Wie kommen die Skate Rampen zur Show? “Online Marketing Rockstars” – Skateboard Verein Hamburg –


The last time I was up at that time… … I was still up ! …the problem is, the trailer is wider than we are and we are already 7 feet Welcome to Skateboard e.V. We are on a mission at an online marketing congress and we are here to set up some skate obstacles for the TRAP Team witch is going to skate a show. …let’s show you around ! We simply filmed what we do to give you a closer view what happens behind the scene. So if you ever visit a congress with a little Skatepark like this, that´s how it´s done. Now we try to sneak inside to show you what’s going on in there we hope we are not getting kicked ’cause we are actually not allowed to be inside. Muck, what i did not tell you… we have our private masseur. working for Elb Rücken look, that’s me 馃檪 Well done. As you see we sat down to have some breakfast and to get ready for normal work. We hope you enjoyed it and we might see us in our next episode of doing something for skateboarding in Hamburg.


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