Why 250cupsofjunk Cringe…

Hey guys it’s Zoe! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why my channel is called 250cupsofjunk. Not necessarily all on YouTube comments, I’ve been getting these questions a lot in person too. So, I called my channel 250cupsofjunk because there was no other name available. I was like “hey, I don’y know what to do.” So I had this red solo cup next to me and it was filled with M&M’s. So I was like, “why don’t I just call my channel 250cupsofjunk.” So I did and (surprisingly) the name wasn’t taken so I just went with that. But about a month ago I started thinking about it and wanted to try to be more true to my name. It feels like a lot of other YouTube channels and YouTubers, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but they usually keep one genre of their videos. Weather it be gaming videos or informative videos or whatever type of videos, they usually only post videos about that. So I wanted to try something a little bit different (though it really isn’t much different at all) I know YouTubers have probably done this before, I’m not saying that I’m the only one who has done this. But I want to try to post a bunch of different types of videos. Not only Wiccan or Pagan videos, or spells or even silly little music videos that I put together. I mean, i want to put together a bunch of videos that are different. I don’t want to be known as “that Pagan channel or “that gaming channel” (though I doubt I will ever be known for that) or reading channel, whatever. I just want to post a lot of different types of videos and I hope you guys enjoy it! And just as an update, I am beginning to write a script for telling your parent’s about being Wiccan/Pagan. Yea, so I’ll let you guys know about that. You’ll see it soon (probably not, I have a new game plan) it’ll be up in a week or two. I need to get some parents together, besides my own and get them to talk about their experience. ??? So thank you all so much for watching! Please like and subscribe. I’ll be sure to surprise you with a bunch of different types of videos, so hit that subscribe button. Coming up next and is a surprise and I’m pretty sure you’re all going to like it… hopefully! (I was referring to my first real gaming video, I didn’t realize this video didn’t upload until later) I’m going to start making a sort of “gaming” videos… but not necessarily like the regular gaming videos. I hope you all enjoyed this video! Just like and subscribe… and yea I know, there’s not much to like. You all have a great day and I love you!

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