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if you’re doing with an addictive
generation this is up being time bomb ticking this is no accident indeed it is
by design I mean seriously it was my mistake I mean I think we can
all feel it to try to make these products as additive spike in dopamine we now know that many of the major
social media companies hire individuals called attention engineers who borrow
principals from Las Vegas casino gambling among other places to try to
make these products as addictive as possible that is the desired use case of
these products is that you use it in an addictive fashion because that maximizes
the profit that can be extracted from your attention and data it literally is
a point now where I think we have created tools that
are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works that is truly where we
are the way the technologists Garan lunaire puts it is that these companies
offer you shiny treats in exchange for minutes of your attention and bytes of
your personal data which can then be packaged up and sold what happened is
that the attention economy in this race for attention got more and more
competitive and the more competitive it got to get people’s attention on its a
news website the more they need to add these design principles is more
manipulative design tactics as ways of holding on to your attention you don’t
realize it but you are being programmed social media tools are designed to be
addictive the actual design desired use case of these tools is that you fragment
your attention as much as possible throughout your waking hours that’s how
these tools are designed to use well we have a growing amount of research which
tells us that if you spend large portions of your day in a state of
fragmented attention so large portions of your day we are constantly breaking
up your attention to take a quick glance to just check them just quickly look at
Instagram that this can permanently reduce your capacity for concentration I
am especially worried about this when we look at the younger generation coming up
which is the most saturated this technology it’s very addictive because
if you pull on the slot machine arm enough you will win
and you never know which fool will reward you that’s an addictive behavior and it’s
dopamine that is driving that addiction so what happens with social media is
Robert Sapolsky – the foundational research on this Stanford calls it the
magic of maybe when you look at your phone and maybe there’s a text there and
maybe there’s not and you don’t know when it shows up that high you get
that’s dopamine it’s the magic maybe maybe it’ll be there maybe it won’t when
it shows up maybe they 400 cents spike in dopamine
that is roughly the same amount of dopamine as you’re getting from cocaine
slightly less than an extremely addictive drug like cocaine and that’s
what’s happening we really care what other people think of us so for example
you know when you upload a new photo a new profile photo of yourself on
Facebook that’s a moment where our mind is very vulnerable to knowing what other
people think of my new profile photo and so when we get new likes on our profile
photo Facebook knowing this could actually message me and say oh you have
new likes on your profile photo and we it knows that we’ll be vulnerable to
that moment because we all really care about when we’re tagged in a photo or
when we have a new profile photo and the thing is that they control the dial the
technology companies control the dial for when and how long your profile photo
shows up on other people’s newsfeeds so they can orchestrate it so that other
people more often end up liking your profile photo over a delayed period of
time for example so that you end up having to more frequently come back and
see what the new likes are and it’s literally rewiring our brain even social
media the challenges you know with these terms like Facebook depression and
everything because it’s that this is social media depression because
where’s everyone’s looking at their feed and they’re comparing their lives to
other people that they’re highlights of other people’s lives and there’s
actually less satisfaction or sadness depression and stuff like that and it’s
interesting because if you think about things like things that you know
routinely produced a lot of dopamine alcohol for example there’s a drinking
age right we have a drinking it the alcohol releases a whole lot of dopamine
it makes you feel really really good we say okay you can have that but you’ve
gotta wait you’ve got to be 21 years old we don’t do that with social media were
you know essentially putting highly addictive drugs into the hands of kids
before they have any natural defenses against them and what you’re seeing with
Internet addiction with social media it’s the same thing over and over to
people trying to change their state of consciousness with a device trying to
get at the underlying neural chemical chemistry and it’s very very addictive
so I would say the problem with the gadgets and I mean they’re amazing
things is that they interfere with they approximately interfere with medium to
long term goals I would say and so I think the first thing you have to do to
bring them under control is figure out what it is that their use is interfering
with it has to be something important so you think well I want to do something
important what is that it could be personal maybe you want to have a
relationship gonna get married you want to have kids you want to have a career
that’s meaningful you know you wanna have a life you want to have an
Abrahamic adventure and be the father of Nations let’s say we can’t be ratting
away on your cell phone and doing that and so I think I think part of it is to
set your sights high and make a plan and figure out who you could be and see if
obsessive utilization of smartphone fits into that vision of nobility and it will
partly because they’re they’re unbelievably powerful communication
devices but so so often it’s it’s for lack of something better to do
and it also interferes you know and imagine like when you take that to the
extreme where you know bad actors can now manipulate large swathes of people
