Yemin 191. Bölüm Fragmanı – Dayan Seni Buradan Kurtaracağım Reyhan !

hello everyone from a new video
welcome to our channel again. before moving on to our video,
keep in touch with your smile those who want, like let’s see our video
How many people agree with us? first of all friends, the last opinion is stealing
my accused smile because of a mistake may be in custody. Reyhan who does not want to leave his brother there
and the orders will do their best. orders of the jeweler man
and after they say smile to your nerves he could not judge and attacked the man. after the man’s orders,
He says he will never complain. orders go back to the proof and hurt
the man says he will meet you will. the order hook gives the money it wants and complains
asks him to withdraw. the man withdraws his complaint and laughs out of jail
take out friends. my smile went to jail because of cavidan
he knew. but my smile is an unexpected
will get a reaction. smile, cavidana will be imprisoned
Tell travelers. but my smile cavidan cares about the option
again blame my smile for. cavidan to my rose, because she has destroyed everything
It is angry. and everything is my smile,
if it continues like this, the partnership will break down Tell travelers. smile, i won’t be again
tells and believes the javelin. cavidan ve gülsüm again new images plan
to put the basil to make it difficult again It will work. Reyhan, on the other hand,
tries to treat him better now. but caviar does not allow this. in the mansion, it does not seem comfortable to smile
caviar, new week Again, a game against the order was played. who want to hit the most sensitive point of the order
cavidan and my smile again on this page they will be outraged. But the command will always be nice to Reyhana,
who want them not to be opened again the order will always take the basil from below and optimistic to it
It will close. The cavidan, which failed again, is now infuriating
It will be released. not order, against reyhana and after that
it will play open. the real page of my rose
will start to see your face slowly we can say friends. and the head of the other Kemal and Narini
is in great trouble. the thieves who took delicate and armed hostages, their money
After he took it, he ran away. Kemal reveals his life for delicate
and how much you love the delicate. if it is delicate, something like that under perfection
made to fall in love with her once again It has been. After this event, Kemal and his delicate love
It was sparking. so many friends from us in this video
goodbye to see you in the next video.

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