What’s new Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.1

What’s new Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.1

Hello and welcome to this tutorial! I am William, the computerized voice and I am really excited to introduce you to our
Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.1 solution. The Proxmox Mail Gateway is an open-source email security solution protecting your mail server against all email threats. It is a full featured mail proxy deployed between the firewall and your mail server, and you can control all incoming and outgoing email messages with a focus on spam and virus detection. The Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.1 is based on the latest Debian Buster 10.2 with a 5.3 Linux Kernel, and comes with ZFS included. Administrators can now handle quarantined attachments in the web interface. The action “Remove Attachments” delivers the complete email to the attachment quarantine. The administrator can inspect the quarantined attachments safely in the panel of the web interface. He can choose whether to download only
selected parts of the email for further analysis, or to deliver or delete the email. For safety reasons, access is restricted to
administrators only. The default scoring of the SpamAssassin rule-set can be adjusted in the web interface. This enables you to adapt the scoring to your specific environment. This helps to achieve better ham or spam
detection rates. As an example, let’s set a higher score to URIBL_ BLACK. In certain environments it may not be acceptable to discard an email without informing the sender about that decision. In certain environments it may not be acceptable to discard an email without informing the sender about that decision. You can decide whether you want to inform the senders of blocked emails or not. Additionally, we have implemented experimental support for the “Before Queue” filtering: Proxmox MG 6.1 can optionally reject an email during the SMTP dialogue, instead of accepting it and silently discarding unwanted email. Because the Proxmox Mail Gateway answers with a permanent failure code 554, there is no need to generate a non-delivery
report, as this could cause your system to get blacklisted, due to Backscatter. You can find more information on this in the documentation. The configuration of Domain Keys Identified Mail is now added to the GUI. DKIM signatures (see also the RFC 6376) is a method to cryptographically authenticate an email as originating from a particular domain. Before sending the email, a hash over certain header fields and the body get’s computed, signed with a private key, and added in the DKIM signature header of the email. All system packages have been updated, and we have added several small improvements on many places. For more details please read the release notes. The new version of Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.1 is available for download in all of our repositories. We hope you’ll enjoy working with Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.1. Thanks for watching!


  1. Thoong Ching Lee says:

    Will there be new proxmox VE based on latest buster?

  2. Grey-man says:

    I'm sure if you had a real person doing the voiceover these videos would be received much better. Great work as always though.

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