Why Marketers Should Tap Into Influencer Marketing Now – Social Media Minute


Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. Every marketer
in the world is probably thinking that with Facebook’s announcements
there will be less pages in the News Feed. How do we get there, right? One thing is, obviously, through friends, through a lot of people
sharing your content which means
make better content as it always did. But one thing is
these influencers and micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are sometimes
just people that have a lot of friends. Big groups of friends
or bigger influencers that I don’t think will get hit
by these updates because they generate what Facebook
calls the meaningful engagement. I think this will mean,
for a lot of companies, that they need to get out there and really
put their influencer marketing in order. And I think there are important
points in influencer marketing. You can’t just do it because
other people influence your market. You can’t just find one big
influencer and do a massive campaign even though that’s what you can do. If you want to do this well, find a couple of mid-size
or big influencers, get them. Also, do micro-influencers. If you’re doing that,
analyze all of these profiles. Understand where they
mention you, when they mention you and start measuring, not only their
total amount of views and engagement. Views and engagement
are great but understand then if your target is downloads
of an app or purchases on your website, improving conversions. Start putting those side by side. What we know about influencers today, when they were done very well, they drove traffic
to websites, they induced sell-outs they sold out products in entire regions. And they weren’t
available for a long time. If you do this well,
it’s the main social marketing part. If you don’t do this well, I don’t think
you’ll matter anymore in social media. Share this with your bosses.
I think this is a sort of a tough call and if you don’t do this,
you won’t be doing social media marketing. You’ll be doing
just some digital advertising. Thanks and keep watching
us every Monday morning.



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