1. CNBC says:

    What do you think of Goldman Sachs' strategy?

  2. Ham ster says:

    The bailout told me everything i needed to know as to why those people are next to presidents regardless of party. And i personally dont blame them for buying everyone out, they have their own lives to worry about. But so do the people and they should rise up against this corruption if they care about this like the banksters do.

  3. Martel Thomas says:

    what bmw is that at 1:26?

  4. Mrityunjaya Hiremath says:

    Goldman Sachs is the modern Dhanna Seth

  5. zhenyu yeow says:

    19:40 I’m from malaysia and I can’t say that I’m proud to see my country here hahahaha

  6. jmintube says:

    One day they will lock these guys up.

  7. J K says:

    When Hank Paulson became Treasury Sec., he was able to cash in on his GS equity w/o having to pay tax.

  8. Barrie Wright says:

    As a poor man, I find this confusing, A MAJOR INVESTMENT BANK WANTS TO DO BUSINESS WITH POOR PEOPLE…….! , HOW ? most of the poorest people on earth have NO MONEY ! ? ,so how can they do business with people who basically don't have any when the said company has billions or trillions of revanew, at its disposal. Could someone explain this to me because I think they have lost it or the people at the top are going senile. A brilliant insight into the world of finance and what's going on in that part of the world.

  9. Weekee Chew says:

    Isn't the reason Goldman started Marcus "bank" so they qualify for the "fed" "bank" bailout?

  10. Toni Capone says:

    Man. These videos are actually really well done. I’m impressed!

  11. lynxminx4 says:

    A scapegoat that did everything they've been accused of.

  12. Dewey Watts says:

    Consumer cash gives appearance of regular bank during crisis, so they get gov't handouts, and cash 2 seize , if not.

  13. Y2kSd4 says:


  14. Justin says:

    How do you sound Austalian and American at the same time

  15. Reva G.K says:

    The 2007 crisis made them profits. One should watch inside job documentary for the answer.

  16. Jamey Lane says:

    Jew big to fail.

  17. Nightfury Matthew says:

    I want to know what music that was used in the beginning

  18. Nightfury Matthew says:

    We Call it Law by Carsten Litfin. Hope no one else had to struggle like I did. Music intro

  19. jerry james says:

    Because they see what php agency is doing

  20. Mark Freeman says:

    ppl say it was "greedy" to go public, but then it was "greedy" to stay private. An IPO is not necessarily going to make you rich, if you have nothing to offer the market. Try it.

  21. 10001000101 says:

    Classic American corruption.

  22. Hardeep Singh says:

    Brand equity Goldman sachs

  23. johan alejandro says:

    Because they give money to the rich with out caring about everyone else

  24. Karen Smith says:

    "smart people tend to end up in a position of power"

    How do you explain trump and all republicans?

  25. James Jackson says:

    Great video, very clear and doesn't seem biased

  26. Andromedan Council says:

    Goldman Sachs invented the IPO. The biggest pyramid scheme in history right there. Opened the road to cashing in on hope,false premises, and then bail out . See Theranos and thousands more.

  27. Clan Toriador says:

    Bunch of crooks.

  28. Chris Gitonga says:

    The CEO is a part time Dj🤣

  29. F Liu says:

    Goldman is a small house compare to BlackRock's $7.71 Trillion AUM.

  30. ユウキニール says:

    The 6% battery is giving me anxiety @ 7:20


    learning curve from lehman brothers disaster

  32. Josie Reneitte says:


  33. Μ Χ says:

    The blob is funny🤣😂

  34. Giovanni Ramirez says:

    When I became successful, I sought out a private financial institution to manage my wealth…I chose JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley… Goldman Sachs was very sketchy, if all you care about is big returns then Goldman is for you, but if you are interested in security then I'd advise you to shop elsewhere.

  35. divyansh sood says:

    I usually don't comment
    But Goldman Sachs is a genius
    Quite literally
    They have a strong sense in finding crisis and making money out of it
    These guys are awesome 👌

  36. Everton C says:

    Just by the face of these people you can see they're all human like us, not reptilians all wink wink

  37. Everton C says:

    Americans are fine bailing out bankers but paying kids' university debts is socialism? LOL

  38. Dick Ritchie says:

    The filthy money changers drove the prince of peace to anger. GS is that legacy.

