’s not a good idea. Even though it seems like it might be easier
to blast email a thousand people, it’s just not a good idea and it doesn’t work anymore,
whereas contacting maybe five people a day personally on instant messenger, if you can
get their information … That might be the more effective way. So, in relating to what we’re talking about
today, how to get people’s attention, doing these breadcrumb ways to profit, ways to success,
every single day, little by little, is how you’re going to eventually get there. It’s that consistency. It’s that push. It’s that will to do it when the other person
is not going to do it. And that method has actually worked, for me
at least, since the beginning of my professional career, even the beginning of my studious
career. I remember being young and just working harder
than people and getting good grades. That’s where it started for me, and that kind
of carried on through life. What are some examples that we can use in
regards to this breadcrumb profits, this breadcrumb way to success? As I said earlier, my friend Bill Platt brought
this to my attention, and he’s got a product. It’s called … Oh my gosh. I don’t even know what it’s called. Breadcrumb something … But it has to do
with this notion on Amazon, how to get free promotion leaving breadcrumbs all around the
net to get noticed by not only your potential customers but anybody who you want to be noticed
by. Bill’s product is all about how to do this
all over Amazon, how to get free promotion all over Amazon in the right way, and how
you can become more visible with whatever it is that you’re trying to sell on Amazon. He shows it in a really unique and really
genius way, I think. If we just put more effort into doing this
stuff on Amazon and doing it the right way, then we’ll just get free promotion and free
publicity. It’s an amazing thing, especially if you’re
like me who’s getting into more all these paid advertising and having to spend X amount
of dollars just to get somebody to look on your ad, or somebody to click on a link, or
somebody to subscribe to a list, or somebody to get on a Facebook group. You can either do this the paid way or the
breadcrumb way, which is the daily I’m going to do this thing every single day to get noticed. As you can see, both things are challenging
in their own way, because I think the breadcrumb method … That’s the time factor, right? We’re not going to get that instant gratification
because it’s not going to happen right away; it’s just going to build up. And I’m going to give you more examples in
a bit. And the paid way is instant gratification
but it could be a little tougher because it’s paid, and if it’s paid, you need to kind of
have a lot of things right. You need to have your messaging right. You need to have your audience right. You have to have your copy right. You have to have a lot of things right in
order for that paid advertising to work out for you. So, both of the things that we’re talking
about today … I am not saying it’s easy by any means, but the more you do it, the
better you’re going to get at it. And that’s like anything with marketing online. I’ve been at this for 10 years, and I’m getting
stumped on some things all the time, and other things are like, “Yeah, this is so easy. I could explain it with my eyes closed upside
down, maybe chewing gum.” On Amazon, we can leave breadcrumbs. Where are some other places that we can leave
breadcrumbs? Facebook is a huge opportunity for us to contribute
our opinion in groups, in our friends posting, supporting other people, supporting other
marketers, even on ads. So, you can comment on somebody’s ad. And remember what I said before. When you’re commenting on someone’s ads or
you’re commenting on, let’s say, a YouTube video, which was my next breadcrumb idea,
commenting on a YouTube video, people look at that. People respond to that. You want to do things that you’re going to
get noticed, and commenting on ads, commenting on this go-to webinar feed right now … I
can see everybody’s name here. It’s just having that one-on-one connection
with the person that you’re trying to connect with. It just gets you that much farther. I promise you it does. Shannon says, “Beats stalking.” Exactly. Okay. So, we talked about Amazon, Facebook, YouTube. Another one is Pinterest that you could be
involved in. Of course, Instagram. These are not just likes. These are more like sharing a little bit … It
doesn’t have to be paragraphs, but … Oh my god, especially not on Instagram, because
Instagram commenting … As long as it’s not a person of very, very, very celebrity status
or almost-celebrity status that they won’t notice, or somebody like a mid-level marketer
or someone like that who is really paying attention to what’s going on with their online
presence, they’re definitely going to see those comments. So, comments are very appreciated in this
day and age in this marketplace, because you can buy likes. You can buy views. You can buy all that stuff. But commenting and writing a real message,
a real thing from the heart … That’s what people are looking for online. When you do that, you’ll 100% get noticed. A new one that I’m actually starting is Reddit. That’s a great place where you can interact
