Why Your Amazon FBA Product Is Not Selling On Page 1!

Why Your Amazon FBA Product Is Not Selling On Page 1!

Let me show you why you are not getting sales
on page 1 selling on Amazon FBA. Every single Amazon FBA seller is under the impression
that just because their Amazon FBA product is on page 1, they are magically, automatically,
supposed to generate a ton of sales. That is absolutely not true! I want to explain
to you the different types of keywords and what page 1 really means when you are selling
on Amazon’s marketplace. There are so many different types of page 1’s. I am going to
show you exactly what I mean by different types of page 1’s and why you are not getting
sales on your page 1. Now, I am not saying page 1 is a bad thing, I am just trying to
show you the differences and how you can actually generate sales when you are on the right page
1’s compared to the wrong page 1’s. Before we dive inside of my computer, allow me to
introduce myself. Welcome back to my channel, my name is Tamara Tee. I am a 6 figure per
month Amazon FBA seller and I have been selling on Amazon for nearly 3 years. I am not sick
and tired of this of this whole journey yet. In fact, I coach and mentor a lot of people
just like you to successfully sell on Amazon. Alright guys, enough talking. We are inside
of my computer and I am using Helium 10 to show you what I mean by not getting sales
on page 1 for your keywords. I am using my example, the beach ball today. I am in Magnet,
Keyword Research. I typed in beach ball. I hit on get keywords. And now it’s pulling
up all of the keywords that are related to a beach ball. Every single keyword that is
across Amazon.com, they are pulling up right here in Helium 10. The very first thing that
you want to do is sort by search volume. And this is key, okay? Because I want to explain
the differences between keywords that are highly searched. A highly searched keyword
is probably anything from 4 figures, this is a 4 figure keyword, this is a 5 figure
keyword, right? Anything that is above 4 to 5 figures, if you are on page 1 for any of
these keywords, if we open up beach ball right here, this is a keyword that is searched 11,000
times per month. This is what Helium 10 is estimating. Of course, if you are on page
1 for this 5 figure keyword, you are going to get sales. This is one of the biggest,
most relevant, what I call, main keywords, right? Main keywords are anything that are
very descriptive of your product and we are selling a beach ball. If you search for something
like inflatable pool, that’s very vague and that’s very broad. It really doesn’t mean
that you are selling a beach ball. If you are targeting keywords that are higher in
search volume that are in the 4 or 5 figure range and you are on page 1 for these higher
searched keywords, then you will probably get a ton of sales. Compared to if you are
on page 1 for a keyword that is very low. So let’s jump to page 5 here. If you’re on
page 1 for a keyword that is, let’s say, “small inflatable ball”, with 266 searches per month.
There are 30 days per month. If we break that down, 266 divided by 30, only 8 or 9 people
is searching that per day. And when they get on to page 1 for small inflatable ball, there
are also a ton of competitors, right? That’s why you are not getting sales. I could be
on page 1 for a lot of these smaller keywords. If I am only on page 1 for 1 or 2 of these
small guys, you are not going to get a lot of sales. It’s just logic, right? There’s
not enough people searching this for you to get a ton of sales. If you are on page 1 for,
like I said, a big main keyword like “beach ball,” which has 5 figure searches per month,
you can expect a lot of sales, given that you have an amazing image, a good price, and
a few reviews. But I really want to clarify here that it does not mean that these smaller
keywords are bad. Even if we jump to page 10, and if you are on… wow, page 10 is still
3 figures. Let’s say you are on page 1 for 2 figure keywords and 3 figure keywords, and
you have a ton of them going on, by the way, you should be able to find a lot of these
smaller searched keywords through your PPC campaigns within your Advertising Reports.
It’s going to pull up a lot of longer tail, this is longer tail, a lot of longer tail
keywords that are somewhat related to your product, right? And if you have a ton of those
going on, well, eventually it’s going to make up for the 5 figure main keyword. That means
you will get sales from a lot of these smaller keywords all added up. When they are all added
up and I am sorry, I cannot tell you exactly how many of these small keywords that you
need, but you want to target as many long tail keywords as possible because one, they
are less competitive, two, they are easier to rank for because they have less search,
and three, they are very unique. If you are always trying to chase after the big guy right
here, the big, main keywords, it’s going to be very, very difficult to rank onto page
1 right here. It’s just crazy because all of these guys on page 1 are probably getting
a ton of sales from the get-go and you are only starting out. That’s why it’s better
to target a lot of smaller keywords and work your way up from there. For myself, I always
like to use automatic PPC campaigns with broad and phrase campaigns if I am targeting any
smaller keywords that are less competitive and easier to rank for. When you are just
starting out this process, when are you on page 1 for a lot of the small guys, you’re
not going to see a bunch of sales. That’s why you’re not seeing a lot of sales because
your keywords are so long tail and uncommon. But like I said, the longer you run your campaigns
and the longer you collect a bunch of these small guys, I mean there’s so many pages with
these small keywords, right? I started at page 5, if I jump to page 14, there’s still
a ton of 3 figure keywords. That is the way to go where you can get a ton of sales by
targeting longer tail, less searched keywords. Easier to rank for and they are unique keywords.
You really have to ask yourself, what page 1 are you on? Which page 1 are you even on?
Are you on page 1 for a really big keyword and you’re not getting sales? Is that really
it? Or are you on page 1 for a smaller keyword such as beach games, maybe? With 130 searches,
with no sales, right? This product, this keyword has a bunch of random products but if you
look at a keyword that is related to beach ball, swimming ball, inflatable sports beach
ball, so there you go. If you’re looking at beach balls, are you on this page 1? If you
are on page 1 for this keyword which is only searched 100 times a month, that’s why you’re
not getting sales. I hope this makes you understand why you are not getting sales on page 1. There’s
just so many different types of page 1’s that it’s really hard to really know why you’re
not getting sales. It all comes down to the search volume and how many eyeballs are actually
looking for your keyword and typing it into Amazon.com right here. So whenever I see questions
in Facebook groups, “hey, I am on page 1 and I am not getting sales.” It’s really hard
to pinpoint why. We don’t know your keywords. We don’t know your product and we don’t even
know if your keyword are targeted. When I say targeted, I mean describing your product.
There are very vague keywords like I said, like summer beach toys. That’s not a beach
ball, right? If I go on page 1 here, there could be a few. Well, like 1 and then everything
else is not really a beach ball. There’s one in here. There’s 2. But I think you guys get
the idea, you want to look for the most specific relevant keywords that are describing your
product with lower searched volume and try to rank for a ton of those and I guarantee
you, it’ll make your Amazon journey a lot easier. It’s going to be a lot easier for
your PPC sponsored ads as well because these less searched keywords are less expensive.
They are less common compared to the big guy right here. If you guys got confused when
I said automatic, broad, or phrase PPC campaigns, you may want to refer to this video where
I break down what PPC really is and what each campaign can really do for you when you are
trying to launch and rank your Amazon FBA products. Alright guys, if you found value
in today’s video, be sure to give me a big thumbs up. Drop a comment below. Let me know
what you think, did you understand this video? Are you finally understanding why you are
not getting sales on page 1? Be sure to subscribe to my channel and of course, I’ll catch you
guys in the next video.


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    Great Video Tamara. That is great topic many people are interested in. For my point of view itโ€™s either the product wasnโ€™t researched correct or the marketing isnโ€™t good.

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