  39. C Alex says:

    I am very cynical towards the higher-ups. The more regulations you have, the more corrupted the ruling class becomes. I have very little affection towards the biggest banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan – Chase, Wells Fargo, despite I have business with almost all of them. I pray for the small and newly emerging high-tech financial institutions: Vio Bank, SoFi, etc. Internet and automation are THE liberalizing force for our wallets.

  40. Lolo Ben Channel says:

    6:29 Oh, hello there beautiful!

  41. James Gibson says:

    Where is the part in the video where Goldman Sachs was basically bankrupt on 20th September 2008 but was bailed out by the US government? Oh, did they forget to mention that……interesting.

  42. nested bird says:

    Deregulation of banks in America, corporate tax cut.
    Politicians are sold
    People are being trolled,
    You and I know it sure
    But who to vote for?
    Let me tell you ,Tulsi is our key,
    If we don't vote for her we will be lost in a sea.

  43. Chillgull says:

    Look all of them no work, just sit
    Bald and fat, thats what they do and you know about that
    They always give theori and not work, never saw them with worker, they want easy get money
    Never built anything just sit and roll they money and next time they withdraw with huge invest.
    Thats what they do, never saw real estate just roll money

  44. froZn991 says:

    This is like watching a movie where the evil people win. But they already win in the middle and you still have to watch this horror show until the end

  45. cragwyck c says:

    There is a good, supporting article about this at farceynews.com

  46. James Stewart says:

    Is this soundtrack from the game bastion?

  47. Wumbo says:

    Hires someone from Goldman Sachs? Wow how swampy. I hope the mexicans are paying for your wall LOL

  48. Stefan Luginger says:

    They are from Bavaria? That’s what I guessed with that names. Goldmann und Sachs. 🤔 Incredible there were two wars between the countries.

  49. Ae-Yenn-Ae says:

    Lol is that why the savings program is called “Marcus”?

  50. Rashad Glover says:

    What was the first traded stock?

  51. cwaddle says:

    What i learnt after watching this is that you need an egghead to get to top of goldman

  52. tinnie bui says:

    Great way to do a story about Goldman Sachs by CNBC.

  53. tinnie bui says:

    How come they don't teach these classes in High School???

  54. Imani says:

    Billionaires don’t buy BMWs they Buy Bugatti’s Koenigseggs and Paganis

  55. Imani says:

    10 million American dollars is total useless is Kuwait

  56. Avi Gindratt says:

    Perfect example of capitalist trash. Only cowards defend this

  57. R F says:

    Do any black people work for Goldman Sachs

  58. Gabriel Joseph Goc-ong says:


  59. Murray Flewelling says:

    Most countries would classify selling securities and shorting them as fraud. When they say nothing could be more "Goldmanisk" They are really just sugar coating scumbaggery ….. Wall Street was built like Goldman and one gets the feeling that the shell game is running out of spaces !

  60. Ayann Nedeha says:

    culture of creating wealth by owning and not producing any.

    yeah. rot to hell.

  61. Tommy Carstensen says:

    It's Sue Herrera from Nightly Business Report at 9:49 🙂 I love her and Bill and NBR 🙂

  62. Lawrence Brown says:

    Totally parasitic excressence on the body of society like the rest of the banking world

  63. C Alex says:

    Marcus is a good saving account though. I remember it was a morning this year, I was still sleeping in Seattle. A young male representative from Marcus by Goldman Sachs and another one from Investors Bank did a three-party call on me, to fulfill my request to connect my saving accounts of both banks. They sounded white, middle-to-upper class, professional, and enterprising. It made me feel I was some major client lol!

  64. kirks386 Stivers says:

    The real on the banking sector from the Federal Reserve, to the investment banks is it's all corrupt.

  65. Alpha Jay 3.0 says:

    Gotta Make That Money

  66. Scott LoGiudice says:

    The Fruits of Graft explains it clearly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrdZVOAKyX8

  67. K A says:

    They're tired of owning and robbing the poor indirectly…gotta go straight to the sourceq

  68. Domingo De Anda says:

    Happy new year!

