Wide Ping Pong

Wide Ping Pong

Maybe I’ll just wait over here What’s up guys, we are Pongfinity We are back with another episode of challenge Pongfinity Our special guest today is Keisha She’s not very good at tricks but she’s here just to show her pretty face This video is sponsored by Raycon whose wireless earbuds we’ll talk more about later on Okay so is it possible to play with a
needle Needle was quite on point there but not
enough Dropshot, smash You can really feel that something has struck the ball You wont expect this.. Had a bit of a rush there This is my way to do it Okay what’s happening? Lets try playing on Otto’s shoulders Let’s go! For once you don’t have to worry about
footwork Someone else is doing it for you! We are unbeatable! Where’s the footwork Otto! Maybe I should be the one below Yeah you should So for the next challenge we need a target The one who spins a different colour rubber, loses No! I knew it! I get to eat some bubble gum so I guess I’m the real winner here! Not bad! We have to do slight modifications to the net Just put it like this Bit of an operation There it is! Thats pretty good! I’m surprised that we got it so well Looks quite good! This is some creative video shooting Maybe I’ll just wait over here That was a roller! The table is suitable for around the nets I’m sure you didn’t expect that Found the technique now Apparently yeah Raycon is a wireless audio technology brand whose earbuds start at about half the price of other premium wireless earbud brands The audio quality is great! And are also perfect for practicing This is the latest model, E 25 with six hours playtime It also comes with a handy charging case It’s also suitable for around the nets! So go to buyraycon.com/pongfinity to get 15% off your order Brought to you by Raycon Big thanks to sponsoring this video! Thank you Keisha you’ve been a great help today Don’t forget to hit subscribe and watch our previous videos. Until next time! Keisha you’re supposed to say until next time!


  1. Pongfinity says:

    "I guess I'm the real winner here!" 😂🤣
    P.S. If we hit 1M subs this week, who wants to see Stereotypes 3 next Monday? 🤗

  2. Press Start says:

    Do your intro in Hebrew

  3. Lakshya Bhati says:

    Play in an I shaped table formation

  4. tyano jason says:

    I have don't play ping pong, YouTube why the recommendation?

  5. Last Resort says:

    1 million subscribe!!!!!!!!!! Congrats guys

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  7. Мистер Игорь says:

    Первый 10000

  8. AJ Davey says:

    How many around the nets can you get in a row

  9. Küçük Hilebaz says:

    Can you make 1 million special video?

  10. Maximilian Sterz says:

    Can you Play wit a ice hockey stick

  11. Scor Pio says:

    #Challange Cover your eyes with some cloth that you can't see, and play like that :)))

  12. Scor Pio says:

    #Challenge Start video with Georgian (Kartvelian) Language

  13. laurits henriksen says:

    Congratulations with 1 mil!!

  14. adam adam says:

    can you make an intro in Swedish

  15. Niuchacz says:

    1 milion subscribers!

  16. Taseen hasan says:

    Play with a Rubik's cube

  17. Rayyan Malik says:

    Do an intro in Urdu

  18. Humera Khalid says:

    Challenge play with your hand

  19. Sarika Singh says:


  20. Ronall GD says:

    Сделайте приветствие на русском языке

  21. bruh moment says:

    1million lets go

  22. ZaQuuz _ says:

    Do intro in finnish

  23. Muhammad Atif says:

    Congratulations on 1 mil
    Been here since 300 k

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    1mn special

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    wow 1m subscribers

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  28. Emanuel Muntmark says:

    You are the best

  29. Luuk Hagoort says:

    Play silver playbutton vs gold play button

  30. Радостин Гавраилов says:

    I challenge you guys to play Gold button V/S Silver button

  31. IBlemo says:

    Try to play with an frame

  32. Zac Thomas says:

    Try playing with hair dryers. You could play with on or off (wireless hair dryers)

  33. Beysters 4life says:


  34. subzeropro333 says:

    Ablo español pero si un millooooooon,one milloooon

  35. Kaapo Tapio says:

    Play while jumping on a trampoline

  36. koperskyy says:

    Challenge: Play with cameraman's hands.