with people. The most important thing about any of these
breadcrumb sites is you don’t want to get sucked into wasting your time. So, you might want to do one or two per day,
and you could easily get sucked down the Reddit hole where you’re like, “This looks interesting,
and this looks interesting. This is funny.” I mean, you can do that. Make sure that you’re not wasting a lot of
your time and you’re still getting stuff done throughout your day. We have LinkedIn. Okay, that’s a good one if you’re a LinkedIn
person. Replying to emails. Now, replying to emails and like a go-to webinar
correspondence … that’s more private. That’s more if you really want to get on somebody’s
radar that you might want to be working with in the future. To warm them up, write to their support desk
or … Don’t complain. Write something good. Or interact with them in this kind of setting
where … For me, I can see everybody’s comments that’s coming in here. This isn’t like a … There’s not like a thousand
people on here, so it’s quite easy that I see, and I see familiar names of people that
come every single week, and I notice that. Then, of course, there’s blog posts. Blog posts is last on the list because it’s
my least favorite. I don’t know how … I mean, people do pay
attention to blog posts, but I would say the other ones that I mentioned earlier, the first
five ones, will have more of an impact, I think. The blog posting? Eh, that’s kind of like 2000-and-late, right? Start thinking about how you can be more present
and leave these breadcrumbs, because they last forever and they get noticed. That’s really, really important. Simple topic today, right? Not too hard to do, and pretty easy to understand. Last couple minutes today is I want you to
invite you to … If you’re looking for a way that you want to make money online, and
maybe you don’t have a product and you don’t have a list and you’re kind of starting from
scratch, or like, “Where do I start? I don’t know how to do copywriting. I don’t know how to get leads in my business. I don’t know what to send people.” Please go ahead and reach out to me, and,
if you’re interested in book a strategy call, it’s a really awesome system that I would
like to share with you. All I’m asking is for you to fill out this
form just so I can learn a little bit about you first, and then we can book a call and
I can show you and tell you all about this amazing program that’s kind of like hands-free. Again, it grows your list, grows your business. It’s an amazing system that’s actually hands-off,
and all you need to do is a couple things, which I’ll share with you on the call. So, let me see if there’s any questions. Maurice, these methods to get reviews for
your book, right? That’s Bill’s product. Bill’s product does talk about the reviews,
but it’s more about how to get visibility as an author on Amazon. Beverly says, “Yes to all of the above. Lol.” Yep, Beverly, please go ahead and fill out
the form. I’m really excited to share the stuff with
folks that don’t necessarily … A lot of people know where to start. They just don’t have the tools as to get it
done and get it done really in a manner where people are going to respond. I’ve done this. I’ve struggled. When I began marketing, I’m like, “Ooh, maybe
I’ll try this, and maybe I’ll try this,” and things came out kind of subpar, whereas this
is more of a professional system that I’m working with designed to really let people
get started from a place where they can start really making money with this stuff without
having everything that you need necessarily. Your own thing, your own products, your own
lead magnets, your own giveaways … It’s all done for you, but at the same time, you’re
building your own business. I’ve got the form in there. Please jot that down. I also have Bill’s link in there. Debdrum.com/breadcrumbs if you want to learn
about how to get that visibility on Amazon. Great session today. I loved it. Thank you so much, and I’ll see you on the
next one.


  1. Whoo hoo! I'm the first to comment here, Debbie! I love the bread crumb idea, although I think I'll drop little pebbles instead, so that the birds don't eat them, and I wind up in a gingerbread cottage with a wacky lady who wants to cook me. Anyway, just being silly. I appreciate what you share and enjoy learning from you. 🙂

  2. Thanks for another great video on visability in today's market. Totally what GaryVee would promote. Add value first, then talk about your asks.

    Ok, on to my question, but firstly, i finally got on pintrest, and started following a few artists, etc… so thank you for the suggestion. It can be dangerously time consuming😣

    But secondly, how on earth am i supposed to stay out of the social media timesuck, when i have to keep up on, literally 7 different outlets? I'm drowning, help! I deleted the reddit app from my phone just to relieve some of the anxiety. Lol. But i don't think that's the actual solution, just my reaction.

    No, but seriously, how do you keep it all straight?


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