  69. beryale x says:

    i was skipping the youtube ads and now watched 24 Minutes Ads Content

  70. VERT GXNG says:

    Lool this just made me want to work for Goldman’s now

  71. Nate Snacks says:

    Lol Goldman Sachs knew since 2006 the mortgage crises was coming? Suuuuuuuuure!!!!!! The stock market is such a fraudulent concept.

  72. S. S. says:

    The worst disease of Humans, are egoism.
    It has the worst kind of consequences, for everything and everyone around. And it's contagious, and spreads like wildfire.

    Everything a human do, the human do for itself. The pity little thing.

    Cancer is pennies in comparison.

  73. Venkat Babu says:

    Stock trading. But sometimes volatile. But sometimes extremely successful like HDFC. Venture capital liquidation takeovers OPEC etc.

  74. Shubhankar Kahali says:

    true jews

  75. Raul Gubert says:

    no-one is talking about humanity, suffering of the poor people…and you don't the expose those greedy inhuman corporationselites …blame on you all for forgetting what empathy means and the value of life, the importance to care for each other….you lost every bit of humanity.

  76. South London Metal Detector says:

    Goldman CEO Says Firm Won’t Fund IPOs for Companies with All-Male, All-White Board

  77. Steing Groburf says:

    Goldman Sachs now also a pure racist company, evil purest evil.

  78. Double Ghod says:

    goldman sachs suchs

  79. Katrina Millings says:

    The banks short stocks they sell all the time, because they're betting the average trader isn't very good and they'll lose, so they bet the opposite of what the individual does. They're usually right. It's nothing they haven't always done and still do. The public just didn't know about it until the crisis.

  80. Debate Me! says:

    We send Goldman over a billion dollars a DAY. Some days MUCH more. Think about how much they are getting over all!!

  81. sblinder1978 says:

    People don't look at GS buying those distressed mortgage pools to satisfy its obligations as "smart." They look at it as CROOKED. Imagine anyone else being allowed to do that when ordered to pay restitution for a civil judgment.

  82. Juan C. says:

    chasing those pennies

  83. michael carroll says:

    Trump is right it’s a rigged system but it’s rigged for the 1% not “We the people”

  84. EthosAtheos says:

    This is the best Gold Man Sacks advertisement I've ever seen. It is blind to the vulture capitalism that Goldmam practices. Capitalism is a powerful economic system. Left in the hands of these klepto-capitalists it and they will destroy everything they touch. Shame on CNBC for this propaganda piece.

  85. henry rudolph says:

    Then along comes President Trump and gives the rich a tax break. In effect applying socialism to the rich and capitalism to the poor.

  86. chriss4365 says:

    Dont invest in them dont forget 2008

  87. Shawn Darren says:

    If Americans forget what they did in 2008 which left millions of people homeless and starving. Family's broken apart,people commiting suicide.. I say stone these leches on the street..

  88. Craig Buckley says:

    If you trust any big bank with your money all I can say is good luck

  89. amalfimike says:

    9:44 – check out the ashtray full of cigs on the office desk, lol!

  90. ciel222 says:


  91. Aaron Bolton says:

    (3:15) He developed a revolutionary idea: use a company's potential earnings.
    Its ability to generate income in the future, to value the company.

    This became key to the company's first IPO in 1906: United cigar.

    And it would become a model for the future, including the IPO of Sears Roebuck later that year.

  92. Nathan Laframboise says:

    Ballsman Sacks

  93. Risky Girl says:

    yet these are people they don’t want in the country smh brain drain

  94. Gabriel Montufar says:

    They turned a fine into a side business?

  95. C Angel says:

    They need to be restricted on whom they can take money from.

  96. alexander grigorov says:

    Any non Jew partner in GS ever?

  97. The DJ says:

    Bless bankers for doing God's work.

  98. Aleksander Razny says:

    I am Schopenhauer owner of every Central Bank on this world🌐〰.
    Aleksander Razny.
    WF1 2QP Wakefield Bond Street 24/3 England UK.

  99. jaddy540 says:


  100. Myke McCormick says:

    Goldman Sachs is putting on a bit of "regular bank" camo. Makes them look better when they demand to be bailed out in about 9 month or less

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