Why I Sent $50 To A Stranger (Direct Mail & Influencer Marketing Tactic)

Why I Sent $50 To A Stranger (Direct Mail & Influencer Marketing Tactic)

Hey, what’s up and stare at our friend, and you’re watching planet Derek in this video you’re gonna see why I attached a $50 bill to a letter and Mailed it to someone. I actually borrowed this trick from Gary Halbert when he used to do the dollar direct mail letter I’m gonna break down why I put $50 on a letter who I mailed it to and the Psychology behind why I believe it’s going to work, and then if it doesn’t work I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do next so watch this video So I’m trying to buy this domain name and what happened was this I had got the person on the phone talked, and then I never heard from them again They never respond to any emails and their response any phone calls And I really need to get their attention because I want to buy this domain from them So I got this great idea to send them a piece of mail By attaching some money to it as a way to get them to actually respond So I’m going to walk you through the whole process to see if you can use something similar in your business I have two fifties When you put money on top of a letter People feel the need to reciprocate Robert C. Aldini did that study about the power reciprocity when you give someone something to someone they feel the need to give something back Now with this person like I said I talked to them once before and I was never able to get back in touch with them again So I’m attaching a $50 bill to this letter that I’m gonna FedEx and I’m gonna certify it to them knowing so they signed and I know when they get it and Hopefully they’re gonna respond Alright so in this letter. I attached a $50 bill to it obviously and that might be weird for some people to see money attached to a letter right so the first sentence of The letter is here’s why I attached a $50 bill to this piece of paper And I bolted it Because remember they’re gonna see the money is the first thing they’re gonna see and the second thing to think is what’s going on here So I bolt the first thing here’s why it’s there. I really like to buy the domain Before the new year, and I’d like just 10 minutes of your time on the phone to make an official offer for the domain That’s it. I basically make it so clear that here’s the money the first thing they get their attention. Here’s why it’s there I? Want 10 minutes of your time? This is the most important thing in the rest of the letter It’s not really that important what I say or how I say it right, but the goal is Here’s the money. Here’s why I’m doing it. Here’s what I want you to do. Here’s how to do it Just shoot me a text message at or call me directly or you could reply to my email Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you This is the most important thing when you’re gonna mail someone something if you’re going to even send them an email Direct Mail whatever you always need to be explicit about what you want people to do if you’re not explicit They’re not gonna know what to do and they might get confused. I’m trying to make this as Least confusing as possible. I borrow this stapler So you might be wondering when you might have to do something like this Sometimes when you want to really get someone’s attention you have to go above and beyond I remember I read this book Mark echoes book he talked about sending people swag bombs like when he wanted to get feature featured on the radio he would Send the radio host a big pile of gifts basically as a way to get their attention before he pitched somebody now You can’t always bribe your way Into getting featured places the reason why we’re using a fifty-year is because I wanted some of this person’s time and the reality is People’s time is valuable, and I just wanted to pay for that time upfront now I know there’s a risk that they just take 250 they don’t call back However most people in the world are good people and when they see a 50 they’re going to make 10 minutes to have a conversation Now whether it works or not is irrelevant, but this is the type of thing you need to do To get people’s attention especially when you need their attention like I said we did some emails we did some phone calls It’s not working now We’re sending a letter with money attached to it as a way to get their attention And we’re gonna see what happens the good news is I can track the package and I’ll know if they sign for it or not So I’ll know if they got it first. Where is right now. They could just be ignoring it. I’m not sure What’s next well if I don’t hear from there after this? Guess I’m going on a plane, and I’m flying to their house next That’ll be the next vlog probably see it happens alright, so that’s it for the vlog today I hope you liked it hit the like button and do me a favor We’re trying to get some more people to subscribe here So if you know someone who can benefit from this sort of content? Could you do me a huge favor and just send an email with a link to this video to one or two friends? I think it’s a really valuable video we talked about psychology We talk about Robert Sheldon II we talked about the famous $50 Direct Mail sales letter And I think this is something that a lot of people will find interest So if you know anyone send them an email if you’re not subscribed subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video You


  1. Mark Belden says:


  2. Andre L. Vaughn says:

    I'm going to try this Derek…LOL…Thanks man!

  3. Ismail Tayebi says:

    he probably already sold the domain lol

  4. Wlad Litemin says:

    Just watched this 5 min. video…That makes…ahm…25 dollars, Derek. Just kiddin. Looking forward to see what happenes next!

  5. Sebastián Lora says:

    How about to get the attention of a C level executive? Wouldn’t 50 bucks be kind of insulting?

  6. Daniel Lona says:

    I like these videos Derek. This is a relaxed and fun approach to learn about marketing principles. Keep 'em coming! (Oh, and I hope that guy gives you 10 minutes of his time!)

  7. George Bruno says:

    Brilliant and fun! A lot of it depends on the wording in the letter. It can be a fun and effective way to get business. I've done it MANY times.

  8. mrmplusa says:

    Do you think this would be a good idea for getting a big band to hire an artist you represent, to do a remix? They don't need the money so maybe I could suggest they donate it to their favorite charity?

  9. rotospace says:

    Awesome idea – thanks for the great video.

    To steady up those shots where you're being filmed while walking (etc), you should pick up an Osmo Mobile: http://amzn.to/2kZZ92X

  10. Kent Bliven says:

    I received a survey from the Nielsen Company a few days ago and when I opened the letter there was 2 $1 bills inside thanking me for filling out the survey in advance. I was pretty surprised to see cash in my junk mail. (i filled out and returned the survey).

  11. JV Marketing Guy says:

    I think Dan Kennedy used to use this method, very old school but still Ninja… Awesome stuff

  12. lescoop says:

    Looking forward to part 2 🙂

  13. Juan Guerra says:

    You are the MASTER.

  14. David Fideler says:

    I liked it. But at the 1:15 mark you are walking past a wall that has this message on it: "POST NO BILLS" That can mean, "Send no money through the mail." Mixed messages? 🙂

  15. Lokipower says:

    Are these videos showing up elsewhere? 72k subs and only 1k views?

  16. Chris Sa says:

    What do you think about making the letter handwritten? Feels a lot more personal and doesn't trigger that filter to sort out "useless spam and advertising" most people have when looking through their letters. Altough attaching money is a great way of breaking thorugh that, too.

  17. Petrina Hamm says:

    Can't wait to see how this turns out- and hoping you can get the domain you want. Happy Christmas Birthday!

  18. Mahmoud Elshalakani says:

    I am the 100 to like the video Derek

  19. Evolving SEO says:

    REALLY like this content format Derek! Specifically, alternating between the story, tips and vlog footage. I posted about 15 vlogs last year and started landing on that sort of editing, but will be trying to take it MUCH further in 2018. Super hard to do marketing/business/education videos in a vlog style and make it all work and be interesting – but I really like what you've done so far and look forward to seeing more.

  20. Malene Dollerup says:

    In this video I Think you repeat yourself again and again. It gets boring. The money idea is fun though.

  21. Nick Diliberto says:

    Derek, so I'm dying to know what happened? Did you get a response from the letter?? Love this idea! And love Planet Derek!!

  22. Jakob Bourne says:

    Influencer marketing can be made easier with the use of platforms such as phlanx

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    I have an interesting Idea contact me [email protected], Oh I'll send you a 50 hahaha

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