Zooey Deschanel Got Fan Mail from Snooki

Zooey Deschanel Got Fan Mail from Snooki


  1. Phil Chao says:

    took me forever to figure out that he isn't the flash

  2. Renata Roman says:

    Zooey is so loveable. I would have a glass of wine with Zoey too 🙂

  3. Ann M says:

    She looks different

  4. David Thomas says:

    Boring interviewees

  5. Nurul Hamizah Ramlan says:

    Shes so pretty and that hair looks so good on her😍

  6. Rocky J&Fam says:

    Love this😍 love James & Zooey❤️❣️

  7. sadlystuckinreality says:

    That tall child is doing well.

  8. HaileeAmanda says:


  9. Shemoo Angle says:

    Zooey is cuteness

  10. james evarts says:


  11. Shannon Dean says:

    john is so fucking GIFable in this

  12. Seki Deschanel says:

    Both John and Zoey seem like they would really fit well into the classical Hollywood era.

  13. clip012 says:

    From the top half she look as if she is wearing baju kurung.

  14. Sebastian's World says:

    Slow roasting Snookie lol

  15. hipnhappenin says:

    Holy hell she looks beautiful in that dress.

  16. kettle chips says:

    Why doesn't she do more movies?

  17. Lala Ghana-Love says:

    Zooey is beautiful and I just loved her awkwardness.

    But why is she looking like a stepford wife here? Nothing wrong with it or her; it's just not how I normally see her.

  18. bari moto says:

    She is my celebrity crush

  19. the game says:

    Bring back Zlatan

  20. Simplyhyesu says:

    She's so cute 😂

  21. ً says:

    i thought it was kate mckinnon in the thumbnail

  22. ok says:

    theyre both so classic

  23. Vamanos Ninja says:

    Aah priests and stuff. lol!

  24. Karina Castillo says:


  25. My Strain says:


  26. Josh Hernandez says:

    I didn't think I could fall even more in love with Zooey. The combination of that dress and hair makes her even hotter. She has aged like fine wine.

  27. ThePirado93 says:

    She looks like Elizabeth from BioShock: Infinite. I love it.

  28. potwhovian says:

    This is how I imagine Daisy and Gatsby to be if they existed in the modern world and everything worked out for them BEFORE Gatsby got rich.

  29. Tim Dog says:

    Zooey Deschanel is cute

  30. VivaLaBam916 * says:

    The Flash Spent to Long In The Speed force⚡⚡

  31. Amanda Pumarejo says:

    They need to make a romantic comedy with these two. ASAP

  32. Daniel dore says:

    Most beautiful woman on earth

  33. Zandra Steele says:

    I love their chemistry! She's usually rather awkward on talk shows, but he brings her out a bit more and it's fun to watch. I hope they're in something together one day.

  34. Jayden Kouli says:

    omfg goals

  35. James Wildrick says:

    She was funny on weeds with the youngster in the van

  36. hailey carter says:

    Currently rise steel station rather elementary dispute result describe recall arise.

  37. InfiniteCyclus says:

    You and your wig… That's not done what you did bitch…

  38. Noelle Irina says:

    I just don't like her, sorry

  39. Noelle Irina says:

    I love how they're dissecting snooki's grammar trying to figure out what she meant instead of just acknowledging the fact she has no fucking clue about grammar

  40. gbwklsm says:

    They should make a movie together

  41. Ro lo says:

    Isn't he saying her name wrong??

  42. Jenn Pizzorno says:

    I love her style so much, those dresses!!!

  43. Mila X says:

    not to be that person but wish + past tense is something you want to happen now, not anything related to the past, if she wanted to say it about the past she would write "i wish we had had wine"

  44. M.L. Soll says:

    John and Zooey look like they could be a couple in the 50's

  45. Jewel Pearl says:

    She got fan mail but made fun of snookie . Get over yourself Katy Perry reject.

  46. Alberto Rivera says:

    My existentialist question is about who is most adorable, classy and cute, Zooey Deschanel or Felicity Jones?

  47. GreatGreekGeek says:

    This guy looks like crumped paper

  48. Kaitlin Kal Lee says:

    I want to see Zooey write a letter back 😆💀💕

  49. Mujtaba Rafid Ibrahim says:

    when did she become so old?

  50. Hannibal Lex says:

    Loosen up tense fucks. Except James Corden 😃

  51. CrazyCatLady Prr says:

    "(I) Wish we had wine together" is perfectly correct…

  52. h says:

    Something about Mulaney makes me feel so comfortable

  53. francis1971 says:

    Zooey looks more like Emily now

  54. melissa howa says:

    and tell the SEL-FISH Zooey Deschanel moron who misthinks organic means pesticide free that glitter kills fish in the food supply chain, no half-life, DUH DUH DUH money-grabbing DUH wasting people's time DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH no college education DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH yak yak yak KERMIT
    Zooey Deschanel is a plastic marketing package of throat KERMIT feign yacking & singing- she has a real voice in old clips-, 50s clothes, & bang= without the bangs and KERMIT imitation, she BLURS INVISIBLE DISAPPEARING INTO THE WALLFLOWER SHE IS. YOU TOO CAN FEIGN KERMIT & MAKE THIS LAME VIDEO OF MONEY-GRUBBING.

  55. Norsyaza Edmiza says:

    Hahaha Love her so much

  56. Secret Guy says:

    Zooey never ages. She's 39 but looks 24.

  57. The Nimble Ninja says:

    "Priests and stuff" LMFAO

  58. Martin B. says:

    Zooey has the Mom vibe about her now, her old sexiness is gone 😢.

  59. damon albarn says:


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