to do anything you want it’s just a it’s a really really bad state of affairs and
we compound the problem right we curate our lives around this perceived sense of
perfection because we get rewarded in these short-term signals hearts likes
thumbs up and we conflate that with value and we conflated with truth and
instead what it really is is fake brittle popularity that’s short-term and
that leaves you even more and admit it vacant and empty before you did it
because then it forces you into this vicious cycle where you’re like what’s
the next thing I need to do now because I need it back think about that
compounded by two billion people and then think about how people react then
to the perceptions of others it’s just a it’s really bad so we know from the
research literature that the more you use social media the more likely you are
to feel lonely or isolated we know that the constant exposure to your friends
carefully curated positive portrayals of their life and leave you to feel
inadequate and can increase rates of depression
and something I think we’re gonna be hearing more about in the near future I
said there’s a fundamental mismatch between the way our brains are wired and
this behavior of exposing yourself to stimuli with intermittent rewards
throughout all of your waking hours so it’s one thing to spend a couple hours
at the slot machine in Las Vegas but if you bring the slot machine with you and
you pull that handle all day long from when you wake up that when you go to bed
we’re not wired from it it’s short circuits to brain we’re starting to find
that it has actual cognitive consequences one of them being the sort
of pervasive background hum of anxiety here’s the thing the world we live in
isn’t real social media isn’t real and by design social media rewards us for
showing our best life the edited posed champagne Michelin star holiday
orchestrated best angle of our life the highlight reel but you don’t ever see
real life the 99% of our lives the behind the scenes that unglamorous
unfiltered day-to-day bland normality and you end up comparing your
behind-the-scenes to other people’s fake highlight reel and using others as a
mirror benchmark for how you should look how
successful you should be or how you should live these fake comparisons will
only serve to make you feel inadequate and inferior to something that isn’t
even real research continually shows that comparing your life to someone
else’s creates envy low self confidence low self-esteem and depression you
compare yourself to other people every single day consciously or subconsciously
and no matter what I say you’re not going to stop because comparing one
thing to another is a natural human thing to do whether we want to admit it
or not a big reason why anything has value is because there’s something worse
all better to compare it to think about it an old brick of a mobile phone with a
big aerial is only considered amazing in a world before the smartphone
the horse and carriage is only considered a phenomenal mode of
transport until the car comes along the answer isn’t to stop making comparisons
because unfortunately we can’t control that but you have to change the object
of your comparison from someone else to yourself you have to measure yourself
against yourself and by doing this you start a base point where you consider
yourself to be perfectly fine exactly how you are but it also is the most
effective motivating and healthy way to work to improve yourself you’ll become
you’ll happy yourself when you stop putting pressure on yourself to be more
like someone else and when you start comparing real to real we are in a
really bad state of affairs right now in my opinion it is it is eroding the core
foundations of how people behave by and between each other and I don’t have a
good solution you know my solution is I just don’t use these tools anymore I
have it for years it’s created huge tension with my friends huge tensions in
my social circles if you look at like you know my facebook fee if I probably
haven’t I posted maybe two times in seven years three times five times thing
just it’s less than 10 and it’s weird I guess I kind of just
innately didn’t want to get programmed and so I just turned tuned it out but I
didn’t confront it and now to see what’s happening it’s really it really it
really bums me up back in the 1970s in the early 80s at Xerox PARC when Steve
Jobs first went over and saw the graphical user interface the way people
talked about influence the world was a bicycle for our minds that here we are
you take a human being and they have a certain set of capacities and
capabilities and then you give them a bicycle and they can go to all these new
distances they’re empowered to go to these brand new places and to do these
new things to have these new capacities and that’s always been the philosophy of
people who make technologies how do we create bicycles for our minds to do and
empower us to feel and access more now when the first iPhone was introduced it
was also the philosophy of these technologies how do we empower people to
do something more and what and in those days it wasn’t manipulative because
there is no competition for attention Photoshop wasn’t trying to maximize how
much attention it took from you it didn’t measure a success that way and
the internet overall had been in the very beginning not designed to maximize
attention it was just to putting things out there putting things out there
creating these message boards it wasn’t designed with this whole persuasive
psychology that our burns later if you feed the beast that beast will destroy
you if you push back on it we have a chance to control it rein it in and it
is a point in time where people need to hard break from some of these tools and
the things that you rely on the short term dopamine driven feedback loops that
we have created are destroying how society works no civil discourse no
cooperation misinformation miss truth and it’s not an American problem this is
not about Russian ads this is a global problem
mr. Zuckerberg would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel
you stayed in last night


