Why websites must be optimized for mobile use


Welcome back commander! So what did you
learn on your recent voyage? I was able to spend a lot of time with
the aliens from the future of business galaxy. They gave me much helpful advice
on how to grow my space travel business Really? what did they tell you? they said that i need to make sure that
my website is mobile phone compatible this is because over seventy percent of
people access the internet daily on their mobile devices. That is very true, i check my emails pay bills and surf the
internet on my smartphone since i am always on-the-go I very rarely use my
desktop computer nowadays. this seems to be the growing trend. The
aliens showed me how to use mobile advertising. Now i am sending coupons by text
messaging my customers. That is a really great idea! People prefer short text messages over
long emails nowadays Yes, the Aliens also advised me to
optimize my website for mobile phone viewing then people can browse my website and
make payments from their small screen mobile device. Sounds like you are on the
cutting edge of the mobile advertising revolution. yes and I owe it all to the aliens from
the future of business galaxy. I think i will visit them again for more business
advice. and please continue to share with me
what you learned from the aliens! i will please excuse me i must go get some
rest all of this space travel has made me very
tired. Just one more question – What is that
device that you are carrying on your back? this is a mobile phone cover. It was a
parting gift from the Aliens!


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