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they don’t want what we know out there they’ll never get those on CNBC but our school system will never tell us it does their part of the posse fake money fake future stay back I know the game of the rich my rich dad taught me you know uh cuz you’re the banker the bankers and the rich play is different than what they teach you in school all over the world what the school teach you about money and the answer is nothing and that’s not a mistake that’s not an accident I knew that most people know that the way to keep the poor and middle class working hard has never teach them what the rich know so if you read Rich Dad Poor Dad which came out in 1997 it’s what the rich teach our kids about money the poor middle class do not poverty hurts I mean I don’t like it and I don’t like that our academic systems so corrupt you know we know the banking system is corrupt we know politics is corrupt but act but academics is just as corrupt I mean one thing if it’s the banking in the politics but this is where we send our children and we trust them to do the right things for them and yet they’re being not taught something so fundamental like you asked your dad when you were a kid dad oh yeah Stratego tell teach us about money and it was just never never and they’ll never will you know something what do you know share it what is financial education it’s not get a job work hard save money and invest in a well-diversified portfolio stocks bonds mutual funds and ETFs the financial industry is two things debt and taxes 1971 Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard and the US dollar became debt and we still tell kids to go to school get a job work hard save money and get out of debt now who tells them to do that that’s the most ridiculous thing there is the book starts and it says line number one saving money will make you rich and ever well you know that all taught that as kids why would you save it and why would you work for it if they can print it had faster than you can work for it why do you keep saving when they’re printing it rich don’t work for money don’t you touch that stuff it’s very subtle yeah they don’t say I’m gonna train you to be a worker be the rest of your life but they educate you in a way where that’s what you come out right what else was he what was he trying to do those first few months were you working for him what was he trying to get across you because he taught you the hard way about money and she said if you’re gonna be a successful in your lives you’ve got to find the best teachers and a great teacher is somebody who comes from the inside not the outside but in school you don’t know if your instructor is for real or not that’s where the fake teacher comes from I said I want you to teach me about money so it was so why should I teach you he said but it if I teach you you work for me for free and I said why for free my dad my poor debt whatnots he says is if I pay you you think like an employee your brains will your brain will change if you learn never to work for money you’ll be a rich man and this is powerful once you give someone a paycheck their brain turns off right because it had been the promise of a pension right and job security which is kind of a paycheck in disguise correct after you stopped give the man a fish eats for the day teach him to fish eats for a lifetime and most poor people confuse assets and the liabilities they think their home is an asset it’s actually a liability right an asset is a noun like a house cash flow is a verb so to understand if it’s an asset a liability it takes a noun + verb so if the cash is flying out of your pocket it’s a liability if the cash is flowing into your pocket has it burn that’s it so I own 7,000 rental properties also assets every month the cash flows in whereas many people have the big house of the hill and the cash is flowing out right now they’re going broke right it’s like a frame of mind the other thing the poor don’t understand is the number one expense for most people as taxes and yet we don’t even see it isn’t that weird you walk around and you look at the paycheck and say oh that doesn’t seem right and you don’t realize that the government’s got a huge hand in your pocket and you are doing nothing to minimize that again this is what was very different about the rich and the poor the rich don’t work for money is number one expensive tax see there’s three kinds of income earned portfolio passes so earned income is if I get a job that’s earned income if I’m a doctor or a programmer that’s burning because I’m working for if i buy US by pilots an apple for ten dollars I sent over 20 that’s portfolio income capital gains yeah but passive income which is cash flow is never taxed that’s all of these guys are screaming right now in America tax too rich as a good luck because most of the guys complaining they don’t know the three kinds of income and the rich don’t have jobs anyway they have assets and so the average small out there poor guy you know sent the kid to school they don’t learn this you see very few people will buy what I do make a million dollars and pay zero tax and my rich dad taught me that playing Monopoly that’s how it started you know for green houses one red hotel or the McDonald’s for me I write about it McDonald’s Ray Kroc yeah McDonald’s is in the real estate business so they sell hamburgers but they buy real estates they pay no taxes you know this guy Bezos but he’s sixteen billion dollars how much tax did append a 16 billion and that’s all legal anyone can do it it everybody could to put everyone most people lack the education so once you learn how to use debt as money you can never say I can’t afford it because the banks will give you so the banks after the crash of 2008 the banks gave me 300 million dollars tax-free when they asked the average guys that can you why don’t you use a debt they can’t even get a loan because there are scores their FICO scores when only we have them here are so bad the schoolteachers will never tell you about because they don’t know it my poor dad never knew that you don’t know if something as an asset a liability until you can see which way the cash flows so a house is that it hasn’t a liability well if it’s taking money from your pocket it’s liability it’s putting money in your pocket it’s an asset the US government wants me to provide housing wants me to provide jobs wants me to borrow money because that’s how money is created through debt I get huge tax breaks everybody can do the same thing if they had the financial education to do it if people understood the tax code we’d be more prosperous but can poverty be passed through genetic yes because it’s some type of way of thinking it’s an attitude it’s very simple when I wanted people ask you how do I stop it I just never say I can’t afford it ask yourself how can I the reason I have so much money is because I don’t say I can’t do it I just got how can I do and I guess one to it I make a lot of mistakes but that’s how I learned how can I and poor people like my poured that always that I can’t afford it you think I’m made of money I’m a school teacher I can’t do that and I picked that up and my rich dad never said those words so when I make poor people that use the words I can’t a lot so the people that said I can’t afford it I can’t do this I can’t get to college the rich are you able them I choose not to participate in that and that’s one thing people could change today right now is that dialog in their head to stop saying the word can’t I can’t right so how can how can I especially as in I can’t afford it how can I afford that because that opens them up to looking at it as an investment to a greater future right you know when I borrowed three hundred million dollars I couldn’t do it when I told I went to ask and I got turned down so many times as a hill and every time I showed the back of my financials they go sorry I said look do me a favor why did you turn me down you tell me you business out the numbers are out here so I get these numbers fixed can I come see you again because sure so it’s called rejection same as my wife rejected me for six months it’s just a matter of personal willpower was a spiritual to signal if they can do it I can do it and how can i how can i and I think it’s you once said words become flesh yep I was a Bible to intelligence increases through your mistakes through the ups and downs of what you’ve learned Real Estate’s real estate what I learned made me enricher not the money you don’t need money to make money you know I think all of us every human being has at low point in their life and if they get the message a new life begins if you don’t get the message they keep going down the richer I got was because I didn’t need any money I could use this to make money but how did I get there so I made a lot of mistakes people are afraid of making mistakes and all those for fear of failing nice nice so very nice so many people trapped in the same device