  1. I have been a victim of addiction towards social media. I use to see other peoples pictures and think damn they living the life, they happy and just enjoying everyday while I got more depressed thinking im wasting my life away while people I went to school with are now way ahead of me. Can call it jelausy but I realised people always post the good things to make then think they are keeping up with everyone else because thats what it is a global compition to see who has the most friends, likes, who are the most popular, THE PEOPLE WITH 100+ FRIENDS WILL ALWAYS BE OUT FAVOURED BY THE PEOPLE WHO HAS 1000+ FRIENDS. iv seen people think they are nothing because they only have 5 likes on a picture when the other person getting 40+ likes. Since I have deactivated my Facebook my mindset has been so much calmer and I dont feel the need to try keep up with other people cus the truth is knowing your own happiness in yourself. Dont watch what other people are trying to show online because if you know or met them in person they wouldnt be as happy as they seem online

  2. I quitted fb and Instagram almost 1 and a have year ago. It was very weird like i felt like the day is too long and couldn't spend it but after a month or so it was all gone and i was having a normal life. I also had depression during that time and still have it but I'm better than before..i started listening to songs instead and tried to figure out what the world was before all of that and i love that life and try to live like a 90s kid .I'm different from others and that's why I'm probably weird to other people. I also have mood swings and social anxiety because i can't fit myself in that world but i am working on it. I'm currently 19 and i can say that proudly that I'm living a better life than others my age even with depression ✌
    Thank you for reading this and good luck for your future,i hope you have a great life👍😄

  3. I knew it from the start ..reason for which I never caved in to post my personal life online . . or crucial data . . I knew it was a crooked deal . . how did I knew? just wisdom and common sense. Never stop using common sense.

  4. Lots of my "friends" have been thrown in jail for being dumbasses and recording shootings on social media. Bunch of retards trying to be cool.

  5. So if people delete youtube do you all go back to msnbc and cnn for your new lol .
    Zark muckerburg is just an evil phuck period .
    Jootube is media , at least one can select from independent channels filter your information , not something you can do with mainstream media.

  6. i never liked exposing myself postinf abour myself or pictures never was into the facebook ig etc i dont have anything but youtube and whatsapp for work

  7. You tube is the best social media, your own profile, like with a thumbs up, uploads,downloads and if you want you can spread words about in comments..just like fb and one upon a time,myspace. I think when telephones hit private homes in our country, yeeaars ago, party lines were social media lol. Devices…like guns, you are the problem.

  8. I'm 40 years old. What happened to reading books? Physical books in your hand? The younger generation doesn't know who Capote is. Hemingway. Toni Morrison. Joyce Carol Oates etc. It's sad.

  9. destroy your phone and computer this year.. shoot it with a gun. You can learn what's going on in the world without these devices. I'm going back to old school. I don't like scrying mirrors – black mirrors. The other world is looking at you through them… the satanic world of witchcraft and idolatry.

