YSU alum plans to bring mobile-based notarization business to the Valley


We’ve talked a lot lately about losing jobs — but tonight we have some new ones that could be coming to Youngstown. A former Youngstown State football player has started a company called NotaryPal — and he’s bringing it here — creating what he says will be “hundreds, if not thousands, of new jobs.” More details on economic news we can at least smile about . The man behind NotaryPal is Phil Larmon. He’s paying for it all. “SO NOTARY PAL IS WE’RE BUILDING THE FIRST ENTERPRISE GRADE, VIDEO NOTARIZATION PLATFORM IN THE WORLD. SO IF YOU CAN THINK OF IT WHERE, IF YOU NEED TO GET A DOCUMENT NOTARIZED, YOU CAN JUST USE YOU MOBILE DEVISE.” NAT SOUND NOTARY MACHINE WORKING Most notaries are still done with a hand held machine and ink. But yesterday — Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a new law allowing document notarizations by use of video cameras and the internet. “THE ACTUAL ACT OF NOTARIZATION ISN’T SUPER SEXY BUT I THINK THE WAY WE’RE GOING ABOUT IT AND LOOKING AT IT FROM A MOBILE FIRST MENTALITY IS REALLY GAME CHANGING.” Larmon bought the old Callos building on Market Street in Boardman — out of which he’s running NotaryPal. There’s much to it yet. One of the signs on the front door is handwritten. He wants the operation eventually located in or near downtown Youngstown. He says getting it started will likely cost him into the millions. As far as the jobs. “BUT THE NUMBER, HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS.” Phil Larmon grew up in Columbus — played football at Youngstown State — and two years in the Arena Football League. He was recruited by Jim Tressel before Tressel left for Ohio State. Larmon made most his money working for Verizon and a mobile advertising company. He lived for a while in Southern California. “I HAD A COUPLE PLACES DOWN IN LONG BEACH. I DID LIVE IN BEVERLY HILLS FOR A WHILE. ALL OF THAT SOUNDS VERY GLAMOROUS AT THE END OF THE DAY I’M A SIMPLE GUY.” And on why he chose Youngstown. “I THINK IF THERE’S ANY CITY IN THE COUNTRY THAT I WOULD SAY REPRESENTS ME, MORE THAN ANYTHING, IT’S YOUNGSTOWN. SO I WANT TO COME BACK. GEOGRAPHICALLY THERE’S NO REASON WHY YOUNGSTOWN SHOULDN’T BE THRIVING. SO IT’S NOT LIKE WE HAVE GEOGRAPHICAL ISSUES. I THINK WE JUST HAVE SOME MIND SET ISSUES.” [A22]20181220 ELEC NOTARY 27-TAG Phil Larmon hopes to have NotaryPal running by this time next year. He has a lot to do. Notary’s must be licensed. He says he’ll hold job fairs and provide the training. He also had only good things to say about doing business in Ohio. So far everyone has been willing to help.



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