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  2. The truth of the rich elites is that someone does pay THEIR taxes: their warehouse employees, their baggers and cashiers, the factory warehouse men and women driving forklifts, bed-loading their their boxes of shitty clothing made in the Far East or South America, the van drivers, the person taking your fast food order in the winter during a blizzard when everything else is closed and need coffee so you can plow the snow off the streets of your cities and towns, the cashiers and stocking clerks pay their taxes while making sure all the sheep trample over each other to buy their newest cell phone or video game or talking toy so their kids can look exactly like their friends and so they don’t look like bad parents. Income is income regardless of whatever clever words you want to hide it under: passive, un-passive, it’s all BS. Mr. Amazon will never pay any taxes…but everyone from Whole Foods to Amazon warehouses pay it for him. Working people know taxes allllll too well. That is something they pay thousands of their blood and sweat and get weekend spending money back for their troubles. Mr. Rich Dad/Poor Dad does ironically touch on the corruption and manipulation big time….but then again others have been warning about that for years. No wonder our world has not changed in many years and we have become developmentally stagnant as a race. So are all of you really content to wait for a better existence for yourselves when you die?

  3. The Government Don't Want us all to get rich because they know the consequences. there will be no farmers or anything Only of those who know how the games works will be rich. Life is nature
    Only for those who can stands for themselves will survive Yes the Government made us an employee
    You might Wonder how people become homeless
    It is because they are filled with excuses

  4. my opinion on that you only became rich by this step stap on pepole. selling cocaine sell your friends become more greedy safe more money spent elss money keep doing this for 20 years and buy dead companies shity property and make book how grateful and successful and happy fker and yea if you got caught between thos 20 years of your hard work lol your fkd up but you will made it to BBC and then you Ethier you die like hero or die like legendary evil end of story

  5. Fuck it.
    To buy real estate and then cash in the rent every retard can do.
    How you got money to buy a real estate?Welll…..he doesn t talk about this….
    Brain food for idiots

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  7. And yet has not shown anything on how to to it or what to buy when you get the loan according to this guy take a line out for properties so now you owe a payment on your loan and a payment on the property 🤷‍♂️

  8. 9:35 every human being has that low point in their life. I've been trying to turn things around by doing the same thing that got me into the mess I'm in in the first place. It's a vicious cycle

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  10. You can only make money with money so my advice is save money work hard and if want to make money you can write business plan.