  10. Whats wrong with educational videos on you tube ? Ive learned so many things from people on you tube …..Many positive uplifting videos …..Its the content YOU WATCH that poisons your brain …..I got rid of FAKEBOOK and INSTAGRAM ….But I wont get rid of you tube.

  11. I deleted all this shit 2 years ago.
    Now I do more work, more cartoons and more fun.
    But as a web developer I must have to sit at computer for long time and for to be entertained I use YouTube quite a lot.

  12. If you have so much time on SM, it means that:
    A) You are an idler probably without a job,
    B) You've a limited number of meaningful hobbies,
    C) Your line of work involves a lot of SM interactions eg customer care, sales etc,
    D) You are an insecure pitiful soul.

  13. I started to use social media one and a half year ago because someone started tortured me with radionics and I needed to understand mi situation conclusion someone created a concentration camp for us while we didn't pay attention God help us❤

  14. I deleted Facebook years ago then later made a new one but only added people i still talk to. i think its time for purge #2. sick and tired of seeing "John checked in hotel X" or other useless bullshit

  15. I needed this info, I had my theories about this, with the clarity, I've have officially disconnected with virtual world for good. It nearly took over my life, mentally I felt as if I was potentially heading towards depression, feeling like I wasn't fitting in, feeling vulnerable, putting pressure on myself, loosing the luxury of self happiness instead clouding it with anxieties. So alternatively I've changed my reality by deleting all social media applications.

  16. Social Media is a part of my life, but I can go days without touching it. I have no illusions, I know that people post the things that they want us to see about themselves. Social Media is personal advertising. TV is an illusion and so are personal postings with snap shots of the personal advertising medium known as social media. It’s all still new so people fail to see past the curtain.
    You will never see me in line for a sale on Black Friday, I will not fight people for a cheap TV, it’s all human weakness… just as wearing things that advertise a company name. I do use social media to keep up with friends, that’s it. I also have no need to keep up with the Jones so social media has no hold on me…and I didn’t need to tune it out. It’s simple.

  17. Well, totally correct! having read all here and comparing my life environment filled more more and everyday with smart phones / tablets / wifis/ base stations/ and now 5G which are addiction to people who like to live in a style but not notice how slave they become by frequent manipulation thru mind control, truely and absolutely I believe that the social media garbage is now also more than a nuclear bomb due to constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation exist all around us whereever we go!
    Read here:

  18. I have contemplating deleting all my social media accounts for a month now and start using my Nokia 3310 rather than my smartphone for communication. My smartphone will strictly be restricted for home use to occasionally watch YouTube videos.

  19. Observe the comparison of social media and drugs. They both chase the hormone dopamine, which provides that rewarding sensation. So you need to detach and realize that you are not being rewarded, you are not gaining anything, you need to focus on making your waking life better by being a more hollistic person, being healthier in all levels, and THEN you will MINIMIZE your need to fill a void. It'll still be there always (because we're human) but you have the knowledge and strength to resist.

  20. I deleted social media when everyone just got started, I'm 23 now and deleted social media when I was 15. Everyone seems to use phones all the time, in public settings I notice people feel the need to have to use there phone, they cant just sit there in silence and observe

  21. #DeletedFB about 7 months ago, slowly…very slowly.. but surely feeling back to normalcy…Social media really messed with my mindstate.

  22. People are stupid. Social media offers a means to connect with people. If you prefer to be a hermit and limit your day with the few conversation you can have, then so be it but no one can deny the information you can acquire by using the internet. It is insurmountable. How many of us have used a "how to video" on youtube to teach ourselves a new skill. Get real and learn self control.

  23. So what happened to me…Yo I should be compensated $50000 for my Infringed Rights….Zuckerberg(Sugar Mountain in German has given us Sugar Treats for all our Information sold to Corporation /Chinese Foreign Governments etc..Show me the Money zuckerberg.

  24. สวัสดีค่ะ หน้าจะแปลเป็นภาษาไทยด้วยนะ

  25. This is why I wish I was born early where everybody and everything was simple. We still have the time to spend for our family and friends.

