What Does the Growth of Facebook Advertising Mean for Marketers? Social Media Minute


Hi, I’m Jan Rezab,
this is Social Media Minute. Facebook and social advertising
is becoming a science these days. When we look at the Facebook
ads data by Socialbakers during this year, we saw
that there’s actually a 35% increase in the cost of Facebook advertising. This is actually logical. As Facebook
is hitting 2 billion users now, we’re not seeing that user growth
to offset the interest of the parties and the advertisers
that wanna be in the system. Which logically
leads to an increase in ads. And it’s before the holiday period. When we’re running
into the December period, we’ll likely see an even larger increase. If your management, your agency
management is giving you a hard time that your costs are suddenly going up, this is not you, it’s the whole industry. And the most important thing
is to understand and measure these parts. At Socialbakers, we’ve actually launched
a great industry-ads benchmarking platform where you can log on and look at
your ad account related to the industry. So you can understand
whether it’s you or if it’s the industry that’s getting more expensive. Because these ads
are now 35% more expensive, you have to build
better content, build smart content and make sure you
promote it to the right audiences. Number two, really measure it in context. What Socialbakers offer is a country
and an industry level benchmark. Which is amazing because you
can see it relevant to your industry and it’s the only platform
on the market that offers this. Go check your data, go try it out and see you next Monday.



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