  11. this is all bullshit. its easy to say and do things when ur already rich. being practically there and just imagining to be there isn't the same at all… this millionaires should pretend to be homeless with absolutely nothing with them and try to get the same favours they once used to get while being rich and popular.

  12. Alright I undertand that but how to get started without money? lets say I got a couple millions how do I start? Or I haven't got any money?you teach me and I WILL PAY YOU

  13. Wow, so they are saying the number one expenses are taxes, well, I think they are wrong, I think the number one expenses are families

  14. We need to rethink, or maybe restore the intended role of our Government. The Constitution & Bill of Rights were created placing the power in We the People. Yet, our Government has become so powerful that it instills fear in the minds of so many. What should the role of our Government be?

  15. You can tell people the secret formula to riches, success and happiness and those that are at a point where they should have it and dont, will, most likely, remain at their present state. There is a formula to that: Go to a drug addict and ask him, he will give you the secret formula, they really know want wanting something is like and what they would do to get it.
    You need to want it and you need to go get it. THAT IS WHERE MOST PEOPLE FAIL.

  16. i dont go to work but i usefully pay i have to pay power and unlimited fibre internet the doctor keeps money in my pocket . i got my car licence back in 1999 for free im patient if only the currency in the video games were worth more for not just me

  17. I was a teacher and I didn’t like it at all. I found it to be boring. The setting, the curriculum, even the way the day was structured. I do my did it for a year. I had one teacher plagiarize one of my lessons and present it as her own in front of me lol. That unethical lady is responsible for people’s children 8 hours a days.

  18. A pension can be a nice thing, but when you look at what you did and how long you did it to get that pension — that could disappear anyway — you will wonder why you abused yourself like that for so little.

  19. So much out there on alternative education.
    For example, watch Anton Kreil (trading legend, founder of ITPM) taking about 'real' financial Education and creating wealth in the same vein as Robert does here. He's harsh, but brilliant.

  20. EXcuse me what was the , solution every body cry for you, but no one give you solution, this is called american way of life, law is against give solution , rich man, media,, school , bank so simplese solotion is , UNION of FMILY , WORKING PEOPLE, son with his wife live with mother, pay rent to her, 1/3 he become rich to make saving and poor mother not stay poor, by take less, working people put money together, buy house, and sale it, proft will be divied, maney foreigner, as learned , 4 family keep their saving together, buy house, but fix house and sale it , make profit, also when seating in house , waite to sold, no rent and not spending for nothing, stop shopping no one is your side, only your health, place you live the car is your side , you can sleep on ground, you can cook simple, and you can dress not like rich man this is what ,rich man hate you to know, simple story, told rich millionair, we forgot the flower to buy for party , she said, do not be worried, let me see any house have nice flower, and she cut and give took to freind at the party, poor man never will do such, many foreigner live in america, never went to movie teather, never bought new thing, Never, travel to beach, and never , went to restaurant, and never, but alocohal, or cigaret also never forgot, to keep the UNION in family, and looking for price water is expansive or buy paper dishes products , keep house warm by makeing food or tea , not by gas or electricity appliancess, give rent one room, to have saving, , little things go long way,

  21. This is so true, I always wonder why they never taught this in school. I guess it's the mentality of most people and not willing to make changes in their lives. I always think there can be a better way to do things, a better way to make money (instead of slaving, trading hours for dollars. What's wrong with making people live much easier. Most people want to do the right thing, most people want to help others, most people have a heart that is GIVING!

    "You Will Never Be Poor Again" – START DOING THIS TODAY!!! Never Give Up! I am here for you.

  22. https://open.spotify.com/track/33HHdF7ne3vmpyhP2icUVH?si=cSS-NDRxR8yvN12OXfe6Tg I pray this is the intro to your life, we will become successful just need a little faith.