  26. How are you watching this? Did these people know this would be uploaded, shared, liked, worried over? If we know this, why do the “powers that be” allow this? Who’s got our best interests in mind? You know FDA and CDC are very aware of all of this and more-look in your phone settings, under general and about. Go to legal and see what you signed up for. It’s bigger than social media, it’s radiation and we are all being fried inside. I am living this to date. Don’t follow suite. There are people pissing out burnt flesh and dropping over for “no apparent reasons.”
    Jobs and Gates didn’t allow their kids devices. Why not? Caveat, I wouldn’t have found answers without them being published.
    We are at war now.

  27. Facebook is good for teens, college students, and for people with a business but if you're not profiting from it, it's wasting valuable time. Life is precious shouldn't waste it at the casino or in front of a computer doing literally nothing.

  28. I must keep youtube i have a handful of channels i watch,other than that makes me just want landlines&pay phones again.. I think im going to just not use my phone as least as possible. I dont need others approval via social media,the only thing i need approval of is from my lord jesus God..☝💪 God bless you all..🍃

  29. My name is Rosemary..I was a social media addict.Id spend hours on social media..I finally left 3 years ago.. It was the best thing that ever happened to me In the first week that I left social media I taught my 2 year old to read I thought my 4 year old to ride a bike ..I read 5 books in a week..i wrote a book in less than 6 months..I got accepted to havard extension school..I lived life without feeling I was being watched ..i remember the first week being hard i was so upset with myself for leaving because i had a huge following …then i said to myself wait a minute i am an addict , all my life I've never drunk alchohol or done any kind of drugs and i get sick to my stomach when i see people addicted to drugs or alchohol and i say why will you do that to yourself..well guess what ..I did that to my own self with social media ..I watched my life disappear with social media because I was living for it always posting my kids my self my food all the nonsense..Then it hit me ..this is so not me ..I deserve to live i deserve to live life without social media so i did.And I've seen my kids grow remarkably..i homeschooled my children and they are exceptionally bright..they are deep thinkers and focused because i spend actual time with them.talking to them..teaching them ..knowing them inwardly 🙏..dont second guess yourself..leave while u still can and live your life.🙏

  30. Now do you want to hear something really scary?
    5G coming to your school, your neighborhood, your hospital, your malls ie: stores you shop in & it will literally change your DNA, cause cancer & change the molecular structure of all living things on earth. Potus rolling it out as fast as possible and it's killing millions of bees all over the country. No bee's = no pollination = no food. (famine)
    Look up Directed Electromagnetic Weapons (DEW) or Active Denial System (ADS) Weather Modification (WM)
    Look up US Government Patents under G⊙⊙gle for a real shocker, you just can't make this stuff up.

    Manadatory vaccines to go to school = Poison = Disease that CDC lies about and fines or jails your parents for child abuse… isn't that ironic?

    GMO'S that the chemical companies now own that are poisoning all seeds look up Monsanto

    The Hidden Truth

    Children are the future & the bible says they will be the warriors against the adversaries of spiritual evil in high places, funny coming from a "book" that was written 1,000's of years ago
    If children want a future, they're going to have to fight for it… and they are most likely going to have to fight AI while voluntarily or mandatory RDIF is rolling out
    Godspeed to the children of the world!!

  31. Thank God I didn't grow up with cell phones we only had one phone in the house true I do have a cell phone but after using it for a while it gets boring I love the technology if I break down in my car but I have seen people check their text messages hours on end staring at the phone drooling at the f**** mouth eyes wide open fascinated by the technology

  32. I'm happy I erased all social media years ago. I'm happy to say I'm happy I enjoyed my 20's (now 27).

    People won't know what they're missing out on with any social media profiles.

