Your Latest Trick | Mark Knopfler Songbook | Chords

Your Latest Trick | Mark Knopfler Songbook | Chords

OK, the next stop in our “non-guitar songs from the mid-80s” parade is Your Latest Trick. It’s fun to play guitar songs, but I constantly get a buzz from all sorts of arrangements and lead instruments. I’ll do more guitar songs soon. And more recent songs, too. But this song is really fun to play on a guitar, and as one of Mark’s most recognisable tunes ever, if not the most, you should definitely try it yourself. A lot of chords here as you’d imagine. The song starts with C#m. To A, then B to B/A, G#m7, Amaj7. To F#, F#/A#, B, B/A again, G#7, F#m, G#7. Or Am6, G#7. Technically it’s a beast by the name of F#m9b5, but I can’t find any proper way to use it on one guitar so I just replace it with an F#m or Am6. But if you want a proper name for it, it’s F#m9b5. You see, to play songs like that you really need to know your neck at least on the bottom two strings, because root notes go all over the place and it’s easy to get lost in all these slash, sharp and flat symbols. The intro slowly. The verse is E, F#m, B, C#m, B/D#, C#/F, F#m. Basically, It all goes up to F#m from B. To jazzy D9. Another option is a chord from Baloney Again, namely D9#11 [10, x, 10, 9, 9, x]. Or D13#11. This is the most accurate name for it—D13#11. You see, I can’t even play it, so this is all the keyboard tricks and for our limited instrument let’s just use the regular D9. Another cool grip which Mark uses all the time is this: [10, x, 10, 9, 7, x]. It’s like D9 with the 3rd on top. The verse slowly. And again, the rhythm pattern with an accent on 2 AND can be used: 1 and 2 AND 3 and 4 and. Although many patterns will do, including this bossa nova-ish rhythm. But a simple strumming I love, too. So the end result is a combination of these basic rhythms. By the way, this song is the only Dire Straits song with arrangement, suggested by the band’s manager Ed Bicknell, who can play drums as well. He suggested this cool bossa rhythm missing one beat. If the regular bossa goes something like… In this song it skips the third strong beat and sounds very original and unique. You can recognise the tune literally just by the rhythm alone. The chorus starts on A. Then B to B/A again. To B or not to B. And here’s the change — E/G#. To Aadd9, A, E/B and it ends almost like a verse: E, F#m, B, C#m, B/D# and switch to the saxophone. Technically it goes through the G#7 chord, but it gets played rarely. What gets played every time is this chord before the end solo. The chord is the Hendrix chord again, as in the song Private Dancer. G#7#9 [x, 11, 10, 11, 12, x]. This chord lasts for a fraction of a second, but really sets up a mood for a tasty jazz solo. The chorus slowly. Playing the solo over Your Latest Trick is pretty demanding and unless you’re jazz pro, who I’m not, or an advanced blues guitar player, who I’m not, better to leave it for somebody who can actually play. With that said, there was a couple of instances when a guitar was used for solos and even by Mark himself. He tried to get around the changes with some Pentatonic licks, take a listen. Another one is when Robbie McIntosh did it properly on a charity show “MK & Friends” in 2002. So, as a huge hit this song is a must play for fans, and as a romantic piece of music it can be used in all sorts of way. For instance, I played this song for my girlfriend on our very first date a couple of years ago, and we’re still together if you ask me. Stay romantic, play guitar and keep Knopflering. And thanks for watching!


  1. Nikola Aleksić says:

    I didn't ask for it but I was hoping long that you would do this one. Can't wait to see the video and start practicing my guitar!

  2. steve szalay says:

    Wonderful stuff. Looking forward to the next one already.

  3. Gerald Gevaudan says:

    You the best , a billion of thanks …

  4. Evgeniy NeutralMusician says:

    Every sax guy must try this tune when buying a new saxophone 😀
    Seriously, tho it's not 'a guitar composition', it's still one of the best works of Mark. One of the absolute favourites.
    Excellent lesson, as usual, bravo, Pavel.

  5. Vethrfoelnir says:

    Павел, ну разве же можно выкладывать уроки ночью! Я не мог взять гитару, чтобы не разбудить соседей, но заснуть тоже не мог)

  6. migue7490 says:

    The sax riff it's amazing, but I also pay atention to the harmony behind it. Good song and lesson.

  7. Marco Schaap says:

    Wow! Terrific lesson, as always. Thanks very much!

  8. BEST Knopfler LIVE says:

    great! great! great!!

  9. Brunno Nunes says:

    Great, another great lesson with precious tips. I could not help but notice the sequence (LOG, PD and now, YLT), both have something in common, the contruction of it reveal a greater complexity in chords in relation to the songs between 78/80, bring something even more refined. Anyway … this is the richness of Knopfler's work. Congratulations again, your work is quite learned, because it is an x-ray of each song.
    A hug from Brazil!

  10. Макс Хижняк says:

    Охренеть, Я бы сам не подобрал 🙂 Спасибо

  11. Rui Marques says:

    Thank you again, Pavel! I've been wanting to learn this so badly…Somebody should make you a statue!

  12. Lechu says:

    Next will be Telegraph Road or Where do you think you're going 😛

  13. Ivan Lovimukha says:

    Hello, Pavel. Could you please do The Kingdom of Gold? Such a nice ballad of Mark!

  14. C RV says:

    You are wonderful, Pavel!

  15. Олег Даниелович Олисов says:

    Thank you!

  16. Anish Yelekar says:

    Just realized that I forgot to comment on this video!! I really cant believe I let that happen, as this is one of my absolute favorite DS era songs.