  37. Juho naakka says:

    Hmm… The sport is named Table tennis, not "Ping Pong"

  38. Omar Almouazzen says:

    Congrats😍1M subs💚

  39. pro100 kto-to na youtube says:

    Hay, guys! Where are you from?

  40. Yiota Skandami says:

    CHALLENGE: play football

  41. Yiota Skandami says:

    CHALLENGE PLAY PING PONG with basketball ball and do some tricks

  42. Flo Jst says:

    Gg for 1M !

  43. Carter Tacke says:

    Miika crushes ball at 2:45

  44. Kristmundur Bjarnason says:

    Try playing with a hat

  45. ÓMKS gaming says:

    Can i play with you guys I play badminton

  46. le cassoulet says:

    CHALLENGE : Play without a filet

  47. Antony Hernandez says:

    Challenge: play with straight jackets on

  48. Paterized says:

    Do a challenge where one of you has the 5-star prestige bat and the other one has the 3-star joy bat plz

  49. 극좌표 says:

    mikka's racket information?

  50. Gerson Gborfu says:

    Love r vid guys! Can you guy try giant wide table?

  51. dorus keurentjes says:

    Congrats with the 1 mln

  52. Christian Andersson says:

    DO a intro in Hospital

  53. Filip Ask says:

    Do a intro in Swedish🍬🇸🇪

  54. Slayer GD says:

    Play table tennis with an Wii Remote

  55. Victor Gabriel says:

    start the intro in the portuguêse (Brazilian) linguage

  56. Emil Kidmose Christensen 6b says:

    Do your intro in danish

  57. Jason Wong says:

    1m congrats!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  58. roppari69 says:

    Gz on 1mil. Let the road to 10m start!

  59. Stano says:

    Do next video in Czech republic or Slovakia language. 🙂

  60. wiggimax says:

    do your intro in the middle of a challenge

  61. Patrick Frieb says:

    Ping pong with a whiffle ball pleaseeeeeeee😉

  62. Galactius Z says:

    1 000 000 congratulations. Is a very interesting channel!!👏👏☺☺

    Hablo español por eso esque me costó o puse cosas mal v:

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    They have 1M follower !!🥳

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    I was 1 mil sub. Well well desertere.

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  66. yoav mizrahi says:

    Try playing ping pong with two toches

  67. gabo M says:

    Challenge: Play with penhold grip

  68. Arav 8 ball pool says:

    1 Mil!

  69. Ahmad Abuharthieh says:

    Challenge: play ping pong with a blindfold

  70. Nahim Barrera says:

    Can you break a ball with a shot ?

  71. anita jain says:

    Please make a Video of a match with a badminton racquet

  72. SwertyFlerty says:

    i already got raycon earbuds and they are so good for their price

  73. black quin says:

    can u give me a rocket?

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    Soy el el subscritor.1 millon

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    Yay 1 million

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    One million
    Congratulación guys

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    1 million subs!

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    1M boiii!!!!!!

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    Break a toothpick with a ping pong ball

  84. Kyle Johnson says:

    What kind of paddle and rubber do you guys use?

  85. Ciaran Snyder says:

    For your next vid, make the whole room the place where you play ping pong

  86. Xinjiang Shen says:

    What are ur ratings?plz reply🙏

  87. Savvas X. says:

    Play half piped table tennis!!

  88. Super Manstein says:

    1 Million!!!
    All your video’s are great so keep going.

  89. Tatan Bigno says:

    give me some rachet we play together

  90. Elias Danek says:

    Make the in and outro when you playing Ping pong

  91. David T. Lego Animation says:

    challange:play gun game.but with only instruments

  92. crimzon exotic says:

    you guys have done tennis on a table tennis table but can you try table tennis on a tennis court
    ( first with table tennis service rules then tennis service rules )

  93. Rob Stone says:

    play with fans surrounding the table

  94. Khoa Dang Vo (Roger) says:

    How about match with Otto and Email on Giant ping pong table when you guys have 1M and 3K subscriber

  95. 三角美穂 says:


  96. Prarambha Gamer says:

    Challange:Play ping pong using a keyboard.

  97. Mat Novo says:

    Play table tennis using a thumbtacks

  98. Gülçin Zıvalı says:

    Ananıza tenis oynatın

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