  33. I closed my Facebook account 15 years ago when my own friends turned on me basically because they didn't have to say untrue or defamatory things to my face

  34. Yes its true,i am a youtube addict till now,after watching this video decide to be less reliant on it,thought YouTube we can learn some tips,by watching this video and commenting i am not breaking free lol

  35. I knew something was wrong when I got on a public bus, and noticed I was the only one besides the driver who was not using their cell phone! It was rather creepy! Also what about these kids at the library yo? As I read one Librarian said she had watched this one group of kids come in every day after school, and just sit at this table working their phones? Talking to each other in emoji happy faced symbol language? After several months of this no talking business going on! The Librarian walked up and busted those kids! And said OK you kids, what's going on here? I have been watching you guys for several months now…and not a word? You just sit at this table, working those cell phones? What's going on here? When questioned they responded…we are talking! But not out loud, just on our cell phones! The Librarian said…..that's enough! Outside you kids, go ride your bikes! Its a beautiful day outside, go get some fresh air! Also a very unsettling creepy report by a Librarian! I know they want to plug us all into the computers in the future to get more work out of us all? Seems strangely Matrix-y if you ask me? Also very creepy! If that happens I'm moving to Alaska to go fishing! Forget it! I do not want to be hooked up to any machine! NO! There is a real old fashioned beauty and satisfaction a person gets from working with their hands! Its too addictive I think! And the access to so much information, is not only overwhelming its addictive! This mess just feeds into all the rest of the mess! The synthetics, cloning, robotoids, androides, humanoids…What?!! Fake world here we come! Why not? I'm going fishing yo! See ya!

  36. Don't be deceived by these profilers acting like they're 14 13 16! cuz most of them are actually over age I would say / 3/4.when the roads weren't ready to actually see who's behind what can give me a call I've been researching for nine straight months! I know the players I know the I know all the tags I know the addresses locally here I know a lot more than anyone could ever give me credit to know! don't be deceived by smoke point of really down there and I'll people like that show up in your church live streams don't even be deceived by these churches online right now I would say everything online is f**** bogus at at this point!

  37. and I'll say this there's a reason as an illuminated apple on the back of the eye book that has been iluminated and glowing at us with a bite out of it for all these years! Basically mocking you in the face!

  38. I want to share one incidence. …i was with my brother and mom in market and one girl was so busy in phone that she didnt even know that lorry is about to hit her… was her mistake because lorry driver was playing horn continuously

  39. With the creation of Facebook, this man has destroyed the possibility of verbal communication between humans. Thanks to him we have a new generation that is no longer able to talk to each other. I see more and more young people who, even if they are part of a group, speak in chat and do not express the emotions they feel if they do not respond with various emojis. An increasingly anti-social fully connected society absorbed by facebook and other social networks without understanding that real life is outside. 🌍❤️

  40. A lot of comments here are hypocritical…. you’re talking bad about social media but if it has helped you build your business you can’t complain. If it has helped you with your acting, singing, dancing career you can’t complain. If it has helped you get clients and helped you financially or anything you can’t complain. Social media was created to expand the human knowledge and capabilities but it’s up to you to figure out how to use it. You have control of what content you want to release to the public and being aware not everything you see on there is real.

  41. I m just curios how to get around without social media all my friends uses it…without it I don’t think I can get around in social gathering and get to know my frds…please advise

  42. 90% of the clowns watching this will be sharing it on social media within minutes of its conclusion! Lol PATHETIC PEOPLE USE SOCIAL MEDIA! FACT

  43. I deleted Facebook and snapchat etc. It all happend when i saw people beeing so fake on social media and also when I relized what the globalist are doing to this world.

    Wake up

  44. I can't understand every one talk about domine as a drogue but dopamine is important for our life and happinies and the effect of facebook or generale internet is the same if you go away with you're friend

  45. I didn't know how depressed I was until I deleted Social media a week ago…now I realized all the wasted hours were brainwashing me.. social media wasn't teaching me it was taunting me..I 👀the truth now…we all here do!!

  46. What if I get the exact opposite of a dopamine rush when I get a text?

    EDIT: Anyone who wants to learn more about the social media phenomenon should read the book “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Greg Lukianoff and Johnathon Haidt

  47. Fucked as whole. Saved if you all rise. Wont happen your a mass of idiots that need iradication simple. Failed state? No failed earth!!


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