Why not? With Imo.

Why not? With Imo.

Good morning. It’s a bank holiday Monday, about ten to eight in the morning. I’m on my dad’s sofa. We’ve been here for a few days, actually. We’ve been having trouble with the water at home. It was off for about a week and now we’ve got hot water and a flushing toilet but still no cold water in the taps. Anyway, I’ve been at my dad’s for a few days on the couch. Today we’re just heading home. I’ve been getting really frustrated with not having enough stuff to vlog about, you know….places of interest and special things but… I’m just gonna do some every day stuff for a bit just to see how it goes. Why not? Anyway, nobody else is up yet. This is quite rare. I’m on my own! So I’m gonna go and see if I can get the kettle on without waking anybody up. Have a sneaky cuppa and a bit of a read. Yeh! Mission accomplished! This is what I’ve got on the go at the moment. Only started it yesterday. I’ve been contemplating one day training to be an English teacher for years and years and years and years and years and years and years! And I’m still thinking about it, so I’ve decided I’m just gonna read some of the stuff on the list of the CELTA course and then maybe I’ll have more of an idea if it’s for me! I’ve found Izzy’s Oreo stash. Mwah ha ha ha. It’s about half nine now. I’m still the only one up. We had a really late night last night. We went to a party and Isabel came as well. So everyone’s still asleep. I didn’t… I only had about 5 hours sleep; I don’t know why I woke up so early! Anyway, I’ve been reading for ages, I’ve watched a vlog and I’m on to learning a bit of Spanish now. Me and Izzy are very, very, very excited. We will be going to Spain at some point in this year. [phone app] Yo soy un hombre. Right, translate what he said. Ok. I am a man. Yey! I’ve done my daily goal! It did a little fanfare at me. It’s half past ten now. Izzy is still not up. Now, one thing you don’t know about Izzy is she’s got a really, mega, mega, mega, mega, mega, mega high histamine count in her bloodstream. It’s about 12,000 I think. This is quite high. Normal is about 54 I think. And one of the many side effects of this is she just can’t sleep at night. She’s like….wide awake! She’s so… like…er, getting on for 2 o’clock this morning she was still like… “Hey!” So, the consequence is then, when she finally gets to sleep she needs to get her full quota so she tends to get up quite late. She’s finally up! Yey! Under this duvet, here, out of sight, there is an Isabel, cuddled up, very sleepy. Porridge. Chilli. Bit of pepper. BIt of extra strong cheddar. In it goes…. Olives…. Spoonful of green olives; make that two. It is much later now, it’s like 8 o’clock in the evening. We’ve got home, we’ve had a bit of a rest, we’ve had dinner and we’ve made a terrible mess. Just have a look at the state of my kitchen, by the way. So…..because of the…. (Izzy chatting in background) That noise is Isabel having a Skype fest, by the way. With a friend. Anyway, we shall just talk over the top of her. So, anyway, as I was saying, we had a little bit of a flood at the start of the summer, and then we had another flood and then we had another flood. We’ve had quite a lot of trouble. I currently do have water. We didn’t have water all last week so we’ve still got lots of sort of, bottled water lying around and lots of mess everywhere. Er, washing up to do. I haven’t done any laundry for about a week and a half, so it’s getting a bit desparate. All the plinths kind of buckled under the units and they’ve been removed. A drying company’s been in and had a good poke around. The insurer….my insurance company is actually going to pay to have it dried out and the floor redone. But they unfortunately will not pay me to replace my entire water main and when the water main was being replaced the sewer pipe was kind of….found to be “not intact”. So that needed replacing as well. So it’s been a bit of a can of worms, like, with every problem that we’ve sorted out this summer, to do with the plumbing, we’ve discovered like another two, so it’s just gone on and on and on. We’ve had weeks of this. Anyway, this is my kitchen. And I’m gonna tidy it up now. I don’t even know where to start; it’s just such a disaster zone. Food waste bin. That would be first. Hm, there was a fatal flaw in my plan to actually wash up. I forgot that having no cold water means scalding hot washing up water that burns your hands, so I’m gonna just have to leave that to soak and cool down for a bit. Anyway, I might as well end the vlog there for today. Thank you so much for hanging out with us again on our rather everyday sort of vlog today. If you happened to like it, we’d really appreciate a little thumbs up because it really helps the channel to grow. 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  1. Frida and Luna says:

    I'm liked this everyday vlog. Plumbing is a little different over there. We don't have separate hot and cold water mains.

  2. Paola Energya says:

    At least the insurance is paying for some of the repairs… hang in there!

  3. Beakerzor says:

    I like that language app! I'm going to need to learn Spanish if I"m going to see the eclipse in Chile in 2019

  4. Joseph Katon says:

    Yikes..water does serious damage. I never thought water went uphill until our kitchen flooded. Wow.

  5. Joseph Katon says:

    I wonder if your water company provides an underground protection plan.

  6. Kevin the Window Cleaner says:

    Thanks Imo. What was that you made for dinner. Looked yummy

  7. There Is No Spoon Vlog says:

    This is great Imo – you're a natural. This probably inspires me more than any of the "big" vloggers! Thumbs UP yey!!!

  8. THE Gramma Chronicles says:

    Enjoy that early morning alone time!

  9. Ms Mildred says:

    So sorry about your water issues, looks like you have a lot to do. I love that you have a great attitude about it though. One thing at a time…One day at a time🙄

  10. JP in Fuerteventura says:

    I know what you nean about finding things to vlog about. I have struggled lately as I really haven't done much that's new, or done much at all frankly. I am with Izzy, I have problems getting to sleep so once I do I stay in bed until I have had my full quota.

  11. Oregon Family Adventures says:

    I loved this everyday type vlog! I've heard of porridge (from Goldilocks & the 3 Bears, lol), but I never knew porridge was oatmeal until I read your comments! I've always wondered! With that being known, I've definitely never seen anyone make a savory dish out of oatmeal, how interesting. 👍 I'm looking forward to seeing more vlogs like this!

  12. Hissing Thoughts says:

    Loved porridge growing up. With brown sugar and milk.

  13. Hissing Thoughts says:

    I'd say this tops my three days without internet and a phone line.

  14. Merry Weather says:

    I'm all about the vlogs! I hope you enjoy vlogging day-today it can be fun if you like it 🙂

  15. Je suis Parte says:

    I did not see a whispering video in such a long time haha very nice and relaxing. Good morning routine ! I love olives by the way haha Keep on !

  16. Gayle Crabtree says:

    Sorry to hear about the flooding and water issues. Maybe a friend could give you a few gallons of cool water to mix with the hot. Glad that the insurance will cover the floor. That'll be a help even though the other isn't covered. Good luck with it all. I'm your #18 like.

  17. Imo and Izzy Vlogs says:

    Thanks so much for watching, everyone! See you in the next one. Imo and Izzy. xxx

  18. Wonkey Donkey says:

    Life is our own personal experiment

  19. Wonkey Donkey says:

    Creation without Obligation

  20. Organic Eczema Relief says:

    Another great vlog guys.Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. Soapnut Mamma says:

    Every cloud has a silver lining! Xx

  22. evancortez2 says:

    Looks like you used to have many water leak problems a couple years ago – I guess that's something you won't miss about this house then 🙂

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