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  29. Im in my second business after selling the first and come from a family owned business and agree in theory and with and existing corruption at all levels. Our world is run by corrupt elite/plutocrats and corporations>>>corporatocracy. Political parties are an illusion and all are controlled by the above via central banks/IMF/BIS/world bank. Term ‘Federal’ bank is a misnomer. They’re all privately owned and without independent oversight or rule. They ensure they’re people get on any govt committees to oversee them. Goes back to fractional reserve banking but banking has been corrupt since the Midici were in bed with the Catholic Church belong to fund wars, assassinations etc.

  30. FYI we do need some in our society to be educated albeit corrupt and imperfect to fill roles in medicine, science, education etc. When you or someone close needs emergency medical attn to save your life or limb from yours or someone else’s stupidity you’ll be glad someone went to school.

  31. so in one word: CREDIT. Problem is that most people use like credit cards to buy material things aka cash flowing out and so credit is seen like "The devil". Well in his case he used credit to buy assets and make money out of it. He didnt wait to earn money first like with jobs and savings, he just got credit and invest it. Example: buying a house to live in – cash flowing out or buying a house to rent it – cash flow in. Thats why rich people can never really tell you how much money they have, because part of it doesnt really belong to them its credit, but then assets become bigger and bigger and credit debt its not a problem anymore. I personally know that I dont have the confidence to go in a bank and ask for like 90k credit and then invest it without freaking out about the debt. and thats what hes saying – anyone can become rich but they have to take risks that most of us are not willing to make. Rich people sometimes say they are broke but never poor.

  32. When he makes that comment about people not seeing taxes I wonder who he’s talking about because most people don’t underestimate taxes and can see the expense that everything amounts too. Yes not everybody is so keen on taking a second look or adding things up and seeing how much money is getting taken and unfortunately Australia is one of the only places you can actually go online to your own account of tax information on how much money is being taken for taxes and added up and it shows everything in a list so you know where that money is really going and how much is being taken out of each category

  33. There are a lot of these videos. They're very inspiring. There's one question that bothers me. They seem to be directed at everyone, as in everyone should learn about money and be successful and wealthy. The question that bothers me, is if everyone is wealthy and successful, who's gonna work? If everyone is a real estate owner, or bussiness owner, who will do all the required work necessary to keep all that going. Janitors, cashiers, construction workers, etc etc. I'm not knocking this, I'd love to get out of the loop myself that's why I watch these. I only want to know what these peoples idea of how it all works out in the end for everyone. I'm assuming I'm missing something. and at the end of the day I realize that it's not meant for everyone, as he says it's all in your mindset. But at the end of the day the undertone of all these messages is everyone can do this. Just doesn't quite seem possible endgame. I'm all ears.

  34. Yeah, if you rich people would pay your share of taxes they could lower the tax rates to the benefit of everyone that pays taxes! Then maybe the school system could improve!

  35. the fact that we came across this video and gave it a listen, proves we dont want to remain in the same financial situation we have.

    Jesus came so we may have life and life abundantly.

  36. I'm hungry and every one ignores my online job applications. I BEGGED A car wash for a job and they said they call and didn't and I got no food today and yesterday I had a McDonald cheeseburger cause I washed someone's rug for 30 dollars. I wish jobs were made to put help wanted in the newspaper again cause Indeed sells my number to telemarketers who call instead of a job interview.

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  38. Owning resources, not taking loans and trying to minimize your taxes have increased my assets. As a rule, do not become a slave under the bank, the state and try to own things and you will become more free and rich as a person. Invest your money where value can increase.

  39. Only rich people can get huge loans from the banks to buy new assets. So if you own nothing you will most likely stay poor all your life.

  40. “I’ll say it again—it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!” – JESUS

  41. This is a good principle but what I want to ask is if everyone applied it who would be your market for renting those 7000 properties of yours Mr Kiyosaki?

    If they talk to your principles to every child and they all applied for a 300 million pound loan they couldn't learn that kind of money to every single student in the world.

  42. I think everybody should have the same amount of money all families. Instead of some families having billions of dollars and some families having 100 dollars I just dont think it's fair I'm sorry I just dont


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