What is Online Marketing? Learn from a marketer with 10 + years of experience.


When we talk about online marketing we are
essentially talking about promoting your business via various channels like social, search,
email, display, etc. Today’s customers lives across these channels
and online marketing is about finding ways to capture your audience’s attention across
these channels Internet has transformed the way people interact
with products or services today. And with the rise of mobile smartphones, that
experience is everywhere. Your customer is incharge of the buying process
today. They are armed with resources to research
online, compare products or even ask their peers for recommendations all this, digitally. As a business you need to stand out throughout
the journey a buyer takes. As a marketer you need to think of different
tactics to standout throughout the journey that buyer takes. With so many user interaction points today,
online marketing can feel overwhelming. To focus on it, here are some 3 mediums that
you will primarily be using in online marketing. Paid, earned, owned. Paid mediums are those primarily, simply put
where you will put some money for advertisements. Google ads, facebook ads, instagram ads, etc. Owned mediums are those which you primarily
own, you have full control of. Your website, your blog or social media pages. Earned mediums are those where you earn reviews,
upvotes, likes, shares from your audiences. All of these channels overlap just as a user
will overlap as they interact with each. These channels form the foundation of online
marketing. So at the the end of the day, online marketing
is about putting your business front and center throughout the journey that customers take. Hi I am Madhura Chaudhuri, learn different
digital marketing techniques and how to build a successful online marketing campaign using
different digital channels like search, social, email, paid with me with my youtube channel.


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