    At the risk of sounding redundant, you have done another beautiful song breakdown, thorough as usual, and I cant wait to learn and practice all the new chords.

    Thanks again for sharing Pavel, and for all of your hard work on this project! It is very much appreciated…. all around the world, im sure!

  17. KGSoloman2000 says:

    Very nice lesson. I enjoyed your quiet and informative way of teaching and of course your guitar skills. Great quality lesson!

  18. vetou20 says:

    Does anybody know what is the embelishment Mark Always plays after "well now my door was standing open"?

  19. Nick Gardiner says:

    What a fantastic video and tutorial with very clear explanations and interesting trivia. Will be watching all your other ones too. Nice Advanced Jumbo! Is it a standard one or Luthier's choice?

  20. Phil Guiseppe says:

    Damn! … thats all I can say… in a good way!Gonna be FUN workin thru this!🙏

  21. Tomi V says:

    Not bad, mostly correct chords, but there are better positions (and more "guitar-wise") to play this song.

  22. DaGreyFox11 says:

    So so so good- best song in the world, thanks Pavel

  23. mimmosonic says:


  24. Eugene Kennedy says:

    Love this ..thanks very much 🙏🏻

  25. whalerine says:

    link to tab is dead!

  26. martinrosschou says:

    I find playing Am6 like this [x04554] works well.

  27. martinrosschou says:

    Wanted to play it in a higher key, and wanted to find a "simple" way to play it (as many open chords as possible).

    I like to play it with capo on 2nd, stating in the Em shape. Just going to write the shapes I play, not taking capo in to account.

    | Em [0220000] C [x32010] || Dsus2 [xx0230] Dsus2/C [x30230] |
    | Bm7 [x24232] x2 || Cmaj7 [x35453] x2 |
    | A [x02220] A/C# [x42220] || Dsus2 Dsus2/C |
    | B7 [x24242] x2 || Cmaj7 B7 |

    | G [320003] x2 || G Am7 [x02010] |
    | Dsus2 Em7 [022030] || Dsus2/F# [2×0230] E/G# [4×6400] |
    | Am x2 || Am x2 |
    |F9 [103243]x2 ||F9 or[x87888] x2 |

    Pre chorus:
    |C x2 || Dsus2 Dsus2/C |
    | Bm7 x2 || Cadd9 [x32033] C' [x32013] |
    |G x2 || Em7/B [x20000] C |
    |Dsus2 Em7 || Dsus2/F# B7' [x21202] |

    Not sure about the last B7, but it sounds ok… ish… A lot easier to play this way, and sounds fine, to me 🙂

  28. Douglas Braga says:

    Bom cover meu consagrado

  29. Roberto Bones says:

    thanks for this!!! great!!

  30. David Huélamo Longás says:

    Which guitar is it?

  31. Rodrigo Barros says:

    "Boa noite meu consagrado"

  32. dmitryWeirdo says:

    Очень круто, Павел, большое спасибо за такой классный и фанатский разбор!

    Пара мелких идей:
    — Хитрый аккорд F#m9b5 как вариант — 2x(2)214, 6 струна большим пальцем, 4 струну по возможности зажимать 2 пальцем вместе с 3 струной.
    — Когда идёт ход B -> B/A, то для меньших телодвижений можно B сыграть в G-аппликатуре, то есть ход будет выглядеть как 7x444x -> 5x444x (мне показалось, в видео со вторым соло Марк как-то так и играет).

  33. Lukkas Queiroz II says:

    Bom dia meu consagrado.

  34. Pat Lesage says:

    Great cover and great lesson….do you play electric guitar too or only acoustic with chords?…anyway it's really sweet to my ears ! Thanx a lot !!!

  35. Brenno Henrique says:

    Qual modelo do violão?

  36. kiernol12345 says:

    Really nice development of chords to this song. 😀 Hand up! 🙂

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    Thank you pavel

  41. t wills says:

    oh heck trying to learn this its so beautiful just to listen to

  42. Celine Haya says:

    Respect. You are very inspire and motivated.
    Well done good man

  43. Pat Lesage says:

    Love all your post…you really show the Master that Mark Knopfler is not only in guitar solo but in his way of building a song, how he's using music theory…great job my friend !!!!!😊😊😊

  44. Freddie Diniz says:

    Only two words for that: PER FECT.

  45. Mart Dela Cruz says:

    very nice!!!

  46. Serge V says:

    Спасибо. Класс. До этого долго не мог понять, почему у меня не получается эта песня. Вас увидел, испытал просветление.

  47. asdfghjklkjhv bvcvjhvlyhb says:

    very nice mate, I wish I could learn this but I have broken both thumbs in the past so I cant hook my left thumb over for chords.  This is  one of marks finest.

  48. Fernando Del Vecchio says:

    Nailed it!!! I had some doubts and you cleared them all!!! Thanks bro!!!

  49. Fernando Del Vecchio says:

    There are only two chords in the 6th compass on the Verse (that you put a E & F#m) were I’m hearing E/G# and A…I know they are pretty similar E with a major 3rd on the bass and A is the major relative to F#m…please hear it again and correct me if I’m wrong. 😉

  50. raf raf says:

    mate, this amazing ! you are the little Mark Knopfler

  51. raf raf says:

    I keep listening to this ! it sounds incredible man, I wish you can teach me one to one !!!

  52. canal do zicka says:

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  53. raf raf says:

    Amazing i love this !!! i have played this over and over and over and over and over !!! please do Dream of the submariner !!!!!!!

    Thank you Pavel 🙂

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